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Although an estate director or estate manager’s duties may vary hugely depending on the size of the estate, in general the role requires the management of every aspect of the establishment. On larger estates, an estate director may be responsible for all the estate staff, accounting and bookkeeping, whilst on a smaller scale, the job might call for a more hands-on approach. In many cases, where the owners live away, the estate manager would reside on the estate.

Typically in charge of an estate in excess of 5,000 acres the estate manager or director will have overall responsibility for its smooth running. They will also be responsible for the profitability of the estate.

Business activities of estates may include:

  • A residential and commercial property portfolio
  • A commercially run shoot
  • A combination of arable and livestock farming activity
  • Management of a range of tenanted farms

Eden Private Staff is experienced in conducting searches for estate directors and estate managers. We can find candidates for roles ranging from a 200 acre Home Counties estate to much larger commercial estates comprising thousands of acres, with turnovers of millions of pounds. We are able to recruit for estates all over the world.

The role of the estate manager or estate director is varied. They may take on many responsibilities, including:

  • Overseeing and contributing to the smooth running, general upkeep and maintenance of the estate and its properties.
  • Overseeing agricultural activities, including all livestock and arable operations.
  • Liaising with external bodies such as Defra, RPA and AVLA, if based in the UK.
  • Dealing with external advisors such as agronomists, vets, and farriers.
  • Managing the land and using it to its best potential.
  • Overseeing sporting activities – such as a shoot.
  • Supervising other staff members.
  • Administration and management of budgets, event planning and management.

The knowledge, experience and skills of an estate manager or director will vary depending on the size of the estates they have previously managed. Many will have experience in managing multiple residences, often abroad, giving them valuable international experience and some will come from a commercial farming background.

Open university milton keynes job vacanciesTo perform such an important role, the right candidate will usually hold a formal qualification or have extensive experience. Most qualifications will be in land management  or farming, taken at a variety of universities and colleges, of which the most well known is the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester..

Here is one of our candidates looking for an opportunity in the South West

We are fortunate to have available via Eden Private Staff a fabulous a highly experienced estate manager  with professional farm management experience, a OND in Agriculture with distinction and post graduate degree in organic farming with commendation.  He is a highly experienced working farm and estate manager with extensive long term experience of working on small and large scale estates up to 4000 acres. With professional experience of overseeing all aspects of managing a working farm and estate including arable cropping along with organic farming, grassland, managing large herds of livestock, looking after all finical management, ensuring regulations are met and overseeing purchases, sales and budgets. Also extensive experience in overseeing woodland care and management, formal gardens, general estate maintenance, estate shoots, private and rented estate properties and management of staff. Being the hands on man on the ground when dealing with tenants, looking after the needs of the principals and working with managing agents if required. With long term experience of 8 plus years in his last two positions, our candidate has an extensive range of skills and experience to offer in ensuring the smooth management of a small or large scale estate or farm. He is looking to secure an ideally long term opportunity based in the South West managing a small or large mixed estate offering employers his extensive experience in all aspects of hands on estate or farm management. Flexible on hours and time off with proven commitment and excellent references he is available for with notice for the right opportunity…..If you would like to here more about this candidate, please call Caroline Butler

Facilities Director

A slight variation on the estate director role is that of facilities director. Typically this will involve responsibility for a diverse range of buildings and land which will be part of a large organisation or body, such as a school, hospital, office block or university. They will be responsible for the staff maintaining these premises, such as gardeners, construction or building maintenance staff. They would form part of the senior management team of an organization, generally report to the managing director, finance director or a CEO.

For further information please contact the Eden Private Staff Team on 020 7471 6000.

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Welcome to the Leckford Estate

Leckford Estate was purchased by John Spedan Lewis in 1929 and remained his home throughout his life. We have farmed continuously at Leckford Estate for over 87 years and as The Waitrose Farm we are committed to producing the very best quality food, working in harmony with the environment. We are a LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) demonstration farm and we believe in the importance of maintaining and building biodiversity through the farming techniques we employ. We are a diverse estate and we invite visitors to come and see us in this very beautiful part of the Test Valley on The Waitrose Farm.

