Florida state college at jacksonville job vacancies

Office staff job vacancy in dubaiFull-time Career Service
  • Security Officer I, Closing Date May 10, 2017
    Mudah sarawak job vacanciesPart-time Career Service
    • Admissions Assistant I, Part-time
    • Assistant Test Administrator
    • Custodian I (Part-Time)
    • Intramural Official (Part-Time)
    • Lab Assistant - Music
    • Lab Assistant, Studio Art
    • Maintenance Assistant
    • Security Officer I (Part-Time)
    • Standardized Simulation Participant I (Nursing/Altamonte)
    • Standardized Simulation Participant II (Nursing/Altamonte)
    • Assistant Camp Coach
    • Camp Counselor (Baseball and Softball)
    • Financial Aid Specialist II
    • Lab Assistant - Ceramics
    • Lab Assistant - Theatre
    • Library Technical Assistant (Part-Time)
    • Professional Model
    • Standardized Simulation Participant I (EMS)
    • Standardized Simulation Participant II (EMS)
    • Testing Specialist III
    Vishita uday kiran job vacancyPart-time Faculty
    • Adjunct Professor Marketing
    • Adjunct Professor Social Media
    • Adjunct Professor for English Language Studies
    • Adjunct Professor, ABE/GED
    • Adjunct Professor, American Sign Language
    • Adjunct Professor, Applied Music
    • Adjunct Professor, Apprenticeship Program (Electricity)
    • Adjunct Professor, Astronomy
    • Adjunct Professor, Chemistry
    • Adjunct Professor, Communication
    • Adjunct Professor, Computer Applications
    • Adjunct Professor, Construction Apprenticeship Fire Sprinkler
    • Adjunct Professor, Dance
    • Adjunct Professor, EMS Clinical Lab Instructor
    • Adjunct Professor, Earth Sciences
    • Adjunct Professor, Educator Preparation Institute (EPI)
    • Adjunct Professor, English College Credit
    • Adjunct Professor, HVAC Apprenticeship
    • Adjunct Professor, Health Sciences
    • Adjunct Professor, Healthcare Financial Management
    • Adjunct Professor, History
    • Adjunct Professor, Information Systems Technology
    • Adjunct Professor, Journalism
    • Adjunct Professor, Mathematics College Prep
    • Adjunct Professor, Music
    • Adjunct Professor, Nutrition (Altamonte Campus)
    • Adjunct Professor, Physical Sciences
    • Adjunct Professor, Political Science
    • Adjunct Professor, Respiratory Care (Altamonte Campus)
    • Adjunct Professor, Studio Art
    • Adjunct Professor, Sustainability & Renewable Energy (EMERGE Grant)
    • Adjunct Professor-Allied Health
    • Adjunct, Engineering, Graphics & Computer Aided Design (CAD)- College Credit
    • Dual Enroll SCPS Instructor - Education
    • Educator Preparation Institute (EPI) Clincial Educator Instructor
    • Adjunct Professor Pharmacy Technician
    • Adjunct Professor Sociology
    • Adjunct Professor, Early Childhood Education
    • Adjunct Professor, Adult High School
    • Adjunct Professor, Anthropology
    • Adjunct Professor, Applied Welding Technologies-PSAV
    • Adjunct Professor, Apprenticeship Program (Plumbing)
    • Adjunct Professor, Biological Science
    • Adjunct Professor, College Success
    • Adjunct Professor, Computer Programming
    • Adjunct Professor, Construction
    • Adjunct Professor, Criminal Justice (Non-Credit)
    • Adjunct Professor, Digital Media
    • Adjunct Professor, EMS College Credit
    • Adjunct Professor, Economics
    • Adjunct Professor, Engineering Technology
    • Adjunct Professor, Geography
    • Adjunct Professor, Health Information Technology (Altamonte Campus)
    • Adjunct Professor, Healthcare Economics (Altamonte Campus)
    • Adjunct Professor, Healthcare Legal Studies (Altamonte Campus)
    • Adjunct Professor, Humanities
    • Adjunct Professor, Interior Design
    • Adjunct Professor, Mathematics - College Credit
    • Adjunct Professor, Medical Disaster Management
    • Adjunct Professor, Nursing - Clinical Instructor
    • Adjunct Professor, Physical Education Theory
    • Adjunct Professor, Physics
    • Adjunct Professor, Psychology
    • Adjunct Professor, Spanish
    • Adjunct Professor, Surveying/GIS-College Credit
    • Adjunct Professor, Theatre/Technical Theatre
    • Adjunct, Clinical Instructor Respiratory Care
    • Dual Enroll SCPS Instructor - Life Career Planning
    • Dual Enroll SCPS Instructor - Information Technology
    Cnc machinist job vacancies in singaporePart-time Instructional Support
    • Assistant Instructor - Automotive (Part-time)
    • Clinical Lab Assistant - Pharmacy Tech Program
    • Clinical Lab Assistant, Nursing
    • Dual Enroll SCPS Asst Instructor - Engineering Technology
    • Interpreter-Sign Language
    • Assistant Instructor, TRAMCON (Part-Time)
    • Clinical Lab Assistant EMS
    • Clinical Lab Assistant, Respiratory Care (Altamonte Campus)
    • Dual Enroll SCPS Asst Instructor EMS
    • Test Administrator
    Sanral job vacanciesProfessional Part-Time
    • Musician - Part-time
    • Theatre Guest Artist
    • Musician - Theatre Department
    Dongseo university job vacanciesProfessional Full-Time
    • Building Manager, Altamonte & Heathrow, Closing Date May 15, 2017
    • Corporate Trainer, Ford, Closing Date May 19, 2017
    • Manager, HR Records & Reporting-Closing Date May, 18, 2017
    • Supervisor, Academic Success Center, Oviedo Campus-Closing Date June 5, 2017
    • Coordinator, Financial Aid Systems Integration, Closing Date May 18, 2017
    • Director, Faculty Center for Teaching & Learning-Closing Date May 30, 2017
    • Network Analyst - Closing Date May 12, 2017
    Part time jobs vacancies in londonStudent
    • Federal Work Study (2017 Spring/Summer Terms)
    • Student Leader Aide
    • Student Tutor - Computers/Office Applications
    • Student Tutor - Science
    • Student Tutor, Accounting
    • Supplemental Instruction Leader, STEM
    • Rally Raider/SSC Mascot
    • Student Reading Liaison
    • Student Tutor - Mathematics
    • Student Tutor, Academic Foundations
    • Student Tutor, Statistics

