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[ Bayo Ogunleye on 'Indians Taking Over Jobs in Nigeria' ] - Saturday, August 1, 2009 at 1:24 pm, Bayo Ogunleye ( Email: ) wrote:- "Permit me to add my voice on the subject matter. As a true nigerian and believer in pursuit of global peace, let us all put aside our wrong beliefs and look at the subject matter with a view of making our great country great. Out of every family in Nigeria whether extended or immediate, you will discover that one of their ward is being represented out side the shores of this country. The question is; do we ask the goverment of that country to deny them JOBS or what? Fellow nigerians, lets us change our attitude towars work and stand up for our rights. This minority called INDIANS are not our problems. Our problems can be summarised in two ways;
1.OUR ATTITUDE: I often tell people around me that you can't change what happens to all the time but you can change the way you react to them. We need a positive attitude. Choose to be great and purse it with all vigour. Some of us go after what is minor to us and leave that which is major. How can you be great with that? I don't believe in the colour of a race but the intent of the heart is my major concern, ask yourself, when was the last time you added VALUE to this great country of ours? if the answer is on the negation, then stop raising questions like INDIANS are getting employed in this country. I am sorry to say, if you are being treated else where in other country and you don't like it then come home. Most of us complain that we are treated badly while in the first place you are an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT in that country.
2. Secondly, our leaders are our problems. they steal money meant for the masses, loot and take to another country and even when caught, we still celebrate them like our hero with various traditional titles in our homeland. I sometimes feel like cryoing for this great country. One of our goverors was caught in london lately, today, he is celebrated in this country. So many more cases like that and some of them are still enjoying the loot. All this countries like America, take a critical look at them and you will see good governance as one of the key factors to thier growth. In Nigeria, most of our governors and their wives after two terms in office, they are representing their states at the National Assembly as a senator. My question is this, ARE THEY THE ONLY WISE PEOPLE IN THAT STATE? WHAT DO THEY WANT TO OFFER THAT THEY HAVE NOT OFFERED BEFORE NOW?.
I will go on and on for years if we want to talk abot these leaders of ours. But please tell them that the "NATIVES ARE COMMING AND WE WILL TAKE OVER" this country from them." Masterweb thanks Ogunleye for his comments. Are Indians really taking over jobs in Nigeria? Send your comments to

[ Afolabi Ayantayo on 'Indians Taking Over Jobs in Nigeria' ] - Saturday, August 1, 2009 at 5:02 am, Afolabi Ayantayo ( Email: ) wrote:- "I read the many rejoinders Nigerians and others have sent in on the issue of Indians taking over jobs in Nigeria. As a Nigerian who has lived all his life in the country, I am saying a categorical NO to this line of thought. Where are the jobs that Indians are taking over? If someone outside the country reads this type of news he or she would have a wrong opinion of the happenings in the country. Majority of Nigerians are self employed artisans who try to eke a living by engaging themselves in various occupations. However, the political and econmic atmosphere, coupled with a decay in infrastructure where electricity supply for them to engage in their trades is virtually zero have rendered all efforts by Nigerians to work a nullity. Most of them have turned to nearest paying job of engaging in transportation: by driving buses, taxis, tricycles and the worst of them all commercial motorcycles popularly called ''okada''. To grasp the real situation of things, go to the most essential employers of labour in Nigeria and count how many Indians are employed by them. By this I mean government establishments in the three tiers of government that we have in Nigeria; the Federal, State and Local governments. They are the highest employers of labour as other areas of activities have nearly wound up operation. I doubt if you would find up to a 100 Indians employed in all the local governments and state governments put together and the federal government itself. The organised private sector has virtually gone commatose. Industries have closed shops to seek better investments elsewhere, especially Ghana. Look, let's shift our attention to more pressing issue in Nigeria. The Europeans, especially the British make a terrible mistake by amalgamating hundreds of different ethnic nations who have nothing in common together thereby creating a useless behemoth called Nigeria. This is the root cause of that nation's problems. We have to visit this issue in order before genuine solution can be found to Nigeria's unending problem. Anything short of this will end up being no solution at all." Masterweb thanks Ayantayo for his comments. Are Indians really taking over jobs in Nigeria? Send your comments to

[ Yemi Araromi Writes From USA on 'Indians Taking Over Jobs in Nigeria' ] - Sunday, July 26, 2009 at 4:44 am, Yemi Araromi ( Email: ) writing from South Africa, wrote:- "Poor work Ethics is our problem. Please let us examine our work ethics before we jump into a conclusion about Indians taking over our jobs. First and foremost, Indians are hard working people. Secondly, they take their employment very seriously. Above all, they are ready to work in harmony with the success of the company on their minds. Any Nigerian seeking employment is determined to go in to do his own personal business, very proud of their employment title "The Director" Whereas an Indian director will walk into the factory to observe the progress and the production in the factory or the problems of the factory workers. I am sure, Dangote will not be crazy to equip his company with this bunch of dishonest Nigerian job seekers that will trash the management of Dangote Business empire with Doctor's leave note after securing their respective employments. The hate for foreigners must cease." Masterweb thanks Araromi for his comments. Are Indians really taking over jobs in Nigeria? Send your comments to

