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April 2017
What is eResearch? - Friday, 21st
Silal up front in SA heat of international science communication competition - Friday, 21st
Where passion and compassion meet - Friday, 21st
Washington beckons for five student leaders - Friday, 21st
Depression top of World Health Day agenda - Friday, 21st
Squash bonanza to hit UCT this weekend - Thursday, 20th
R10 million to develop financial skills - Thursday, 20th
SRC election season opens - Wednesday, 19th
Fire futures: lessons from the Western Cape 2016/17 fire season - Wednesday, 19th
Declining fynbos diversity - Wednesday, 19th
Release of UCT News and other updates
Released: 12:50, 18 April 2017 - Tuesday, 18th
A passion for finance law - Tuesday, 18th
Maths comp to bring congestion conundrum - Tuesday, 18th
What's beneath the trappings of power? - Tuesday, 18th
Sky's no limit for Habarulema - Tuesday, 18th
Interdict to protect UCT community - Wednesday, 12th
Brace for frequent extreme weather - Wednesday, 12th
SLG statement on current national situation and other updates
Released: 11:35, 12 April 2017 - Wednesday, 12th
Safe-Up UCT smartphone app - Tuesday, 11th
UCT's Senior Leadership Group calls on all to commit to finding solutions to the current situation in SA
Released: 10:35, 11 April 2017 - Tuesday, 11th
Harald Winkler to serve on High-Level Commission on Carbon Prices - Tuesday, 11th
Resignation of André Theys, ED: P&S
Released: 13:25, 10 April 2017 - Monday, 10th
Antarctic adventure - Monday, 10th
How to recreate the city of Cape Town - Thursday, 6th
Arrangements if attending protest action
Released: 15:30, 5 April 2017 - Wednesday, 5th
Vice-Chancellor responds to the statement by members of the Science RAC - Wednesday, 5th
UCT in top five of subject rankings - Wednesday, 5th
For the love of art or country - Tuesday, 4th
UCT birders excel at Champions of the Flyway - Tuesday, 4th
Custom-built robot will study a very special star - Tuesday, 4th
Statement by members of the Science RAC (Readmission Appeals Committee) - Tuesday, 4th
Bremner occupation ends 3 April 2017
Released: 11:20, 4 April 2017 - Tuesday, 4th
HIV's influence on TB evolution - Monday, 3rd
Uncovering the social symptoms of TB - Monday, 3rd
'This is our institution' - Monday, 3rd
Notice of motion
Posted: 17:25, 1 April 2017 - Saturday, 1st
Update on Bremner occupation
Released: 10:10, 1 April 2017 - Saturday, 1st

March 2017
Stakes for South Africa's democracy are high as Zuma plunges the knife - Friday, 31st
Distinguished Teacher Awards 2016 - Friday, 31st
What the Constitution says about land restitution - Friday, 31st
Chair of Council warns against racial chauvinism - Friday, 31st
Update on Mafeje occupation and other updates
Released: 18:15, 30 March 2017 - Thursday, 30th
Engagements with students about exclusions
Released: 14:10, 17 March 2017 - Thursday, 30th
Put students at the heart of pedagogy - Thursday, 30th
Archie Mafeje: never to be forgotten - Thursday, 30th
UCT alumni win at SAFTAs - Thursday, 30th
Peace and Conflict scholar appointed to Van Zyl Slabbert Chair - Thursday, 30th
Bird-watching society now in full flight - Thursday, 30th
Primary healthcare bible piloted in Brazil - Wednesday, 29th
Renamed Knowledge Commons honours struggle librarian - Wednesday, 29th
Beware the Ides of March: The University of Cape Town Alumni Association waives the rules - Tuesday, 28th
UCT mourns the passing of Dr Kathrada - Tuesday, 28th
Delving into the darknet to discover the secret world of paedophiles - Tuesday, 28th
Conference deals with Mendi tragedy - Tuesday, 28th
Why Nut just start something? - Monday, 27th
Number's up for scary statistics - Monday, 27th
Stephanie Fanucchi recognised at the 19th L'Oreal-Unesco for Women in Science Awards - Monday, 27th
Tax time made easier - Friday, 24th
How we found the gene for a rare heart disease and why it matters - Friday, 24th
Winfield teaches ethical accounting - Friday, 24th
Latest transmission patterns for drug resistant TB pose a new challenge - Friday, 24th
Existential fatigue, psycho-emotional weight and a revolt - Thursday, 23rd
Possible disruptions to Jammie Shuttle and other updates
Released: 09:40, 23 March 2017 - Thursday, 23rd