Located near Stockbridge in Hampshire, the Estate occupies approximately 4,000 acres split down the middle, north to south, by the River Test, with Leckford village on the east of the river and Longstock village on the west. Our business involves farming, food production, property management, retail, leisure and events.

Our farm is home to a herd of 550 Holstein/Friesian cows producing over 5 million litres of milk a year, apple and pear orchards, free range eggs, and over 1,500 acres of wheat, barley, oats and oilseed rape. In line with all Waitrose Dairy Farmers our cows have access to grazing for at least 120 days a year and we grow our own forage crops to ensure they have the very best quality feed. The newest addition to our farm is the vineyard. This was planted in 2009 and grows three different varieties of grape, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. We were delighted to receive a Silver medal for our first vintage of 2011.

We also have beef cattle and sheep conservation grazing in the River Test water meadows and on our chalk grassland banks during the winter and summer months.

As well as our farming enterprises, we grow over 27 tonnes a week of Chestnut mushrooms and press our own oil seed rape to produce Leckford Estate Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil. All products are sold nationally in our Waitrose shops and a range sold in our farm shops in Hampshire.

On the Longstock side of our estate, we welcome customers and visitors to Longstock Park Nursery and our Farm Shop and Cafe. Open every day (except for Christmas and Easter) we have a fantastic display of plants, home and garden items and seasonal produce in our farm shop in Hampshire. We hold two large national collections of Buddlejas and Clematis viticella and during the summer, visitors can access our world famous water gardens. And of course when you need a rest and some refreshment you can enjoy the hospitality offered by our cafe team!

For the more active visitors, between May and October you can enjoy chalk stream trout fishing on our own stretch of the famous River Test or on one of our two all-year-round fishing lakes. You can also take some time out to play on our two 9 hole golf courses. Both offer a very different golfing challenge and a we are very proud that the old course was designed by Harry Colt in 1929. Membership and joining details can be obtained from the Farm Shop at Longstock.

Leckford Estate celebrates and shares Waitrose’s commitment to forward thinking within the food industry. And down on the estate, our Farm Shop gives customers the opportunity to support and enjoy local and regional produce from farmers and suppliers, with the assurance that the food is from a happy and healthy place.

We invite you to relax and unwind at our cafe in the heart of the scenic Hampshire countryside surrounded by our fresh and tasty produce and take in the panoramic views that surround us at Leckford Estate.


The Estate has around 6,260 acres which are farmed ‘in-hand’ by the Euston Farms, on which they grow wheat, barley, oilseed rape, beans and sugar beet. The land is also used for free-range pig and poultry farming and potato, carrot and parsnip production by agreement with other producers.

We are particularly proud of the ‘Suffolk Trinity’; our own Grafton herd of Red Poll cattle, along with Suffolk Punch horses (bred by Lady Euston - mother of the current Duke) and the Suffolk sheep, which can all be seen on Estate grassland.

Farm management has been described as ‘traditional meets modern’ where commercial farming dovetails with conservation measures. The whole of our farming enterprise is part of five separate Higher Level Stewardship Schemes. In March 2016, Euston Farms was awarded the accolade of 'Greenest Farming Business' in the Creating the Greenest County Awards.

In conjunction with the Estate, Strutt and Parker Farms operate a 2.5MW gas to grid Anaerobic Digestion Plant producing gas to fuel over 5,000 homes.

Euston enjoys a special relationship with Barnham CEVC Primary School, situated in the neighbouring village of Barnham:


The Estate’s Farm Manager is Matthew Hawthorne and he can be contacted on:

Email: matthewhawthorne@euston-estate.co.uk

Estate Office, Euston, Suffolk IP24 2QP

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