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Celebi's story is a bizarre one that has taken many unusual twists and turns. On January 8th, 2013 in an alternate timeline, Veruca Celebi Organa-Xavier was born to Biollante and Monster X. She had already grown very powerful by age four, when she suddenly received a warning signal from the past. Years prior, on March 19th, 2011, someone had sent a message warning the world of 2017 that a weapon of immensely destructive power, the Dimension Tide, had been armed by Manda to destroy the planet! With enough time to spare, Celebi used a time travel trick to duplicate herself and instructed her clone to move everyone off-planet before the black hole gun fired. She then declared her intentions to return to the past and unravel the unfolding mystery.

In order to prevent Manda from becoming suspicious of her activities, she feigned a sociopathic desire for world domination tempered by silly weaknesses. To protect her parents' counterparts in this timeline, she initially hid the truth about her background. Meanwhile, she secretly deputized a spritely creature of mysterious origin, Mew, as her first and most loyal lackey. Vegeta filled the position of second most loyal after he lost most of his body to mercenary Ro-Man and was transformed by Celebi into the cyborg Jet Jaguar. This small gang of freedom fighters knew that Manda had meant to draw a powerful time traveler to the past so he could exploit his or her powers. Celebi's mere presence was a means of springing the trap.

Manda's motivation was quite unusual. He was rather unhappy with the way the Galactic Kaiju War (1976-1983) had concluded all those years ago, and wished to return to that time to ensure that he would become the Emperor of Andromeda. Kidnapping Monster X and locking him in the Cinema 77 Dungeon, he prepared for Celebi's arrival by lining the walls with unobtainium. When Celebi came to rescue her dad, Manda began to drain her abilities, but the vastly more powerful Biollante had already begun to fully unravel the mystery and arrived just in time to defeat him. Celebi's history and Manda's plan were brought to light within the span of only a few moments, and for a time, it seemed as though the only obstacle left was to destroy the Dimension Tide. Its exact orbit was a carefully guarded secret, and after the fight, Manda claimed that he couldn't recall the coordinates. After extensive research, Celebi discovered the position of the Dimension Tide, and unleashed a full assault on the orbiting satellite shortly after Biollante and Monster X's wedding on January 28th, 2012.

Manda was under careful surveillance for several months, but there were gaps in intelligence where Manda seemed to simply disappear. Jet Jaguar revealed that just before he fought and lost his battle against Ro-Man, he had been closing in on the plot of an unknown villain whose actions were shrouded in mystery. Celebi had, at that earlier time, supposed a connection with Manda, and now Jet Jaguar's information seemed to confirm it. However, there were aspects of the plans of Jet Jaguar's quarry that didn't quite match Manda's blueprints, and they finally deduced that Manda must have been in the employ of an evil mastermind. Whoever this nameless villain was, he or she was certainly behind both the world annihilation aspect of Manda's plot and Ro-Man's attempt to silence Vegeta. Jet Jaguar had held a theory close to his vest for a long while, for he had come to the conclusion that the evil mastermind might be evil masterminds: the Shobijin. In order to prove the theory, Mew was commissioned to write a book under an unusual pseudonym, explaining the step-by-step process required to build a cobalt bomb. Meanwhile, Celebi would apparently use the tome to build the titular doomsday device and set up an auction to lure out Manda's puppeteer (or puppeteers). Oddly, both Mothra and King Caesar bid on the mass extinction weapon, but Celebi agreed with Jet Jaguar's theory and assumed that Mothra was the correct lead. With the "cobalt bomb" sold, all she would have to do is sit and wait.