[ Prince Ifesinachi on 'Indians Taking Over Jobs in Nigeria' ] - Friday, July 24, 2009 at 8:04 am, Prince Ifesinachi ( Email: ) wrote:- "We don't have say. It is true that indians have taken over our jobs and we cant do any thing bacause we dont have even right in our country is better we do somthing before it get off hand " Masterweb thanks Ifesinachi for his comments. Are Indians really taking over jobs in Nigeria? Send your comments to

[ Femi Adams on 'Indians Taking Over Jobs in Nigeria' ] - Wednesday, July 22, 2009 at 9:02 pm, Femi Adams ( Email: ) wrote:- "It is not a new thing, that Indians are taking jobs away from Nigerians in Nigeria. The fact is this since from the time Uthman Danfodio came to Nigeria to spread Islam. His descendant after him took over the control of Nigeria. All the Emirs in North and south of Nigeria are Fulani's. You can only become the ruler of a city or village in Nigeria if you from a royal family. But Fulanis came to Nigeria and took over everywhere. It is believed that the Fulanis came from United Arab Emirates, Yemen Abu-Dhabi and Dubai area, hence the title emir being used in Nigeria. It is known that there is no race called Arab. The so called Arabs belong to Indian RACE. When Dangote hired Indians he hired his kin's men. The reason there is no peace in Nigeria is because foreigners are ruling the country. They have no interest of the country in there heart." Masterweb thanks Adams for his comments. Are Indians really taking over jobs in Nigeria? Send your comments to

[ Fadiki on 'Indians Taking Over Jobs in Nigeria' ] - Saturday, July 18, 2009 at 2:24 pm, Fadiki ( Email: ) wrote:- "One person has asked "Why dont our politicians invest their money in Nigeria"? They could employ Nigerians but wont risk their money. Remember what happened in Uganda when the Indian community were thrown out. Total collapse of the economy. Many came to the UK and set up businesses working 20 hours a day. They have been very successful. Let our trained Nigerian technicians put our electricity generating capacity to rights instead of taking up managerial positions and putting UNTRAINED people to run them thus giving us the present chaotic and epileptic supply we have." Masterweb thanks Fadiki for his comments. Are Indians really taking over jobs in Nigeria? Send your comments to

[ Charles Ngome on 'Indians Taking Over Jobs in Nigeria' ] - Saturday, July 18, 2009 at 8:01 am, Charles Ngome ( Email: ) wrote:- "I tried to read through the comments made by others, in fairness everyone spoke from his understanding of the situation. Presently I work with Indians, from this vantage point I make the following observations: Nigerians I believe are to understudy the expert whether Indians or whosoever in order to take over after 2 to 4 years. The question is, is that what is obtainable? The ministry of interior need to investigate Experts are required in areas in which local competence is lacking. But most of the Expatriates don't fit this class. Less qualified persons in the name of expatriates who do not add value to our system demand locals irrespective of qualification and professional competence to address them as master. Funny! Slavery in our land. Nigerians we complain are lazy and steal, but the truth is human capital is not valued in our country. I will illustrate with myself. I am IT manger in my company but my annual take home including other benefits is far less than the cost of keeping an Indian generator Technician in my company. Note not including his salary, just his house rent, house girl salary, driver, security guard etc. Tell me if not the grace of God what would be my output on the job. No one rejects qualified expatriate staff but the issue for those who may what to investigate is that most so called expert only come to understudy Nigerians and then after six months begin to bark out orders. Most of then in fairness marvel how they got jobs ahead of their Nigerian subordinates. In all masterweb as you embark on this journey to inform and educate find good channels to make the observation of your readers reach decisions makers. Also you could send undercover reports to verify the claims. Nigeria belongs to us foreigners or not we need to be properly paid and be trained on the job to maximize our output and develop our local technology." Masterweb thanks Ngome for his comments. Are Indians really taking over jobs in Nigeria? Send your comments to

[ Haresh G Keswani (an 'Indian Nigerian') on 'Indians Taking Over Jobs in Nigeria' ] - Friday, July 17, 2009 at 1:16 pm, Haresh G Keswani ( Email: ), a Nigerian claiming Indian origin, wrote:- "I would like to introduce myself as being of Indian origin and born, bred and educated in Nigeria (Lagos). This I beleive, enables me to view this subject in a broader perspective. The education I received in the 70's and 80's in Nigeria was second to none and I know that Nigerian professionals are amongst the worlds best. Infact I trust Nigerian Doctors more than others, including even Indian ones. It breaks my heart to see so many qualified Nigerians unemployed and wandering overseas while half baked Indians and others claim jobs that rightfully belong to Nigerians. Beleive me dear friends, if the Nigerian Immigration Service and some big ogas on top are sincere, this would never happen. Indians will come only if visas are issued and who does this? Also it is true that Indians are racist and I hate this. But if I claim that I love Nigeria, why do Nigerians laugh at me? Dont you feel that those of us (foreign/Indian origin) born in Nigeria deserve a sense of belonging? Or dont we deserve to be of service to Nigeria? Nigeria's time shall come again." Masterweb thanks Keswani for his comments. Are Indians really taking over jobs in Nigeria? Send your comments to

