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Evenbreak, a not-for-profit social enterprise, was formed to achieve 3 aims:

To help inclusive employers attract more talented disabled people
To help disabled jobseekers find work with employers who will value their skills
To promote the business benefits of employing disabled people

With Evenbreak, inclusive employers can be confident that they will attract additional disabled candidates than they will attract from other media. Disabled jobseekers can be confident that employers who have chosen to place their vacancies on this site are serious about looking beyond their disabilities to identify what skills they have to offer.

Dgvcl job vacancy 2014 toyotaWhat Kate does best – makes sense of seemingly scary and complex ideas and situations. She made sense of her own situation when arthritis knocked her sideways in her teens and has been helping disabled people manage their disability at work ever since. Not only that. When it comes to disability, Kate is one of a handful of change agents that work extensively across the public and private sector. Her work has helped enable a rich and ongoing connection between employers and disabled people. That’s her trademark.

Latest vacancy jobs in nigeriaADHD & Autism Support Harrow is a well established local charity that has been in existence since 1996. It widened its objectives in 2010 when it took over the work of the former Harrow Branch of the National Autistic Society and became ADHD & Autism Support Harrow. The aim of the enlarged charity is to allow parents, carers, professionals and individuals affected by a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to benefit from the significant overlaps in need between the two conditions to bring a range of expertise and experience under one umbrella.

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Access to Work can help you if your health or disability affects the way you do your job. It gives you and your employer advice and support with extra costs which may arise because of your needs. Check if you qualify for Access to Work.

For more information, please visit Directgov.


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A4e is a leading public service provider, serving tens of thousands of people across Europe, Australasia and Asia. Our core mission is to improve people’s lives. We do this by running a range of ‘frontline’ public services including employment and welfare, training, education, and financial and legal advice, a great deal of which we provide in partnership with a variety of public sector, not for profit and private sector organisations.

We aim to:

· Support people to find and keep jobs, and help others set up their own businesses

· Deliver skills and training to ensure people can access the right employment and enhance their career prospects

· Reduce the risk of reoffending by tackling the root causes of crime and offending

· Provide access to financial and legal advice

· Improve access to health, social and relevant advisory services

· Help disabled people back into employment

We also work with a wide network of over 2,000 employers, from large multi-nationals to small and medium sized companies, helping them recruit and train staff at all levels.

Anne Wafula Strike - Biography

Born in Mihu, Kenya, to Nekesa Ruth and Athumani Wafula in 1969, Anne was a fit and healthy child before polio struck when she was two years old. She was given the middle name of Olympia at birth, a title of prophetic significance for the future and prescient of hurdles she would face in forthcoming years.

Superstitious villages believed the family were cursed following Anne’s partial recovery from illness, forcing the Wafulas to relocate to Athumani’s military barracks in Nairobi. Anne attended Joyland School for the Physically Handicapped, a Salvation Army institute with an excellent reputation for education. A four-hour drive meant residency and separation from her parents. In 1979, further tragedy visited the family with the premature death of Nekesa Ruth.

After completing A-levels and graduating from Moi University with a Bachelor of Education degree, Anne taught at Machakos Technical College in 1998, before meeting the man she would marry - which lead her to Britain, motherhood, and wheelchair racing.

2004 marked the beginning of an Olympic career when Anne became the first wheelchair racer from East Africa to compete at the Paralympics in Athens. Following an application for British citizenship in 2006, Anne joined Team GB and in 2007 was officially recognised by the Queen at a Buckingham Palace reception for her work as a disabled athlete and for involvement in charity work for people with disabilities.


Admin Positions


Administrative Assistant

Coordinator Medical Services

Clinical Positions

Laboratory Medicine

Clinical Scientist

Supervisor Laboratory (BMT)

Pharmaceutical Care

Associate Clinical Pharmacist

Respiratory Services

Respiratory Therapist


Clinical Specialist-Physiotherapy Clinical Specialist-Physiotherapy

Anesthesiology Anesthesia Technician Anesthesia Technician

Non-Invasive Cardiac

Echocardiographic Technologist

Cardiac Catheterization

Catheterization Laboratory Technician

Electrophysiology Technician

027870 - Ma-Medical Imaging

Supervisor Medical Imaging

027890 - Infection Prevention & Control

Environmental Health Specialist

Infection Control Practitioner

Occupational Health Specialist

Emergency Medical Services Program


027934 - Oncology Department

Data Manager

Radiation Oncology

Medical Physicist

Nursing Positions


Director Clinical Nursing

Nursing Shift Coordinator Specialty


Clinical Resource Nurse Specialty-(L&D)

