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We offer 2 very simple and easy products to use;

  1. Online Job Posting Advertisements. Post all your job vacancies with us. The more job ads you buy, the more money you save per job advertised with us.
  2. Resume Search Credits. Use this product to seek out candidates who may not be actively looking for jobs. It is also a great tool for a confidential hire.
  • Package Name Validity Price (RM)
  • 1 Job Posting 1 Month 200.00
  • 3 Jobs Posting 6 Months 525.00
  • 5 Jobs Posting 12 Months 750.00
  • 10 Jobs Posting 12 Months 1,250.00
  • 20 Jobs Posting 12 Months 2,000.00
  • 50 Jobs Posting 12 Months 3,750.00
  • 100 Jobs Posting 12 Months 5,000.00
  • Package Name Validity Price (RM)
  • 20 Resume Search Credits 3 Months 200.00
  • 50 Resume Search Credits 3 Months 450.00
  • 100 Resume Search Credits 6 Months 800.00
  • 200 Resume Search Credits 12 Months 1,400.00
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