[ John Aikhiobare on 'Indians Taking Over Jobs in Nigeria' ] - Saturday, July 11, 2009 at 12:39 pm, John Aikhiobare ( Email: ) wrote:- "This should have been a topic of yesteryears, but since it is being discussed, I was obliged to sent in this comment. This has been an on going delima for Nigeria from the time of Gowon to the present. Growing up, our schools were flooded by these menace, and as students, could hardly understand their teaching and acent and we end up worst than we started. They were brutal and they utilized corporal punishment with impunity, cause nigeria at the time instituted corporal punishment in our schools. We have qualified and well schooled Nigerian languishing under the weight of unemployment, brought about by oat taking politicians, who have left the countries infrastructure in decay. Yet they parade our wealth to enrich other nations, seeking future safe ground. Nigeria need intelligent God fearing politicians, not the slow oat taking politicians who have for years toys with Nigerians with the strong arm of the security agents. The law of nature has been and will be that there is nothing without end. Their days are close at hand, except they change their wicked ways, and let our VOTE count" Masterweb thanks Aikhiobare for his comments. Are Indians really taking over jobs in Nigeria? Send your comments to

[ Josephine Wilcox on 'Indians Taking Over Jobs in Nigeria' ] - Monday, July 13, 2009 at 6:07 am, Josephine Wilcox ( Email: ) wrote:- "I am a Nigerian living outside the country but in the sub region. I do not have any statistics to support the subject matter but it is a big shame that Indians should dispossess Nigerians of job opportunities in our own country. What else do we have ? in their country, we cannot get any job, in our own country they take over our jobs. Shame on all Nigerian employers who prefer Indians to their own countrymen. Do Indians do it for us in their own country? Shame on those in authority who do not inspect companies to ensure they comply with expatriate quota. Shame on Nigeria labour unions that do not insist that Nigerians be treated with dignity in their own country by foreign companies. If we are not respected in our own country, where are we going to be respected? Shame! Shame! Shame! On the government that does not care for the welfare of its citizens. One day, our votes will begin to count. By then, we the citizens will decide who sits on the seat of authority in our great country but before then, let Nigerians cry unto God for divine intervention" Masterweb thanks Wilcox for his comments. Are Indians really taking over jobs in Nigeria? Send your comments to

[ Kassim Adewale Oluvoltron Writes From South Africa on 'Indians Taking Over Jobs in Nigeria' ] - Sunday, July 12, 2009 at 6:07 am, Kassim Adewale Oluvoltron ( Email: ) writing from South Africa, wrote:- "On the issue of indians taking over jobs in Nigeria, i would like to tell those short sighted Nigerians to close their mouths and start using their brains alot more..i read one silly Nigerian working Qatar claiming that Indians are nothing and Nigerians speak better English than they dont we speak better English than the chinesse and the Americans?what good has that done us?..This guy works in a foreign country and yet he has the audacity to complain that Indians are in his own country....If you count the number of Nigerians working in Southern African countries,both legally and illegally,you will marvel at the way people accomodate other people of other nationality.... The number of Indians in Nigeria is not the problem,it is the corrupt leaders we have who do not think about us and find ways of creating jobs for us...People,vent your anger at the right people and dont start xenophobia,it is Un-Nigerian." Masterweb thanks Oluvoltron for his comments. Are Indians really taking over jobs in Nigeria? Send your comments to

[ Isaac Erurugo Erurugo on 'Indians Taking Over Jobs in Nigeria' ] - Friday, July 10, 2009 at 7:55 pm, Isaac Erurugo Erurugo ( Email: ) wrote:- "After reading your comment( Terry Abnkole)on the above issue, I'm convinced your not a graduate. If you actually are, it's either you're too biased or so unbalanced in your reasoning. Currently you ply your trade in Qatar or what's the spelling, yet you feel it's your birth right to be there-right? Why wont Indians be in Nigeria like you are there? Who said Indians are our problem in Nigeria? If they are, where will you place the types of Babangida, Orji, Igbinediom, Daniel and the rest. Be careful so that what you wish others does not come to hunt you. Leave migrants alone. God bless all who wish to better their lots in life by traveling to places they feel they can make it. That's our world of globalism today." Masterweb thanks Erurugo for his comments. Are Indians really taking over jobs in Nigeria? Send your comments to

[ Terry Abnkole Writes From Doha, Qatar on 'Indians Taking Over Jobs in Nigeria' ] - Wednesday, July 8, 2009 at 10:32 pm, Terry Abnkole ( Email: ) writing from Doha, Qatar wrote:- "Permit me a space to express my opinion in your widely read media. To me Indians are nothing, absolutely nothing, you cannot compare Nigerians with Indians in terms of everything,Education,Spoken English, Intelligent etc.The only thing Nigerian is lacking is Chance. Yes we are not be given the chance. To start with I work in Nigeria for 14yrs good work in Famine Hygienical Products as an operator/QA but I was a graduate of Chemical Engineering. In 2007 I left the country to Qatar Petroleum affiliated company. Indians coming to Nigeria most of them are unqualified in terms of educations and experienced, what they do is manipulation. They forge result. They molest our girls that are working under them. They are the brain behind our hardship. they have no respect for citizens and the country. They import fake drugs, expired chemicals as a raw materials to the country which cause a lot of harm to our citizens. Yet our government has not done anything to it. Any foreigner coming in to the country must be subjected to Medical checking, acredition of results and they should be minimal." Masterweb thanks Abnkole for his comments. Are Indians really taking over jobs in Nigeria? Send your comments to