The formula to make maths fun - Wednesday, 22nd
What we've learnt from the drought - Wednesday, 22nd
Simplistic racial constructions and mistaken assumptions - Wednesday, 22nd
Free laptops for hundreds of first-year students - Monday, 20th
O-Week! - Monday, 20th
Thank you from DVC Prof Loretta Feris
Released: 14:10, 17 March 2017 - Friday, 17th
'Stare straight into the eye of the perpetrator', says feminist scholar - Friday, 17th
SASSA - no safety net for beneficiaries - Thursday, 16th
Farewell from DVC Prof Francis Petersen
Released: 16:25, 15 March 2017 - Wednesday, 15th
A new frontier for cancer diagnostics - Wednesday, 15th
Taking the shock out of teaching maths - Wednesday, 15th
Unbundling higher education - Wednesday, 15th
SRC elections and other updates
Released: 17:00, 14 March 2017 - Tuesday, 14th
Medicine and science in harmony after seven years - Tuesday, 14th
#BlackGirlMagic for the literary world - Tuesday, 14th
A pan-African approach to leadership - Monday, 13th
Africa's first design-thinking school launched at UCT - Monday, 13th
Meet mover and shaker Itumeleng Mpofu - Friday, 10th
Decolonising law series on the cards - Friday, 10th
UCT researchers discover heart-attack gene - Friday, 10th
New ranking shows which SA banks contribute most to systemic risk - Thursday, 9th
Development Studies at UCT in Global Top 10 for a Third Year Running - Wednesday, 8th
Zabalaza strives for success - Wednesday, 8th
Adapting to water scarcity - Tuesday, 7th
Sugar tax is not pie in the sky - Tuesday, 7th
Professor Jacqueline Rose to present the 2017 VC's Open Lecture
Released: 12:00, 7 March 2017 - Tuesday, 7th
Studying development at UCT just got easier - Tuesday, 7th
Update on student accommodation
Released: 07:50, 6 March 2017 - Monday, 6th
Love turned to hate - Saturday, 4th
Appeal to Southern Suburbs homeowners for accommodation for UCT students - Saturday, 4th
Success for Next Generation Professoriate - Friday, 3rd
Start of registration, orientation and other updates
Released:12:00, 3 March 2017 - Friday, 3rd
Appeal to staff, students and parents for accommodation
Released: 11:00, 3 March 2017 - Friday, 3rd
Report back on the second IRTC Steering Committee meeting - Friday, 3rd
Acclaimed author to spend a week at UCT - Friday, 3rd
HIV centre lands huge Zimele Project - Thursday, 2nd
Released: 11:00, 2 March 2017 - Thursday, 2nd
Tutpack to connect UCT students and tutors - Wednesday, 1st
UCT's Bertha Centre in global top five - Wednesday, 1st

February 2017
IRTC foundations being laid - Friday, 24th
UCT fourth in emerging-economy universities - Thursday, 23rd
When the taps run dry - Thursday, 23rd
NAPP retreat was no sleepy affair - Thursday, 23rd
Teen suicide in the spotlight - Thursday, 23rd
Mini-semester wrapped up, and other updates
Released: 09:10, 23 February 2017 - Thursday, 23rd
Countering complications of starting ART in TB and HIV-infected patients - Wednesday, 22nd
'A teacher all her life' - Friday, 17th
Mysterious origins of mega diamonds - Friday, 17th
Reflecting on the Shackville protests a year ago
Released: 18:20, 16 February 2017 - Thursday, 16th
Undergrad student publishes in top science journal - Thursday, 16th
Tackling diseases with numbers - Thursday, 16th
Financial appeals process for 2017
Released: 09:30, 16 February 2017 - Thursday, 16th
Readmissions and Faculty Examinations Committee processes
Released: 17:15, 15 February 2017 - Wednesday, 15th
Altitude training and anti-doping - Wednesday, 15th
UCT students tackle food insecurity - Tuesday, 14th
Unsafe abortions put women in peril - Monday, 13th
Remembering SS Mendi - Monday, 13th
Reconvened AGM of the Convocation of the University of Cape Town
Released: 12:15, 13 February 2017 - Monday, 13th
Alive and kicking: ICA's live art festival - Friday, 10th
Nepotism, corruption and state capture: the real state of the nation - Thursday, 9th
DNA test uncovers hidden TB cases - Thursday, 9th
Students tackle deferred exams - Thursday, 9th
UCT's Champions of the Flyway - Wednesday, 8th
UCT app to make every Drop Drop count - Wednesday, 8th
Politicians must account for the deaths of 94 psychiatric patients in South Africa - Wednesday, 8th
Negotiations for 2017 salary increases
