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We are known for our academic prowess. Our small classes, with no more than 26 pupils per class, ensure that each girl receives special, personalised attention from the teachers and is able to meaningfully interact with others in the classroom. Our pupils are never ‘lost in the crowd’. Our pupils are individuals – to us, to themselves, to those around them.

Each pupil is assigned to a tutor and Grade 12 pupils also have a staff mentor to guide them during their final year at Epworth. Pupils are able to meet with their teachers one afternoon a week to discuss academic issues or queries.

Epworth pupils write the National Senior Certificate examinations set by the Independent Examinations Board (IEB), and we are proud to consistently achieve a 100% pass rate. Epworth is one of a select group of schools in South Africa (and one of only two girls’ schools in Pietermaritzburg), which are identified as an Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Circle of Excellence School. These schools are selected for their excellence in education and for repeatedly producing successful candidates for the Allan Gray Fellowship programme.

Our pupils lap up challenges, and tackle tests with enthusiasm. They write various national and international tests such as the English, isiZulu, Mathematics and Consumer Studies Olympiads. We also offer two extension courses for Grade 12 pupils: Advanced Programme Mathematics and Advanced Programme English, both courses designed to stretch students with talent in these subjects and better prepare them for tertiary study. Although these subjects are not part of the National Senior Certificate, the Independent Examinations Board recognises the effort and achievements of these students with a certificate.

Our academic achievements in 2015 and 2016:

  • 100% pass rate in the 2015 IEB National Senior Certificate examinations. In this year, four pupils achieved 6 A grades and seven achieved 5 A grades.
  • 98.5% of Epworth pupils obtained university entrance (significantly higher than the national IEB figure of 85.26%).
  • 85% of all papers written at Epworth were graded at 60% or above and 95.5% of the girls achieved a C aggregate or higher.
  • Seven pupils were ranked in the top 1% of a subject.
  • Winner of the 2015 Pietermaritzburg Senior Debating League

Our proven recipe produces fully rounded, exceptional adults, and our girls thrive on formal and informal educational opportunities. One class a week is reserved for club activities and pupils choose from a wide selection of club topics such as craft, photography, cooking, debating, scrap booking, chess and dance.

Epworth has its own school counselor and female chaplain for additional, possibly non-academic, support of its girls.

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