[ Samuel Ogunyemi on 'Indians Taking Over Jobs in Nigeria' ] - Monday, July 6, 2009 at 7:57 am, Samuel Ogunyemi ( Email: ) wrote:- "Just to lend my observation to the issue "Indians Taking Over Nigerian Jobs?". I don't want to be wordy, but i want to inform you that Indians have taken over IT work as well, not only in Dangote in Nigeria. Go to First Bank, UBA, FCMB, Oceanic FinBank, Fidelity just to mention few. Indians have taken over management of major Banking Applications in the name of Consultancy and they don't have training centre in Nigeria, most trainings programmes have to be scheduled in India. Not only that , most Internet Service Provided in Nigeria are Indian Companies. Go and find out. There is one called Direct-On-PC at Ilupeju, they will charge you for an epileptic Internet service on quarterly bases and the charges must be paid upfront. They won't give compensation whenever the service failed within that period. It is very terrible. They operate much like our Nigeria-breed Power Holding Company. The injuury they give unsuspected subscriber is terrible. Nobody to complain to. They have found thier ways into Nigeria Government to the point that all we are saying here may not yield serious correction. The effect of this incurssion is that our Computer Applictaion Development is highly jeopardised. I used to develop some Banking Application modules for Banks in early 80s and most of the banks were using Local Applications developed fresh University graduates who by now would have become International Consultant as well but because no Govt. was mornitoring the Indians all the zeal in us have gone far away and we ar left with mere running End Of Day /Start Of Day of Indian Banking packages, but i tell you, all that zeal to get advance way of writing Banking packages have beel lost. I don't think there is any Bank developing her own Banking Application in house any more. They prefer travelling to Indian to get one. These banks paid heavy exchange rate to send staff to Indian. You need to find out how much Big Banks like First Bank , UBA paid to keep an average indian in Nigeria just to fix a script. It is terrible. It is very painful when you see these applications that they are not as friendly as they ealier said. Go and ask all "FINONE APPLICATION" users in all those banks. It is densily populated with error messages and often Indians will be called to come and fix them . It is too easy for all these indians to come to Nigeria. Just too easy. They have mostly killed all our IT development. You may see all the IT Department of these Banks to confirm what i have said. Check other sectors of the economy the story is the same." Masterweb thanks Ogunyemi for his comments. Are Indians really taking over jobs in Nigeria? Send your comments to

[ Utas Staff on 'Indians Taking Over Jobs in Nigeria' ] - Monday, July 6, 2009 at 2:17 am, an anonymous person writing as Utas Staff ( Email: ) wrote:- "INDIANS HAVE TAKE OVER NIGERIA ECONOMY. A million thanks to Masterweb for this public opinion poll about the Indians taking over Nigerians jobs. Yes they are taking over Nigerians jobs and not only that they also abused expatriate quotas through their collaborators. I had opportunity of working for an Indian firm where some many Nigerians workers were maltreated and injustices reign in this company like apartheid in South Africa (Discrimination in every forms you can imaging); it is very unfortunate that these so called Indians came to Nigeria and have become employment/economy terrorist, they have formed a cartel whereby them patronize themselves, no any other firms or individual can really do business with them, except their own fellow Indians. There is a company called UTAS Ltd is a subsidiary of Chellarams Plc wholly owned by Indian, in this company there a lot of Indians there who claimed they are engineers but they are not, in the course of interaction with some of them I discovered some of them are cleaners or road side mechanics in India (country), they know nothing about the job they employed them for, but they are made to head every department of the company. Obajana Cement Plc is a company that has a contract agreement with UTAS several Indians are brought from India to work for them. Also, another thing that annoyed most is that they claimed they are Expatriate, but they are not, having verified some of their claims. Let the government, Nigerian Labour Congress, Trade union and other bodies look into this trend and checked these practices by these Indians and the Nigerian collaborator. Thank you Danbaba and Masterweb for bringing this to notice of the Nigerians." Masterweb thanks Utas Staff for his comments. Are Indians really taking over jobs in Nigeria? Send your comments to

[ Ibrahim on 'Indians Taking Over Jobs in Nigeria' ] - Friday, July 3, 2009 at 5:23 am, Ibrahim ( Email: ) wrote:- "It is very unfortunate if that actually happened in Obajana/benue cement factories. I think Dangote needs to be approached and let him know that Nigerians not Indians bought most dangote factory's shares with their hard earned money. Therefore, the least job should be considered for Nigerian and not Indian. Dangote should please help his fellow Nigerians rather than Indians by making sure that 99% of his factory jobs are meant for Nigerians as his own contribution to Nigeria economy." Masterweb thanks Ibrahim for his comments. Are Indians really taking over jobs in Nigeria? Send your comments to

[ Vitus Opara on 'Indians Taking Over Jobs in Nigeria' ] - Monday, June 29, 2009 at 2:52 am, Vitus Opara ( Email: ), a Marketer and HND holder writing from India, wrote:- "I write in response to current Nigeria Master web opinion poll, concerning Indians taken over Nigerians Jobs, to be candid and splendid what is happening in Nigeria probity is abnormal to compare with what is obtainable in other organized Countries where laws are observed and respected. This is what I term "Nigeria Factor". Today, the rate of unemployment in Nigeria is nothing to reckon with, in fact, the inhabitants of Nigeria Graduates are not given the privilege to put in their prowess they have acquired during their Academic years thereby making them to travel out in order to make ends meet. In a nutshell, the source of this Public Thesis statement may be right but we should not level the blames on Indians but on our Political and Economic Vanguards or the Stakeholders in Nigeria, moreover, our Government is not helping matter as to put a stop to this so that the People in question can adjust their culture. To crown it all, the panacea or solution of Unemployment in Nigeria can only be redress by Government. Personally I am soliciting that both Private and Public organizations even the Nigeria Master web should join hands to combat this problem of Unemployment in Nigeria. Because of Unemployment I landed myself here in India." Masterweb thanks Opara for his comments. Are Indians really taking over jobs in Nigeria? Send your comments to