Released: 13:40 7 February 2017 - Tuesday, 7th
Green Campus Initiative's water-saving tips - Tuesday, 7th
Alert about measles outbreak in the Western Cape
Released: 12:15, 7 February 2017 - Tuesday, 7th
UCT opera star back on international stage - Monday, 6th
Mental health care 'chronically underfunded' in SA - Friday, 3rd
UCT's four new Rhodes Scholars - Friday, 3rd
Reconciliation and transformation commission kicks off - Friday, 3rd
UCT flag at half-mast to honour Esidimeni victims and other developments
Released: 14:00, 3 February 2017 - Friday, 3rd
Tackling water shortages on campus - Thursday, 2nd
Prof Feris reports on the Rapid Response Task Team
Released: 14:00, 1 February 2017 - Wednesday, 1st

January 2017
TB: New incurable strains - Monday, 30th
From the Chair: First meeting of the IRTC Steering Committee
Released: 20:50, 27 January 2017 - Friday, 27th
Waiting for the rain - Tuesday, 24th
Madness: Songs of Hope and Despair - Tuesday, 24th
Afrocentric, inclusive, socially relevant academic 'evolution' at the University of Cape Town - Thursday, 19th
Back by popular demand - Wednesday, 18th
Outgoing DVC for Transformation reflects on tenure - Wednesday, 18th
Tim Crowe on Suellen Shay's perspective of UCT's Convocation - Wednesday, 18th
Clarity on effects of protest and setting up the IRTC steering committee
Released: 14:30 13 January 2017 - Friday, 13th
Death of a colleague
Released: 09:00 13 January 2017 - Friday, 13th
MasterCard graduates ready to drive change in their communities - Friday, 13th
Death of a student
Released: 09:45 11 January 2017 - Wednesday, 11th
Government Grant for "Missing Middle" students announced by Minister of Higher Education and Training in September (application process for 2017)
Released: 12:00, 10 January 2017 - Tuesday, 10th
Summer school: a feast for the mind and the heart - Tuesday, 10th
Closure of Library Road South
Released: 17:00, 06 January 2017 - Friday, 6th
Accommodation for January for deferred exams and mini-semesters
Released: 08:00, 06 January 2017 - Friday, 6th
Death of a student
Released: 13:00, 03 January 2017 - Tuesday, 3rd

December 2016
Dear members of the UCT Convocation
Released: 10:00, 28 December 2016 - Wednesday, 28th
Year-end greeting
Released: 13:00, 23 December 2016 - Friday, 23rd
Pre-colonial ivory trade earlier than thought - Thursday, 22nd
Antarctic expedition sails from Cape Town - Thursday, 22nd
Fighting African fungal infections: the world's first international research centre at UCT - Wednesday, 21st
Death of a student
Released: 09:30, 21 December 2016 - Wednesday, 21st
Iconic conifers under threat - Wednesday, 21st
'Believe in yourself', Walaza urges graduands - Tuesday, 20th
'Be leaders of integrity that society needs' - Tuesday, 20th
Wildlife solutions for a crowded planet - Tuesday, 20th
A reluctant farewell to DVC Visser - Monday, 19th
Shining new light on ancient malaria drugs - Monday, 19th
Teaching and Learning at UCT - Monday, 19th
Death of a colleague
Released: 13:20, 15 December 2016 - Thursday, 15th
Updates on campus developments
Released: 10:50, 15 December 2016 - Thursday, 15th
2016 Collaborative Educational Practice Awards
Released: 09:40, 15 December 2016 - Thursday, 15th
Death of a colleague
Released: 15:30, 13 December 2016 - Tuesday, 13th
UCT announces 2017 fees
Released: 14:50, 13 December 2016 - Tuesday, 13th
Statement of the University of Cape Town Council - Tuesday, 13th
Integrating informal settlements - Friday, 9th
New fellows honoured for distinguished work - Friday, 9th
Favish's strategic plan is a beach - Friday, 9th
Mobile bullying thrust into the spotlight - Thursday, 8th
Environmental innovation at SA's Greenovate Awards - Thursday, 8th
'Ground-breaking' exhibition on New World Jews - Thursday, 8th
Presentation to the Commission for Gender Equality
Released: 17:20, 7 December 2016 - Wednesday, 7th
Birding Big Day win for UCT - Wednesday, 7th
Wellcome Centre for Infectious Diseases Research at UCT: a first in Africa - Wednesday, 7th
For 'Mum Sheila' it's all about hospitality - Wednesday, 7th
There and back again - Tuesday, 6th
Thando's study hopes rekindled - Tuesday, 6th
UCT on international drug advisory board - Tuesday, 6th
Inclusive education a matter of social justice - Tuesday, 6th