It wasn't long before the masterminds revealed themselves, for the sadistic Shobijin were behind the whole enchilada, or so it seemed. Prior to detonating the device, they relinquished their control over Manda's mind and sent him on his way. Unfortunately for the twin fairies, the bomb turned out to be a trap. They admitted to Celebi that they had concocted their terrible scheme because they felt that their belovèd Mothra was unappreciated by the rest of the world. Had the original plan worked properly, they would have destroyed the Earth and placated their servant Manda by joining their mind control with the time travel abilities he would have sapped from Celebi. With these powers combined, Manda would have surely become Emperor of Andromeda. Meanwhile, the Shobijin plot for revenge would have been well underway with the Dimension Tide armed to detonate several years in the future. Celebi revealed to the Shobijin that their assumptions about the world's indifference toward Mothra were the result of a misunderstanding. Contrite, the twin fairies agreed to do a favor for Celebi before they even knew what she was going to request. Celebi asked that the Shobijin use their powers to help her become Empress of Andromeda. Few things have genuinely shocked the Shobijin in the course of their long lifetimes, but this definitely made the list. The reign of Darth Mechagodzilla and Son soon came to a close; and the Andromeda Galaxy was now Celebi's!

Jet Jaguar, still reeling from his defeat at the hands of mercenary Ro-Man, was not forgotten by Celebi. Now that she ruled Andromeda, she was able to employ millions of spies to track down the rogue mercenary. As a result, Ro-Man fled to the Milky Way Galaxy. An intelligence source finally revealed that the robot monster was only a few miles from Celebi's Earth Base. The rematch began, and Jet Jaguar quickly turned the tables on his foe. Ro-Man's furry guise was shed and his robotic limbs torn asunder. Celebi rebuilt the robotic ape and dubbed him Mechani-Kong. After convincing him to join her side as the third loyal lackey, Celebi decided to target the source of Mechani-Kong's incredible power, the Calcinator Death Ray. Scanning the rogue satellite, Jet Jaguar soon came to the conclusion that it could only be destroyed by someone with a power level greater than 9 trillion. Biollante, being one of the few kaiju with a power level in that general range, was asked to take care of the job. In a flash of rosy plasma, she reduced the satellite of horror into a veritable pyrotechnic display. Celebi began to bask in the glow of complete and utter victory, but her mother implied that a greater evil might still be out there. Someone may have influenced the Shobijin...

Celebi consulted her secret intelligence lackey, Little Godzilla, and finally asked him if what she had long suspected was true. Was he the one who originally called her from the future? Confirming her suspicions, he told her the full story as he knew it. He also added that he might have a clue to the new mystery. He had consulted Mothra about the possibility of a greater evil, and she revealed that "the other bidder" might have information to help them. Celebi recalled that King Caesar had also bid on her "cobalt bomb" and quickly gathered the other lackeys to question him. Caesar regaled them with the story of a mysterious, feline creature who had been feeding sinister suggestions to the Shobijin. This situation alarmed King Caesar enough to make a bid for the cobalt bomb. He also noted the shadowy figure's peculiar obsession with spiders. With this information in hand, Celebi realized that Kumonga might hold the answer to this perplexing puzzle. Kumonga informed Celebi that the mystery cat had very recently claimed he would become extraordinarily powerful to impress the gargantuan spider into falling madly in love with him. At that very moment, Celebi and the lackeys sensed an energy transfer of astronomic proportions and rushed to the location of the disturbance. The greater evil was finally revealed...

... Katz Kandy.

This evil feline used an immense amount of unobtainium to absorb Radian X-7's virtually bottomless well of energy. Biollante, having long kept her "third eye" on the situation, suddenly sensed that Celebi was in danger and rushed to protect her. One of the very few kaiju with enough strength to contend with a power as great as the one Katz absorbed from Radian, she fought her feline foe! During the battle, Katz reveled in the fact that he had fed fell suggestions to the Shobijin merely for his own amusement. Though it appeared as though Katz had gained the upper hand, Biollante absorbed his most powerful attack and vanquished him with her Hybrid Tea Assault! Radian X-7's energy was returned to him, and Katz pleaded with Biollante and Celebi to show clemency and allow him to become their housepet. Shortly thereafter, Celebi convinced him to become her fourth loyal lackey, and the Dimension Tide Wars (2011-2012) were finally over.

For far too long, Celebi was involved in conflicts well beyond her years, but with the help of her friends and family, she prevailed. And now she has a little sister, Serebii, who is actually her counterpart native to this timeline. All of the many things Celebi has learned she can pass on to her younger sibling.