[ Prince Nweke on 'Indians Taking Over Jobs in Nigeria' ] - Sunday, June 28, 2009 at 7:36 am, Prince Nweke ( Email: ) wrote:- "BUA and Dangote destroying Nigeria's manpower with Indian malady. I dont know if all indigenious Nigerian firms train their expatriates(because expatriates are supposed to be experts and of a truth it should be the other way round).What you are about to read can be verified from any source in BUA Lets picture BUA's flour mill.. they get their wheat from the United states.Now,because the U.S wants maximun usage of what they are giving to BUA.They say "give us 2 or 3 NIGERIANS that we can teach the modern techniques in flour milling to enable your firm maximise the way they use our wheat. The INDIANS (because they are at the helms of affairs) takes the whole slot.Is that what is obtainanble in North America? Should i blame the Nigerian Government for that? Will such scenerio ever happen in india? Must all sort of unthinkable always happen in this country? Are indians not using the advantage that Nigerian enterprenuers don't really care about patriotism when executing their money ventures? To end our true story..When the Americans rejected the indian names.The indians argued that they have every right to be trainned in another man's land because they are transferring their own technology to Nigerians(i feel like throwing up at this juncture). We all know that indians hoard knowledge like crazy and they will only transfer knowledge in hell.This indian malady should be treated as a national disaster because it has become a viral produce of our (un)employment system and will draw our frail nation another century backwards." Masterweb thanks Nweke for his comments. Are Indians really taking over jobs in Nigeria? Send your comments to

[ Obande Tomas on 'Indians Taking Over Jobs in Nigeria' ] - Wednesday, June 24, 2009 at 10:38 am, Obande Tomas ( Email: ) wrote:- "I am previlage to have younger brothers working at the two companies under consideration. Data available shows that their are about 4500 indians in both obajana cement plc & benue cement plc with various duplication of function. some expatriate of internation repute have begin to resign their appointment, among them are Mr H. Tony who was a staff of world bank. His resignation was sparked off when the the Executive director of Dangote group in person of Mr B.V Edwin decided to sack some nigerian to enable him recruit more of kinsmen from india. it total slavery woking with indian as ordinary overtime worked for are not paid as it is the case with BCC Plc June salary. The nigeria labour congres (NLC)in its bid to have a branch in this two companies have prove abortive, as they are afraid that their sins will be laid open" Masterweb thanks Tomas for his comments. Are Indians really taking over jobs in Nigeria? Send your comments to

[ Fred Ndukwe on 'Indians Taking Over Jobs in Nigeria' ] - Wednesday, June 24, 2009 at 4:27 am, Fred Ndukwe ( Email: ) wrote:- "What Dangote and any other business person is saying 'Nigeria doesn't have trainned and disciplined work force.Investement is not charity. You can see what has happened to all the companies nigerians acquired through indigenization policy of Awolowo and co since after the civil war. They are all dead, including the mighty Odua groups.You know why. If you don't ,try to start to start a small business as a nigerian and see forself, if you don't fold up within six months.Lack of infarstructures, nepa, offical demands for tax from federal,state and local governments, even before you start.Indians demand for equal work and pay, there is no time for urinating every second, or there is death in the family etc. Where will the investor get the money to pay salaries etc.We need people who will bring discipline to the system, contribute, pay taxes and make profit too.HEY be honest, nigerians are not productive in nigeria." Masterweb thanks Ndukwe for his comments. Are Indians really taking over jobs in Nigeria? Send your comments to

[ Tayo Temitayo on 'Indians Taking Over Jobs in Nigeria' ] - Monday, June 22, 2009 at 7:40 am, Tayo Temitayo ( Email: ) writing under the assumed name "Olu Kowosi" wrote:- "What is Our Immigration Doing? Nigeria is a great nation, we cannot seat back and watch some set of people to mess us up. Is Dangote telling us that we no longer have competent hands in this country. Also with a population of over 100million is it possible. Senate and house of rep need to talk to our immgration to move this idiots out of our system. He pays them in Dollars at the expense of Nigerians. Dangote needs to be cautioned, to stop this act before it turns out to be another niger delta. The last incidence should be a lesson to Dangote. He his penny wise pounds foolish." Masterweb thanks Temitayo for his comments. Are Indians really taking over jobs in Nigeria? Send your comments to