Prof Petersen appointed UFS Vice-Chancellor
Released: 12:00, 6 December 2016 - Tuesday, 6th
Investing in children: Child Gauge 2016 - Tuesday, 6th
Rings and things... other ways to prevent HIV are on the cards - Friday, 2nd
Date and venue correction: Invitation to discussion on principle and implementation possibilities of fee-free higher education
Released: 14:10, 2 December 2016 - Friday, 2nd
PhD student clinches Mr SA title - Thursday, 1st
Rise of the hired hitman: assassinations and democracy in SA - Thursday, 1st
UCT Annual Retirees Dinner 2016 - Thursday, 1st
Invitation to discussion on principle and implementation possibilities of fee-free higher education
Released: 15:15, 1 December 2016 - Thursday, 1st

November 2016
The battle to recovery - Wednesday, 30th
Conference to investigate universe's dark side - Wednesday, 30th
A giant leap for astronomy, another giant leap for South Africa - Tuesday, 29th
Southern African tourism: the 'multiplier' effect - Tuesday, 29th
A manifesto for change - Tuesday, 29th
Letter to 2017 UCT applicants, parents and sponsors
Released: 15:30, 25 November 2016 - Friday, 25th
Interim fee-free HE report released - Friday, 25th
Sleepless nights for the Deputy Registrar's office - Wednesday, 23rd
UCT establishes Rapid Response Task Team
Released: 17:00, 23 November 2016 - Wednesday, 23rd
New lens on how Middle Stone Age stone tools were used - Tuesday, 22nd
Victoria Mxenge: A homeless people's struggle for dignity - Monday, 21st
Cricket fundi and PhD student vies for Mr SA title - Monday, 21st
Update on recent events at the University of Cape Town
Released: 12:10, 21 November 2016 - Monday, 21st
UCT's free medical books go platinum - Friday, 18th
Fracking in the Karoo: pollution versus pay-off - Friday, 18th
Luminous gamma-ray binary in the Large Magellanic Cloud - Friday, 18th
Social impact bonds lead solutions for HE funding - Thursday, 17th
Are our media holding our institutions accountable? - Thursday, 17th
Andri Ntema: Serial social entrepreneur - Thursday, 17th
Pioneering research on drivers with HIV and metabolic syndrome - Thursday, 17th
UCT researchers help shape sustainable development goals - Wednesday, 16th
Without transformation, research excellence is unsustainable - Mamokgethi Phakeng - Wednesday, 16th
AXA awards first research chair in Africa to UCT - Tuesday, 15th
Mhlongo is UCT's best - again - Tuesday, 15th
Students reflect on exams and deferrals - Tuesday, 15th
Appointment of new DVC in the Transformation portfolio
Released: 12:15, 14 November 2016 - Monday, 14th
Kelp: The canary in the coal mine - Monday, 14th
Popplestone: A masterpiece written in the margins - Monday, 14th
Hunting for leaks in a mismanaged water system - Friday, 11th
Campus updates - Thursday, 10th
Further details on UCT–student agreement
Released: 17:00, 10 November 2016 - Thursday, 10th
Is general relativity's take on black holes outdated? - Thursday, 10th
Seeds under siege: it's time to support traditional systems - Thursday, 10th
Prof Sakhela Buhlungu appointed VC for the University of Fort Hare
Released: 15:00, 9 November 2016 - Wednesday, 9th
UCT executive and student groupings sign agreement - Wednesday, 9th
Mauritius encourages intra-African research - Wednesday, 9th
Explainer: the how, what and why of the latest HIV vaccine trial - Tuesday, 8th
Child soldier's PhD turns hurt into hope - Monday, 7th
UCT executive signs agreement with student representatives
Released: 11:00, 7 November 2016 - Monday, 7th
Update on exam information
Released: 16:10, 6 November 2016 - Sunday, 6th
December time-off for staff
Released: 15:00, 4 November 2016 - Friday, 4th
Sudesh Sivarasu: Clinician-centred innovation - Friday, 4th
Kingsley Holgate honoured at Golden Key ceremony - Friday, 4th
Examination procedures for students
Released: 14:45, 4 November 2016 - Friday, 4th
Researchers aim for the clouds: UCT and NWU launch first stage of big-data African Research Cloud - Friday, 4th
Mission accomplished for ice cool researchers - Thursday, 3rd
Bill Bowen - UCT loses an important friend - Wednesday, 2nd
Virtual seafood market for artisanal fishers - Wednesday, 2nd
Update on exams and completing the academic year
