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Established in 1962 as a world-class Japanese hotel catering to prestigious international guests, Okura Hotels & Resorts has since developed into one of the world's leading names in hospitality.

From the very beginning, Hotel Okura believed in doing everything with the spirit of ‘Wa,’ the Japanese word for Harmony. In Tokyo, every employee carries on his or her person a memo pad inked with the Japanese character ‘Wa’ in the handwriting of the hotel’s former president Iwajiro Noda. This subtle but lasting gesture reminds all staff members to treat guests with harmony and kindness.

These founding principals have been applied to 22 member hotels throughout the world.


Okura constructs each of its projects around a simple philosophy summed up by the phrase ‘Best ACS’: the Best Accommodation, the Best Cuisine and the Best Service. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest possible standards in every aspect of hospitality, while infusing them with the unique characteristics and culture of Japan. The result is a brand that offers guests a distinctive and personal experience that delivers exceptional design and in-room amenities, a variety of fine dining experiences and quality service that satisfies even the most challenging requirements.


Hotel Okura Co., Ltd. operates Okura Hotels & Resorts, an international group with 22 member hotels, and is involved in the business of four affiliated companies: Hotel Okura Enterprises Co., Ltd., Hotel Okura Space Solutions Co., Ltd., Continental Foods, Co., Ltd., Orange Marketing Services, Japan, Co., Ltd., and Aoyama Diamond Hall.

Location: 2-10-4 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001, Japan
Tel: 81(3) 3582 0111
Fax: 81(3) 3582 3707


The Okura Prestige Bangkok combines Japan’s rich service culture and Thailand’s renowned standards of hospitality to provide guests with a genuinely welcoming environment. The result is the finest service possible in a city that is accustomed to excellent consumer care, comfort, dining and convenience. Our sincere guest relations place an emphasis on the needs of each individual, matching the highest levels of service with progressive eco-friendly design, exceptional facilities and comprehensive amenities.


The Okura Prestige Bangkok has been styled with a simple and smart aesthetic. Warm amber tones are played against rich woods, while the texture of rough stone and fine chagrin surfaces produce a tranquil and sophisticated environment in which quality materials take centre stage. Matching our calm interiors is the strikingly bold building exterior that encompasses the unique ‘wai’ – a warm gesture of welcome that characterises Thailand’s hospitable nature.

Eco-Friendly Concept

Located within Park Ventures Ecoplex, Bangkok’s latest architectural icon, The Okura Prestige Bangkok benefits from a range of functional, energy-efficient technologies. The building's construction utilised low-E coated glass, light balancing sensors, grey water recycling and CO2 sensors. In addition, the structure features the Building Automation System (BAS), which controls and manages the internal engineering systems.


Located between distinguished shopping malls and highly sacred shrines, The Okura Prestige Bangkok is perfectly situated to experience every facet of the Thai capital. Within walking distance are a range of luxury destinations including Siam Paragon, Erawan Bangkok, Gaysorn Plaza and CentralWorld, while immediate access to Phloen Chit Skytrain station provides transport across central Bangkok.

Just a short trip by either taxi or Skytrain takes you to the business districts of Sathorn and Silom where you can choose from a wide range of restaurants and bars that suit every taste and budget. Those who want to try local flavours and shop for the work of young Thai designers should head to the boutique shops of Siam Square, just a short walk from the hotel.

For a cultural experience visit the Erawan Shrine, one of Bangkok’s most sacred sites just steps away from the hotel. Take the Skytrain to the amazing Jim Thompson House - formerly the home of one of Thailand's most famous international characters. In a city where ancient tradition sits comfortably adjacent to ultra-modern technology, The Okura Prestige Bangkok’s convenient location allows guests to experience the best of both worlds.

Nearby attractions and shopping centres:

  • Siam Paragon
  • Gaysorn Plaza
  • Erawan Bangkok
  • CentralWorld
  • Business districts of Sathorn and Silom
  • Local boutiques and restaurants at Siam Square
  • Jim Thompson House
  • Erawan Shrine


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University Recruiting

You will have plenty of opportunities available where you can apply your learned skills develop new skills and acquire additional knowledge at Okura Nikko Hotels. (only Japanese available)


Mid-Career Recruiting

We hire candidates with working experience as mid-career recruitment. Please review the recruitment information and apply to the positions you are interested in. (only Japanese available)


Career advancement system for current hotel staff Career Advancement System

We have a system designed to support staff who desire to advance their careers within the chain. Please click image to learn more!

(Only open to current staff)

Govt job upcoming vacancy 2016

Careers at group hotels ~Guest services, Food & Beverage, Culinary, etc.~

Would you like to be working at Okura Hotels & Resorts, Hotel Nikko International, Hotel JAL City hotels? We always are looking for passionate hospitality professionals. For further details, please click on the hotel name.


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