Celebi's diet consists of such oddities as peanut butter and sardine sandwiches and such not-so-oddities as peanut butter cups. Her favorite hobby is ruling the Andromeda Galaxy. Some say that Celebi's Andromedan Revenue Service levies one of the most reasonable taxes in the cosmos. At only 1%, this is probably true. Nevertheless, her salary from the Andromedan Tax comes to the equivalent of about one quadrillion dollars per year.

Celebi can be found at the Atrapamoscas Villa on Monster Island, or at Celebi's Earth Base in John Boyd Thacher State Park, or in the Imperial Palace of the Andromedan Capital. She is quite happy to receive anyone as her guest. Missionaries are welcome.

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Pure, healthy and organic

NAOMI ARNOLD Last updated 08:45 02/04/2012 Inchcape shipping services dubai vacancies job BAR NONE: Sam Stewart and Penny Kingan with their products.

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There are just three of them: Penny Kingan, husband Sam Stewart, and their business partner Tim Maples. At the moment, the trio make just four flavours of Awaken, their organic, raw energy bars, but you can probably expect that to "change" during the next year. What won't change is their philosophy.

After just four months in business, it seems that people are starting to wake up to Awaken. Ms Kingan, 27, and Mr Stewart, 25, are turning out hundreds of bars a day from their Seymour St commercial kitchen, where they spend all day mixing, pressing, cutting, sealing and boxing.

And that's about all there is to do. Their "alive energy" bars aren't baked or processed beyond that. Unlike pretty much everything else on the market, they are raw – a simple mix of seeds, nuts, dried fruit and spices. The bars are also wheat and gluten-free, vegan, and have no added sugar, synthetics or heavily processed ingredients. The four varieties – spiced apricot and cashew; cacao, date and hazelnut; apple, cinnamon and walnut; and banana, goji and cacao – each retail for $3.80.

Not surprisingly, the bars are proving a hit with the health-conscious. Local businesses such as Toad Hall, Fresh Choice, Golden Bay Organics and the Life Centre have been welcoming, joining a total of 70 stockists from Coromandel to Invercargill. March has seen orders suddenly jump as word spreads, and interest is starting to come in from Australia and Malaysia.

The couple say there was a gap in the market for a product like theirs. It was important to them that the bars weren't heavy, had high-quality organic ingredients, had texture, were nutritionally sound, and most importantly had the elusive yum factor.

It's a labour of love; eating and living organically is a "huge passion" for them, Ms Kingan says. Both have degrees in design, and they also created the bars' packaging, while Tim Maples takes care of sales and promotion.

"We love working for ourselves," Ms Kingan says. "It's full-on, but it's nice."

Originally from Otago, the couple moved to Nelson about five years ago. Both keen organic gardeners, they worked at Tasman St's Organic Green Grocer, Ms Kingan managing the store while her husband dabbled out the back making products, experimenting with different flavour and texture combinations and testing them out on the shop's clients.

His bliss balls, in seven flavours, sold so well that they started thinking about how to turn them into something more.

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That's when Tim Maples turned up. A regular at the store, he asked if the pair would be interested in developing their product into a business.

"We found out at the same time we'd all been thinking about the same thing," Mr Stewart says. After several months in development, they launched Awaken in November.

At 59, Mr Maples is one of the pioneers of New Zealand's organic movement. He's been a vegetarian for 35 years, is a ski and tennis coach, runs an organic farm just out of Nelson, teaches yoga, and for the past 20 years has been a globe-trotting corporate consultant. On his travels he always keeps an eye out for energy bars, and his obsession has seen him amassing a cupboardful of samples.

"I wanted to make one of these; it's been my long-term dream to create my own energy bar," he says. Now he has. A born salesman, he's absolutely evangelical about a good, toothsome, healthful energy bar – and particularly so about his own. When travelling he'll munch four a day to avoid eating airport fast-food, convenience store packets and vending machines.