[ Sylvester Okpoko Writes From Woonsocket, Rhode Island, USA on 'Indians Taking Over Jobs in Nigeria' ] - Sunday, June 21, 2009 at 8:38 am, Sylvester Okpoko ( Email: ) writing from Woonsocket, Rhode Island, USA wrote:- "Mr. Meweatu Dioka, were did you get your statistic? What made you think that about 60% of functional industries in Nigeria today are owned by Indians or that Indian establishments are the highest employer of labor force in Nigeria. It will be better if you guys confirm the accuracy of you statement before putting it out for the public to read. Please be informed that the same way Indians are taking employment in Nigeria, so also Nigerian are taking employment in other foreign countries, those countries are not crying that Nigerian are taking their employment. We should lean to be fair when confronted with this kind of situation. If any of us have a business in foreign country and our family members back home need a job and he/she is willing to migrate to a foreign land for employment, and I/we choose to bring them over and employed then in our organization, what is the crime? If I have to bring my family members to a foreign land and employ them in my organization to reduced financial responsibility on me, I will not hesitate to do that, if the country/citizens were I have the business is complained, I will tell them to stop crying and be responsible. Such complain is act of discrimination and irresponsibility. If employing Indians will make the country a better nation, well let it be. The responsibility of making our country a better Nation is not just that of the Nigeria Gov only, it includes our individual contribution. We should some time site back ask ourselves, what have will contributed to betterness of our Nation. I am not disputing the fact that we have a very dis-functional Gov at all level, but that should not be a yardstick for us publicly under mind the capacity of our great nation. If Indian were to be too good, the Indians would have preferred established these companies in their own country." Masterweb thanks Okpoko for his comments. Are Indians really taking over jobs in Nigeria? Send your comments to

[ Femi Sowobo on 'Indians Taking Over Jobs in Nigeria' ] - Sunday, June 21, 2009 at 1:27 am, Femi Sowobo ( Email: ) wrote:- "I am really over the moon for the wonderful job you are all doing, and I pray the officials and other media houses are reading too . Concerning the above issue, it is a two sided coins. First, our educated illiterates, law makers are more pre occupy with the state of their pocket, and lavish display of ill gotten wealth that doing the job they are voted for. Secondly let us remember that every average Nigerians in that country is not thinking about the progress of that nation or the company who will or has employed him/her; but how to make it. When a nation is deep in materialism (eat, drink, dance and die) all this evil will be surfacing. By the way I don't blame them because it is what the leaders portrait that they are follow. My conclusion on this issue is that our leaders are laying foundation for an explosive encounter in the near future if nothing drastic is not done NOW! And it is a pity they may not be around to witness it but their seeds will get the full wrath. And when the guilty are been punish surely the innocent will partake. So please let our lawmakers act now." Masterweb thanks Sowobo for his comments. Are Indians really taking over jobs in Nigeria? Send your comments to

[ Ftotal on 'Indians Taking Over Jobs in Nigeria' ] - Saturday, June 20, 2009 at 1:25 pm, Ftotal ( Email: ) writing from from an undisclosed location to both Masterweb and undisclosed-recipients wrote:- "Yes, the Indians may be taking over the employments in Nigerian because of all these reasons listed below.
1.) They own most of the industries in Nigeria.
2.) The banks in Nigeria are ready to make loan to them.
3.) They are hard working people. Wheares the Nigerians are very lazy.
Nigerians are lazy because of the corruption in the society, they work less and demand for the most salary at the detriment of the company.
They steal from you and also freely say, "Who wants to be a servant forever?"
" Masterweb thanks Ftotal for his comments. Are Indians really taking over jobs in Nigeria? Send your comments to

[ Babs Toonday Writes From UK on 'Indians Taking Over Jobs in Nigeria' ] - Saturday, June 20, 2009 at 12:30 am, Babs Toonday ( Email: ) writing from UK wrote:- "I wonder if there is any system of verification of the qualifications presented by the so called Indian experts in Nigeria. India is a place where you can buy any form of fake document from the market, most of these people are dodgy and they have found loopholes in the Nigeria's system just as they did with the UK .It took the Uk some time to realize this and put a check on them..It's time Nigeria valued it's citizens there a lot of qualified Nigerianprofessionals ;lawyers,doctors accountants,IT consultant wasting away abroad working cleaners ,kitche porters, security,carer etc just because of the coulor of their skin and no hope for them in their own country since they are not related to a minister or there dad is not a governor.Now in the Uk no Job goes to the foreigners unless its been first advertised within the whole of europe and no europian applicant turns up for it. I do not believe any letter or article response will change anything in Nigeria's system since nobody cares about anything and the country itself is governed by bunch of ignorant opportunists but we just have to talk for complaint sake." Masterweb thanks Toonday for his comments. Are Indians really taking over jobs in Nigeria? Send your comments to

[ Omare Hulston Writes From Hulston, U.K. on 'Indians Taking Over Jobs in Nigeria' ] - Friday, June 19, 2009 at 7:00 am, Omare Hulston ( Email: ) writing from Hulston, U.K. wrote:- "Dear Masterweb, I was excited when I saw this caption because I have had first hand experience on this matter and I wonder with bewilderment that no Nigeria institution is addressing employment issues in Nigeria. The executive and the legislative arm of Government are doing next to nothing as far as this issue of employment policy is concern. Take for instance, I am resident in the United Kingdom, educated with experience working with NHS, national Health service in the UK. I saw a job advert posted on the web about an oil and gas company requiring a candidate which I think I am qualify, with good foreign experience. I called up the agency handling the recruitment to intimate them of my interest and experience. I was shocked when the agency asked if I am a Nigeria, I said yes, 'do you carry Nigeria's passport? he inquired I said yes' He then said 'this job is not meant for you' I asked 'why?' he said 'this job is not meant for people with Nigeria passport, those with nigeria passport are clasified as local, and they can not get the job' 'But the job is in Nigeria' I protested He hanged off the phone. This is what we see. We struggled to get employment in foreign countries, and we are still discriminated against in our country!!!! This is too unfair. Our law maker should stop stealing and start thinking about Nigerians." Masterweb thanks Hulston for his comments. Are Indians really taking over jobs in Nigeria? Send your comments to