Clinical Resource Nurse Specialty-(PEDS)

Nurse Educator (Burns)

Nurse Educator (Med/Surg)

Nursing Ward

Staff Nurse

Nursing-General Medicine

Staff Nurse

Nursing-Pediatrics Surgical

Staff Nurse

Nursing-Intensive Care Unit

Job Title

Nursing-Intensive Care Unit Adult

Staff Nurse


Staff Nurse

Nursing-ICU 4 Burns Unit

Staff Nurse

Nursing-Adult Cardiac ICU (ACICU)

Nurse Coordinator Nurse

Staff Nurse

Pediatric Cardiac ICU (PCICU)

Nurse Coordinator

Nurse Manager

Staff Nurse

Nursing-Pediatric Cardiology Clinic

Staff Nurse

Nursing-Adult Cardiology High Dependency Unit

Nurse Manager

Staff Nurse

Staff Nurse

Nursing-VIP Unit

Nurse Manager \Staff Nurse

Nursing-Operating Room-Heart Surgery

Nurse Coordinator

Pediatric Cardiac Step-down (PCSD)

Nurse Coordinator

Nurse Manager

Staff Nurse


Staff Nurse

Nursing-Pediatrics Oncology

Nurse Specialist (BMT+ Education Experience)

Staff Nurse

Staff Nurse (BMT Experience)

General Oncology/Palliative Care

Nurse Manager

Staff Nurse

Medical Oncology 2

Staff Nurse

Adult Hematology/Bone Marrow Transplant

Staff Nurse

Nursing-Oncology Outpatient

Assistant Nurse Manager

Staff Nurse

Nursing-Nursery 2- Admission

Staff Nurse

026750 - Nursing-ICU 1-Neonatal ICU

Staff Nurse I Specialty-A

Nursing-Cardiac Catheterization

Nurse Coordinator

Nurse Manager

Nursing-Emergency Room

Job Title

Nursing-Emergency Room

Assistant Nurse Manager

Staff Nurse

Nursing-Pre-Anesthetic Clinic

Staff Nurse

Nursing-Pediatric Clinic

Staff Nurse I Clinic

Nursing-Surgery Clinic

Staff Nurse I Clinic

Nursing-Ophthalmology Clinic

Staff Nurse I Clinic

Nursing-Internal Medicine Clinic

Nurse Coordinator

Staff Nurse


Staff Nurse - Clinic (Medical Imaging)

Business Centre-Nursing-Ward

Nurse Manager

King Abdullah International Medical Research Center

Research Positions

Manager Laboratory


Mafraq Hospital

Abu Dhabi, UAE

General Information

Mission: To provide a full Range of Medical Services for Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates citizens.

Vision: Working together to strive for excellence in accordance with international healthcare standards.

Inaugurated on August 7th, 1983, Al Mafraq Hospital is 35 kms away from the city of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE. It was among the first referential hospitals in the country and is considered as the general hospital for Abu Dhabi by the Ministry of Health. It has grained this reputation due to the fact that most of the medical clinics in Abu Dhabi recommend it for their patients to benefit from the services provided by its highly professional staff working in 36 different departments and units, some of which specialize in unique medical areas.

Al Mafraq Hospital receives more than a thousand patients everyday, while 1,000 patients undergo surgery every month in the general surgery department, with an average of 35 surgeries a day. With a capacity of 470 beds, it offers medical services for patients seeking premium and distinguished medical care.

The hospital has gained its internationally recognized reputation from its history of successful complicated surgeries. Besides kidney transplant, the hospital has been performing open heart surgeries, cancer treatment, and eardrum transplant, which requires highly trained staff as well as advanced medical equipment and special medical care during the recovery period.

Al Mafraq Hospital has a record of great achievements within the service field it offers. The hospital is equipped with the most modern medical machinery and equipment required for treatment and diagnostic purposes. In order to guarantee perfect medical services, a new research department has been added to Al Mafraq Hospital for medical research purposes along with a diagnostic center consisting of X-radiation unit and a laboratory, both equipped to the best modern level. The homeopathy division was added recently under “Chinese Acupuncture” title.


Al Mafraq Hospital services cover the following areas:

  • Emergency
  • Anesthesia
  • Intensive Care
  • Otolaryngology
  • General Surgery
  • NICU
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Ophthalmology
  • Tumors Treatment
  • Natural Treatment
  • Burns Care
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Pediatrics
  • Nuclear Medicine and Laboratory
  • Urology
  • Laboratory
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Inpatient & Outpatient Pharmacies


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