Released: 17:55, 1 November 2016 - Tuesday, 1st
Update on activities, Tuesday, 1 November 2016
Released: 15:10, 1 November 2016 - Tuesday, 1st
Update on activities, Tuesday, 1 November 2016
Released: 13:00, 1 November 2016 - Tuesday, 1st
Lewis Pugh succeeds in protecting Antarctic sea - Tuesday, 1st
All hands on deck - Tuesday, 1st

October 2016
UCT alumni in premier of The Father - Monday, 31st
Student death
Released: 15:45, 28 October 2016 - Friday, 28th
Samuel Ginsberg: The power of collaboration - Friday, 28th
Tim Crowe comments on BAC statement - Thursday, 27th
Laying funding problems at government's feet - Wednesday, 26th
UCT rises to 112th in Global University Ranking - Wednesday, 26th
Update on Senate, interim interdicts and arrests by SAPS
Released: 22:00, 25 October 2016 - Tuesday, 25th
UCT staff and students permitted to join Parliament protests, Wednesday, 26 October
Released: 19:40, 25 October 2016 - Tuesday, 25th
Update on executive appointments and changes in SLG and SETT
Released: 16:40, 25 October 2016 - Tuesday, 25th
Update on activities, Tuesday, 25 October 2016
Released: 10:30, 25 October 2016 - Tuesday, 25th
Open letter to the VC: Dr Jenny Durandt - Tuesday, 25th
Mining for sustainable development - Monday, 24th
Time change for Ms Tele's memorial service
Released: 12:50, 24 October 2016 - Monday, 24th
UCT Council statement - Monday, 24th
Update on activities, Friday, 21 October 2016
Released: 16:00, 21 October 2016 - Friday, 21st
UCT’s inventors - Friday, 21st
Stuart Swan: On water rockets and persistence - Friday, 21st
Student death
Released: 12:45, 21 October 2016 - Friday, 21st
Update on activities, Thursday, 20 October 2016
Released: 19:10, 20 October 2016 - Thursday, 20th
Update on recent events, Thursday 20 October 2016
Released: 11:30, 20 October 2016 - Thursday, 20th
Cable providing UCT internet services is down
Released: 12:30, 20 October 2016 - Thursday, 20th
Update on activities, Wednesday, 19 October 2016
Released: 20:00, 19 October 2016 - Wednesday, 19th
Jammie Shuttle suspended and libraries closed
Released: 12:30, 19 October 2016 - Wednesday, 19th
UCT researchers shine at SAMRC Scientific Merit Awards - Wednesday, 19th
Commitment to completing the 2016 academic year
Released: 18:00, 18 October 2016 - Tuesday, 18th
Commitment to completing the 2016 academic year
Released: 17:15, 18 October 2016 - Tuesday, 18th
Update on recent events at UCT
Released: 16:30, 18 October 2016 - Tuesday, 18th
Update on recent events at UCT
Released: 17:45, 18 October 2016 - Tuesday, 18th
Jacobs bats away evolutionary fallacies - Tuesday, 18th
Correction to Midday update
Released: 18:00, 17 October 2016 - Monday, 17th
Midday update, 17 October 2016
Released: 12:30, 17 October 2016 - Monday, 17th
VC Desk: Further details on completing the 2016 academic year
Released: 14:00, 15 October 2016 - Saturday, 15th
VC Desk: Further details on completing the 2016 academic year
Released: 14:00, 15 October 2016 - Saturday, 15th
‘Actor-vists’ engage with Fees Must Fall - Saturday, 15th
VC Desk: UCT to resume 2016 academic year on Monday, 17 October 2016
Released: 21:00, 14 October 2016 - Friday, 14th
UCT to resume 2016 academic year on Monday, 17 October 2016
Released: 21:00, 14 October 2016 - Friday, 14th
CILT facilitates online learning - Friday, 14th
UCT to announce plans this weekend regarding the completion of the 2016 academic year
Released: 13:50, 14 October 2016 - Friday, 14th
George Vicatos: Where engineering and anatomy meet - Friday, 14th
Executive Update: Thursday, 13 October 2016 - Thursday, 13th
Grant powers Gaunt’s geomagnetic study - Thursday, 13th
Update on unfolding events at UCT
Released: 19:50, 12 October 2016 - Wednesday, 12th
Update on unfolding events at UCT
Released: 19:40, 12 October 2016 - Wednesday, 12th
UCT closed Thursday and Friday, 13-14 October 2016
Released: 14:30, 12 October 2016 - Wednesday, 12th
UCT closed Thursday and Friday, 13-14 October 2016
Released: 14:15, 12 October 2016 - Wednesday, 12th
UCT closed Tuesday, 11 October 2016
Released: 15:15, 10 October 2016 - Monday, 10th
UCT closed on Monday 10 October 2016
Released: 20:30, 7 October 2016 - Friday, 7th
Adam van Niekerk: The student inventor - Friday, 7th