[ Meweatu Dioka on 'Indians Taking Over Jobs in Nigeria' ] - Friday, June 19, 2009 at 5:10 am, Meweatu Dioka ( Email: ) wrote:- "The truth is that about 60% of functional industries in Nigeria today are owned by Indians. So why wouldn't they employ more Indians? If every Nigerian Governor, legislator and Minister builds a factory with the amount of money they are making in Government instaed of buying houses overseas, acquiring multiple expensive cars and landed property they would have been the largest employer of labour comparable to Indians in Nigeria. In short, Indian establishments are the highest employer of labour in Nigeria today. I need to be proven wrong by anybody." Masterweb thanks Dioka for his comments. Are Indians really taking over jobs in Nigeria? Send your comments to

[ Jesse Ojobor Writes From Vienna, Austria on 'Indians Taking Over Jobs in Nigeria' ] - Friday, June 19, 2009 at 4:28 am, Jesse Ojobor ( Email: ) writing from Vienna, Austria wrote:- "It is an unfortunate development in the Nigerian Labour market and workplaces that foreigners are taking over jobs and positions that Nigerians should by rights and qualifications have. First, I will wan to say that I am not against any move to have foreigners in Nigeria workplace or foreigners having key positions, but I am against the motives by companies (foreign or national) trying to showcase their competences to do business by having a long list of foreigners whom they call "experts" among the rank and files of workers in their companies. Most of these companies are carried away and most times fooled by a foreign degree holder status, on which they thought they (foreigners) have the qualifications to perform far over and above Nigerians with similar degrees at work places. More so, these companies attach the age factor to their decision making in choosing either a Nigerian or a foreigner for a particular job, forgetting that the Nigerian educational system has been so many times been truncated with endless strikes by ASSU, NASSU or any other political or social violence, therefore resulting Nigerian youths and students to study or finish their studies at the Universities longer while their counterparts in Europe and other parts of the world are already working for 3-4 years with experiences. In the European Union, there is what they call "Third Country Nationals" meaning for any vacant job position, the first priority is given to the citizens of the country in questions, if there is non from that country qualified, it then goes to the any body from the whole EU region, if this is not still gotten, it goes to the EEA - European Economic Area citizen(s) i.e. countries in Europe not in the EU but under the EU influence, then when all these three categories are not met, that job position(s) finally goes to anybody from any region in the world. The question then is, would the job finally gets the the 3rd country national/citizen, the answer is one in a thousand cases. My opinion about it is that, the responsible ministries - Ministries of labour and productivity, works and housing, economic development, the Nigerian Immigration services and other agencies should have a central law that governs the recruitment of foreigners when their are qualified Nigerians who understand the Nigerian cultural, political and economic landscape better than foreigners with little or most times no idea. The National Assembly has a big role to play just as the EU Parliament has done in Europe. I do hope my contribution could highlight some of the gray areas in the Nigerian labour market in relations to foreigners occupying key work positions." Masterweb thanks Ojobor for his comments. Are Indians really taking over jobs in Nigeria? Send your comments to

[ Gbenga Osanyintuyi on 'Indians Taking Over Jobs in Nigeria' ] - Friday, June 19, 2009 at 4:11 am, Gbenga Osanyintuyi ( Email: ) wrote:- "I am Gbenga, i read this article witten by the man okonkwo, its quite unfortunate that the government are allowing the indians who are averagely nothing in their country to take over productive sector. if you take sample of the foreigners in this country indians will account for 85% of them all, and this are people that has no respect or dignity for the this country legal system, i wonder why we have many indian as finance directors in many company in nigeria and there thousands of graduate of finances and chartered accountant doing menial roaming the street in search of job to do, and the most annoying things about this people is that most of them don't even have the basic qualification that are needed to do this jobs, they always hide under the guise that our leaders will protect them if they can have their ways, if you want to buttress this issue very well go to chi nigeria ltd, Ajao estate, orc fisheries, cormat nigeria ltd,and others, in all this places you will never see any nigerian in management positions, and the government are saying that we should not leave the country. my only concern is that the Government should not mortgage our future as the expense of what they wanted to gain in their quest for their corruption needs." Masterweb thanks Osanyintuyi for his comments. Are Indians really taking over jobs in Nigeria? Send your comments to