In addition to health food stores and yoga studios, they're hoping the bars will be picked up by professionals, families, and endurance athletes. "We're aiming these at people who are professionals on the go," Mr Maples says.

"A lot of corporates I work with don't have lunch. They just have four coffees a day. They're not getting good nutrition for their brains." He's also hot under the collar about kids eating junk, and the behavioural problems it causes. "Growing up as a kid in New Zealand, some of the food I ate was terrible."

Next up is a new line of bars with a higher protein content, aimed at endurance athletes. A recent coup was signing on Nelson endurance athlete Nathan Fa'avae. Together with Team Seagate, Fa'avae took 100 bars to Patagonia, where he won February's Tierra Viva expedition race.

The company will supply 100 more bars for two other events Fa'avae will race in this year, and Mr Stewart's just mocked up a new poster of Fa'avae climbing a Patagonian volcano – Awaken bar in his hand.

- Nelson

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Wellington hospital new zealand job vacancies

Little more than six weeks since Cairns Hospital’s PET-CT scanner began taking patients the service has expanded its operating hours.

The $4.4 million service has seen 44 patients since it began operating out of Block E, Cairns Hospital on September 15.

To keep up with demand, the Health Service has this week increased its days of operation to two days a week.

PET-CT team leader Janelle Linton said it had been a whirlwind beginning for the much-anticipated diagnostic service.

“The feedback that we have been getting from our first lot of patients has been overwhelmingly positive, the difference having this service locally available is making a huge difference in their lives,” Ms Linton said.

“It has been such a relief for our patients to be able to access these diagnostic scans locally with their families and support networks.”

Minister for Health and Ambulance Services Cameron Dick said the scanner had already demonstrated its significant value.

“Around 17 patients a month had to travel to Townsville or Brisbane for a PET-CT scan before this major piece of equipment came online, so in less than two months it has clearly already proven its worth for those people,” he said.

Cairns MP Rob Pyne said an extension of the scanner’s operating hours spelt a win for both current and future patients and their loved ones.

“An extension of the PET-CT scanner’s operating hours will allow even more local patients to benefit from receiving the medical services they need without having to leave their community,” he said.

“This service provides local patients with the full cycle of cancer care in Cairns and is a major asset to our hospital that will benefit the Far North community for generations to come.”

PET-CT scanners work by combining two scanning techniques – Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Computerised Tomography (CT) – to provide detailed and precise images of cancer cells in the body.

Cairns local Wayne Crapper was one of the first patients to use the new PET-CT scanner to gauge the success of radiation in reducing the size of his cancer.

“In the past I’d driven to Townsville and crashed with some friends and I also had to fly to Brisbane. Your whole life is on hold,” Mr Crapper said.

“Having it here in Cairns just took all the pressure off. I was able to be seen and then head home - easy as that.”

Wayne said after four months of radiation the PET-CT scan results revealed he "was in the clear" and he has since gone back to work.

“It’s bloody great that the scanner is here but I really hope I don’t need another one for the rest of my life,” he laughed.

The total cost of the PET-CT service was $4.4 million with the Queensland Department of Health contributing $3 million and the Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service contributing almost $650,000.

Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Board Chair Carolyn Eagle said the Far North Queensland Hospital Foundation contributed $700,000 towards the project with the Committee for Oncology Unit at Cairns Hospital (COUCH) contributing $100,000.

“The support we received from both the Far North Queensland Hospital Foundation and COUCH was pivotal in getting this project off the ground and I can’t thank them enough for their generosity,” she said.

Far North Queensland Hospital Foundation chairman Dr Ken Chapman said the PET-CT scanner would improve health outcomes for Far Northerners.

"Helping to make this addition to health services really is what the Foundation is all about - putting the pieces together for a healthier north,” Dr Chapman said.

COUCH chairman Charles Woodward said it was fantastic to see a major fund-raising push pay off for people of the Far North.

“We are extremely pleased to see results of fundraising efforts going toward such a worthwhile and beneficial project for the community,” he said.

Photo: Far North Queensland Hospital Foundation chairman Dr Ken Chapman chats with PET-CT scanner patient Wayne Crapper.


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