Executive Update: Friday, 7 October 2016 - Friday, 7th
From UCT's Vice-Chancellor: The way forward to completing the 2016 academic year
Released: 15:55, 6 October 2016 - Thursday, 6th
The way forward to completing the 2016 academic year
Released: 15:45, 6 October 2016 - Thursday, 6th
All UCT campuses closed
Released: 13:00, 5 October 2016 - Wednesday, 5th
Fire on upper campus, 5 October 2016
Released: 04:30, 5 October 2016 - Wednesday, 5th
Unlawful occupation of Steve Biko building ended
Released: 21:45, 4 October 2016 - Tuesday, 4th
Executive Update: Tuesday, 4 October 2016 - Tuesday, 4th
VC confident of swift return to full operations - Tuesday, 4th
Prestigious book award for neuropsychologist - Tuesday, 4th
Forget nuclear power: fund education - Tuesday, 4th
VC thanks community and urges continued operations
Released: 14:00, 4 October 2016 - Tuesday, 4th
Executive Update: Monday, 3 October 2016 - Monday, 3rd
Students to note disciplinary code
Released: 15:00, 3 October 2016 - Monday, 3rd
Midday update: six people arrested
Released: 12:40, 3 October 2016 - Monday, 3rd
UCT explains why engagement with protesters failed - Monday, 3rd
Classes and university operations resume 3 October 2016
Released: 09:10, 3 October 2016 - Monday, 3rd
VC Desk: Classes and university operations resume 3 October 2016
Released: 21:30, 2 October 2016 - Sunday, 2nd
Ripple effects of university closures - Sunday, 2nd

September 2016
Executive Update: Message from the VC - Friday, 30th
Silent protesters’ message: Keep the doors of learning open - Friday, 30th
Celebrating legends and new talent - Friday, 30th
Professor Anwar Mall urges the UCT community to reopen the university - Friday, 30th
Rainbow Week: My pronoun is... - Friday, 30th
Lutete Khonde: Synthesizing a super antioxidant - Friday, 30th
Chairperson of UCT Council calls for reopening of academic programme on 3 October 2016
Released: 08:30, 30 September 2016 - Friday, 30th
Implications of closure for UCT - Thursday, 29th
UCT Chair of Council calls for reopening of academic programme on 3 October 2016 - Thursday, 29th
Executive Update: Message from the VC - Thursday, 29th
Chance encounters: How Karen Sliwa is putting African cardiology on the map - Thursday, 29th
Campus Announcement: classes remain suspended, but campuses open
Released: 19:45, 28 September 2016 - Wednesday, 28th
‘We will have a potential lost generation’ - Wednesday, 28th
Underfunding, not protests, is driving South African universities down global rankings - Wednesday, 28th
VC’s plea to reopen UCT
Released: 11:30, 28 September 2016 - Wednesday, 28th
Urgent: Closing of Campus
Released: 11:30, 28 September 2016 - Wednesday, 28th
UCT’s new head of medicine - Tuesday, 27th
VC calls for engagement on campus - Monday, 26th
Incident at Hiddingh campus
Released: 17:00, 26 September 2016 - Monday, 26th
Statement regarding phoney email about student housing
Released: 16:00, 26 September 2016 - Monday, 26th
VC message to parents
Released: 16:45, 25 September 2016 - Sunday, 25th
Message to campus, 25 September 2016
Released: 13:00, 25 September 2016 - Sunday, 25th
Mystery tooth linked to Paul Gauguin - Friday, 23rd
Kevin Naidoo: Computing, carbohydrates and cancer - Friday, 23rd
Parliament picket sparks free-education debate - Friday, 23rd
VC meetings with staff on campus today, 23 September 2016
Released: 09:30, 23 September 2016 - Friday, 23rd
Quadruple awards for UCT brewers - Thursday, 22nd
Invitation to join picket at parliament on 22 September 2016
Released: 08:00, 22 September 2016 - Thursday, 22nd
Campus activities suspended, Thursday, 22 September - Sunday, 25 September
Released: 19:30, 21 September 2016 - Wednesday, 21st
Heritage tour spotlights city’s little-known slave history - Wednesday, 21st
Students present demands at mass meeting - Wednesday, 21st
Lobola and love: a film-maker’s journey - Wednesday, 21st
University fees in South Africa: many questions, lots of anger, and fires to fight - Tuesday, 20th
Award-winning paper: ‘Valuing waste and wasting value’ - Tuesday, 20th
Classes, lectures and tutorials are suspended for today and tomorrow, 20 and 21 September 2016
Released: 12:00, 20 September 2016 - Tuesday, 20th
Message to campus
Released: 13:00, 19 September 2016 - Monday, 19th