    Our process...

    To view and/or apply for jobs at Seminole State College, select one of the position categories listed above. On the position announcement page click the "Apply Now" button to apply for a specific position. For additional assistance, refer to the "Before you Apply" and "How to Apply" guides. Here are a few important details:

    • Your application and any required supporting documents must be received online on or before the closing date in order to be eligible for review by the search committee. Applications received after the closing date might not be eligible for consideration. Any exceptions to this procedure will be noted on the position announcements.
    • Applications for part-time instructional (adjunct faculty) positions are accepted on a continuous basis and remain active for eight (8) months. Applications for pool positions are accepted on a continuous basis and active for three (3) months.
    • Seminole State conducts pre-employment background checks on all candidates who are recommended for hire. Employment is contingent upon the results of the background check.
    • Holders of Degrees from institutions Outside of the USA: Individuals who have completed college or university course work at an institution in a country other than the United States are required to obtain a complete evaluation of foreign transcripts and degrees. Foreign transcripts should be evaluated by one of the organizations approved by the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services.
    • Guidelines for HB 699 and SB 156 Veteran/Public Employment Preference effective July 1, 2007:
      1. Preference eligibility no longer expires upon appointment of the eligible person to a position with the state or any political subdivision in the state.
      2. Persons who were previously ineligible for preference because they held or are currently holding a job with a public employer are now eligible to use their Veterans' Preference again with all employers covered by law.
      3. Persons who were previously ineligible for preference because they did not serve during an eligible wartime period may now be eligible for Veterans' Preference if they served during Operation Enduring Freedom (beginning October 7, 2001 - present) or Operation Iraqi Freedom (beginning March 19, 2003 - present).

    Note: Once positions close, applications are reviewed by search committees. The review may take several weeks based on position category, number of applicants, and scheduling. Questions regarding the employment process are to be directed to one of our HR Specialists at 407.708.2101.