[ Chucks Chris Writes From Mumbai, India on 'Indians Taking Over Jobs in Nigeria' ] - Friday, June 19, 2009 at 2:52 am, Chucks Chris ( Email: ) writing from Mumbai, India wrote:- "It is very unforturnate that Indians are given jobs ahead of locals at home.This kind of trend only happens in Nigeria where anybody who has a curlyhair is regarded and addressed as"OYIBO". I live in mumbai {India} where Nigerians finds it very difficult to get accommodation.Indians are very racist people. There are sometimes when the police will instruct house owners and hotel operators not to rent their houses or rooms to "BLACK" men. Last year I travelled to Pune 197km from Mumbai I was,nt able to get a hotel room to pass the night because of the colour of my skin.The hotel operators all told me "Fully booked"I tried to investigate why,even though I already knew it was because of the colour of my skin.I remained inside the cab and sent the driver to ask for a room on my behalf.They told him there were vacant rooms,but upon seeing me approaching the reception their faces changed.And they immidiately told me the same world FULLY BOOKED. Yet Indians lives like kings and queens in my Beloved and only country, Nigeria.They live in the best areas in Ikoyi,V,I. During the Mumbai attack of 26\11 last year, a local t,v station here in Mumbai CNN IBN, was broadcasting unverified live news on air that Nigerians were shooting guns at cafe Leopold in Colaba area of Mumbai. For more than 30 minuites the news was on air.We were all scared of moving out of our various pidgen holes we call houses.That kind of news is not only insighting but also image tarnishing.That,s to point out just how this people hate black people and Nigerians in particular. The Nigerian embassy in New Delhi is not functional at all.It,s difficult to communicate with a Nigerian in that office except Indians who can,t speak good english.And anytime you tell them to put you through to a Nigerian official they will simply tell you that non is on desk and they will ask you to call back after 30mins.Every 30mins you will be ask to call back after 30mins. It was only when I told somebody{an Indian lady on phone that I was a barrister sent by the Government of Nigeria to investigate the plight of Nigerians in Mumbai and that I wanted to speak with a top official that she Immidiately almost ambarrassed me with many Sir"s.And she immidiately put me through to one official whose name I will not mention here. Under the pretence of being a Nigeria barrister sent by the federal government,I was able to get his attention and ask him why were they not performing their duty.Though I did,nt like the fact that I lied,but that was the only way i could get attention.three{3}days after threatening to report the non chalant attitude of the embassy officials to the government They sent a delegate to Mumbai to appeal to the police commissioner. I could go on and on with many instances, why i,m very angry about the kind of respect and privilages given to Indians in My country,Nigeria.I want to beg those responsible for the recruitment of workers to please value their citizens first before this people who hate us like shit in their country." Masterweb thanks Chris for his comments. Are Indians really taking over jobs in Nigeria? Send your comments to

[ Ikembuchukwu Abugu Writes From Darfur, Sudan on 'Indians Taking Over Jobs in Nigeria' ] - Friday, June 19, 2009 at 12:10 am, Ikembuchukwu Abugu ( Email: ) writing from Darfur, Sudan wrote:- "I read the comments on Indians Taking over Nigerian jobs in your breaking news column and wish to make a few observations. It is my believe that no country in the whole wide world can claim to be self-sustaining in terms of manpower exchange and managerial expertise. Nigeria, we all know has never been a productive economy and the unemployment situation in the country had before now assumed an alarming proportion. Taking into consideration several bilateral relations we share with other countries including India, the issue of Indians taking up employment opportunities in Nigeria shouldn,t surprise any rational-mind-ed person. The truth we shouldn,t shy away from is the fact that both our present and past leaders have not really done much in areas of job creation. It is a pity that we don,t have a defined "Employment Policy" as a nation. Worse still is the fact that members of the parliament are more concerned about what goes into their pockets rather than initiate legislative policies that will be for the common good of all. Any attempt to mathematically equate the number of foreigners employed in Nigeria, be it private or public concerns, with that of Nigerians gainfully employed outside the shores of this country will surely produce a jolting statistics. More so is the fact that these foreigners may be equiped with the necessary skills needed by their employers to deliver than our own brothers. We should task our minds on what need be done to create employment avenues rather than waste our energy on juxtaposing statistics that will do us no good. Is it not a shame that the sixth highest producer of crude oil and the most populous black nation on planet earth cannot provide employment for a million people out of its one hundred and fifty million population?" Masterweb thanks Abugu for his comments. Are Indians really taking over jobs in Nigeria? Send your comments to

[ Clem Okonkwo on 'Indians Taking Over Jobs in Nigeria' ] - Thursday, June 18, 2009 at 2:58 am, Clem Okonkwo ( Email: ) wrote:- "Foreigners are indeed taking Nigerian jobs. Without prejudice, Nigerian Legislators must be doing something wrong if you could just imagine the number of Nigerian graduates that are passed-out each year without guarantee of any employment on their fields and the number already on the waiting list before them. Then, reconcile the number of foreign workers that are repeatedly allowed into Nigeria on daily bases to work in Nigeria despite the risks of their being kidnapped .Remember, the Nigerians that are being deported from foreign countries have not been rehabilitated yet. Why should anyone not wonder what is happening considering "419-scam" and armed-robbery as evil ?" Masterweb thanks Okonkwo for his comments. Are Indians really taking over jobs in Nigeria? Send your comments to

[ Udochukwu Onyenkwere on 'Indians Taking Over Jobs in Nigeria' ] - Wednesday, June 17, 2009 at 3:29 pm, Udochukwu Onyenkwere ( Email: ) wrote:- "You guys are really doing a great job in On issues of job, Indians are migrants as Nigerians are in good numbers. They hold whatever job given to them and might be cheaper. Let it not be a controversial issue because if other nations take up arms against Nigerian workers, it will turn sore. However, employers of labor should consider their citizens first in some parlance-it happens everywhere." Masterweb thanks Onyenkwere for his comments. Are Indians really taking over jobs in Nigeria? Send your comments to

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