Planning for the upcoming week
Released: 20:00, 18 September 2016 - Sunday, 18th
UCT Upstarts students to ‘re-educate education’ - Friday, 16th
MasterCard Foundation scholar wants to develop Lesotho - Friday, 16th
Future of SA water looks brighter - Friday, 16th
Flying safe with UCT’s legal eagle - Friday, 16th
Update on campus protest today
Released: 12:00, 16 September 2016 - Friday, 16th
Same-sex marriage – assimilation or radicalisation? - Thursday, 15th
UCT honours stalwarts - Thursday, 15th
Protest action on campus today
Released: 13:00, 15 September 2016 - Thursday, 15th
Memorials that go beyond boring statues of big-men-on-bronze-horses - Thursday, 15th
Herbivores triggered the grass revolution - Wednesday, 14th
Virtual reality will change the world. Here’s what parents need to know - Tuesday, 13th
Remembering Steve Biko - Monday, 12th
Bianca Hansen: the entrepreneurial go-getter - Monday, 12th
The do’s and don’ts of doing business in Nigeria - Friday, 9th
Rethinking the nature of institutions - Friday, 9th
Transforming higher education: first comes knowledge, then curriculum - Friday, 9th
Update on Executive Positions
Released: 18:00, 08 September 2016 - Thursday, 8th
Update, 8 September 2016
Released: 16:50, 08 September 2016 - Thursday, 8th
‘I’ve always had a thing for creating value’ - Thursday, 8th
Five applications where plastic is not fantastic - Thursday, 8th
‘Entrepreneurship gives me a sense of autonomy’ - Thursday, 8th
How schools use language as a way to exclude children - Wednesday, 7th
Exhibition dismantles the earth’s crust - Wednesday, 7th
On alien marine cities - Wednesday, 7th
UCT’s presentation to the Fees Commission - Tuesday, 6th
The supervisor who cares - Tuesday, 6th
Mentoring hand-up to young generation of scientists - Monday, 5th
Using mobile to empower communities - Monday, 5th
UCT researchers acknowledged at NRF Awards - Monday, 5th
UCT looks to expand its African-based research - Friday, 2nd
Illuminating portrait of social anthropology doyenne - Friday, 2nd
From rowing to chess, UCT athletes shine - Friday, 2nd
Changing the curriculum at the University of Cape Town: a grassroots movement or academic cleansing? - Thursday, 1st

August 2016
What to look for in South Africa’s troubling crime statistics - Wednesday, 31st
Update on austerity process
Released: 19:30, 30 August 2016 - Tuesday, 30th
Mamokgethi Phakeng named Businesswoman of the Year - Tuesday, 30th
Sitting volleyball now a standing item at UCT - Tuesday, 30th
A feast of thespian delights - Tuesday, 30th
Armed robbery on Upper Campus
Released: 14:00, 29 August 2016 - Monday, 29th
Vice-Chancellor comments on fee issue
Released: 19:00, 28 August 2016 - Sunday, 28th
A self-taught artist: Dr Roderick Sauls - Friday, 26th
‘Feminist’ is not a dirty word - Friday, 26th
You are invited to the Annual Wellness Fair
Released: 12:58, 25 August 2016 - Thursday, 25th
2017 NSFAS & UCT Financial Assistance
Released: 10:32, 25 August 2016 - Thursday, 25th
Introducing the UCT Plus initiative - Thursday, 25th
Mont Fleur writing retreat - Wednesday, 24th
How humans and wild birds collaborate to get precious resources of honey and wax - Tuesday, 23rd
Women champion their right to land - Monday, 22nd
Apathy among young people stands in the way of Africa’s demographic dividend - Monday, 22nd
Secret weapon of a busy dean’s assistant - Monday, 22nd
Diamonds: a scientist's best friend - Monday, 22nd
Flavoursome and hot: VC concert a delight - Friday, 19th
How online courses can bring the world into Africa’s classrooms - Friday, 19th
‘The pain is still there’: Workers remember Marikana - Friday, 19th
Is all ‘engaged scholarship’ socially just? - Thursday, 18th
Tivaringe’s on the up and up - Thursday, 18th
Balancing culture and career - Thursday, 18th
Armed attack on students leads UCT to suspend services in Khayelitsha - Wednesday, 17th
Curriculum Change Working Group - Wednesday, 17th
Yes you can, is inspiring history teacher’s challenge - Wednesday, 17th
Mpofu tackles SA’s science education crisis - Tuesday, 16th
Unpaid women of Marikana prop up the mines - Tuesday, 16th
Lewis leads the way among raft of awards - Monday, 15th
Xolisile Thusini: a smashing science success - Monday, 15th