    Click here to see the status of open positions at Seminole State College.

    Seminole State College is an Equal Access/Equal Opportunity employer. The College values, supports, and celebrates diversity among applicants, faculty, staff, and students.

    Seminole State College ...A Diverse Learning Community


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    Education malaysia global services vacancy job


    View Unofficial Transcripts

    Current students may view unofficial transcripts in Panther Central.

    Former students may view unofficial transcripts at Florida Shines. Click on “Get a transcript of the courses you’ve taken,” and follow the instructions. You will need to provide your SFSC GID (X-number) and six-digit birthdate.

    Please call the SFSC Admissions Office at 863-784-7105 if you experience any challenges navigating this website.

    Order a South Florida State College Official Transcript

    Transcripts are processed through the National Student Clearinghouse.  The link is also available through Panther Central on the “Student” tab.


    SFSC maintains an academic transcript for each student enrolled both high school and post-secondary. This transcript delineates each course completed by the student. The courses are delineated by the course prefix and title assigned pursuant to s.229.551(1)(f). SFSC makes a copy of a student’s transcript available to any student who requests such copy.

    Any student who transfers to SFSC from a postsecondary institution may be awarded credit if the courses are judged by the appropriate common course designation and numbering system faculty task force representing SFSC to be academically equivalent to courses offered at SFSC, including equivalency of faculty credentials, regardless of the public or nonpublic control of the institution. Credits awarded pursuant to this policy satisfy institutional requirements on the same basis as credits awarded to native students.


    Transfer Students:
    Degree-seeking students must have an official transcript sent from each institution of higher education to the SFSC Admissions Office prior to advisement/registration for their first term at SFSC. An evaluation of credit course transferability is made soon after a student is admitted to SFSC and the official transcript is received.

    Placement test scores within the last two years are required, unless the student has completed a college-level English and/or math course prior to entry to SFSC.

    The following criteria will apply when relevant:

    • Students admitted in good standing and students admitted on probation will receive credit for freshman and sophomore level courses in which a student has made a grade of D or higher at another college or university, except for courses used as Gordon Rule courses, provided the courses are relevant to the instructional program of SFSC.
    • All transfer students admitted on probation who fail to earn a 2.0 GPA on work attempted during their first term at SFSC will be subject to suspension.

    Foreign Evaluation

    SFSC considers evaluation reports of foreign transcripts from any member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services and/or the Association of International Credential Evaluators, Inc. Below are examples of agencies that are members of one or both of these organizations. A complete list of members can be obtained by visiting their respective websites. SFSC does not endorse any particular agency. This information is provided only as a possible source. If you have another agency you would like to use to evaluate your transcript, please contact the Registrar’s Office for further information.

         Academic Credentials Evaluation Institute, Inc.
         9461 Charleville Boulevard, Box 188
         Beverly Hills, CA  90212
         Phone: 310-275-3530
         Fax: 310-275-3528

    Josef Silny & Associates, Inc.
    International Education Consultants
    7101 SW 102 Avenue
    Miami, FL 33173
    Phone: 305-273-1616
    Fax: 305-273-1338
    Translation Fax: 305-273-1984

    Lisano International
    P.O. Box 407
    Auburn, AL 36831-0425
    Phone: 334-745-0425

    World Education Services
    Bowling Green Station
    P.O. Box 5087
    New York, NY 10274-5087
    Phone: 212-966-6311
    Fax: 212-739-6100

    Records Policies

    The privacy and confidentiality of all student education records are preserved in accordance with Florida Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Florida Statute 1002.22.

    The Records Department updates, maintains, and proofs SFSC transcripts so that they are complete and accurate.

    Rule 6A-10.030(2) as adopted by the Florida State Board of Education, requires the achievement of college-level communication and computation skills through completion of course work in English and mathematics. Students must complete with a grade of C or higher to meet certain Gordon Rule course requirements.

    SFSC is responsible for verifying that a particular course taken via Distance Learning meets the minimum number of words of writing requirement in communications. Verification documentation will be maintained by the department chair and kept on file in the student’s records.

    For a complete list of student’s rights, click here.


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