Finding peace amidst the punches - Monday, 15th
UCT’s latest free MOOC to catalyse social change - Monday, 15th
Makhi Vincent Rala: a man of hidden talents - Friday, 12th
Call for Teaching Development Grant applications 2016 - Thursday, 11th
The answer, my friend, is rowing in the wind - Thursday, 11th
Students by day, entrepreneurs by night - Thursday, 11th
Did a rotating ‘broom’ or gas ejection cause the Milky Way’s giant void? - Wednesday, 10th
Then and now: Citizen scientists document landscape changes - Wednesday, 10th
Mistaken identity: Scholar sheds new light on museum - Friday, 5th
Nwadeyi believes in the future of Africa - Friday, 5th
PhD candidate seeks to reduce child labour and promote education - Friday, 5th
Support the artists of tomorrow - Thursday, 4th
Opinion: Elisa Galgut - Thursday, 4th
Duma is a nursing Hall-of-Famer - Thursday, 4th
UCT’s postgrad degrees tackle the complexities of sustainable development - Tuesday, 2nd
Go out and vote - Tuesday, 2nd

July 2016
Campus crime insights
Released: 13:00, 29 July 2016 - Friday, 29th
New UCT Council Members
Released: 11:00, 29 July 2016 - Friday, 29th
The Jammie driver with an infectious smile - Thursday, 28th
Sports rehab clinic for Groote Schuur - Wednesday, 27th
UCT researchers identify a potent anti-malarial candidate - Wednesday, 27th
Safe hands: Meet the Sports Science Institute’s new chief - Wednesday, 27th
Physio intervention helps arthritis pain management - Wednesday, 27th
An open letter to university students: your vote matters - Wednesday, 27th
Got some music in you? Bring it to the UCT Live Room - Wednesday, 27th
Fire in residence room at Leo Marquard residence
Released: 14:30, 26 July 2016 - Tuesday, 26th
Freedom of speech needs to be contextualised - Tuesday, 26th
It’s been a marathon for Witbooi - Monday, 25th
Champion of women and girls’ rights - Friday, 22nd
Withdrawal of invitation to speaker of TB Davie Academic Freedom Lecture
Released: 17:30, 22 July 2016 - Friday, 22nd
Death of colleague
Released: 15:50, 20 July 2016 - Wednesday, 20th
Mhlongo’s fast track to Rio - Wednesday, 20th
Multilingualism meets open-access in trailblazing teaching intervention - Tuesday, 19th
Professors should earn their status, not be “made” - Monday, 18th
Vice-Chancellor’s welcome to insourced staff - Monday, 18th
Death of colleague
Released: 17:15, 14 July 2016 - Thursday, 14th
Death of academic
Released: 14:45, 14 July 2016 - Thursday, 14th
Professors are made by hard work - Thursday, 14th
Meet the number one patron at Hot Rock Café - Wednesday, 13th
PhD on military conscripts builds on poetic expression - Wednesday, 13th
Literary accolade for Dowling - Monday, 11th
Death of postgrad student
Released: 16:30, 11 July 2016 - Monday, 11th
Mpofu is UCT’s rising opera star - Friday, 8th
UCT acts against student breaching internal suspension order and interdict
Released: 15:10, 07 July 2016 - Thursday, 7th
Not a drop to drink - Wednesday, 6th
Floating university sets sail on ten-day SEAmester voyage - Tuesday, 5th
Double honorary doctorates for Ellis - Tuesday, 5th
UCT alumnus wins PEN SA Student Writing Prize - Tuesday, 5th
UCT researchers honoured at NSTF awards - Friday, 1st
Two UCT alumni win Standard Bank Young Artist Award for 2016 - Friday, 1st

June 2016
Fossil fuel interests might derail efforts to stem extreme global warming - Thursday, 30th
‘I feel more secure’ says SuperCare worker Charmaine Kannemeyer - Thursday, 30th
UCT alumni shine on 200 Young South Africans list - Wednesday, 29th
Non-fiction award for Shain - Wednesday, 29th
Student death
Released: 16:00, 29 June 2016 - Wednesday, 29th
UCT opera stars in Belvedere semi-finals - Wednesday, 29th
Dr Fleur Howells receives a Claude Leon Merit Award - Wednesday, 29th
Short interruption to Jammie Shuttle service on Wednesday, 29 June 2016
Released: 16:30, 28 June 2016 - Tuesday, 28th
Dr David Ikumi wins Claude Leon Award for wastewater research - Tuesday, 28th
New professors share journeys and reflections - Tuesday, 28th
A minimum wage needs to balance risk and opportunity, says DPRU - Monday, 27th
Rising stars choose to work in Africa - Friday, 24th
UCT residences launch #KnowYourNeighbour campaign - Friday, 24th
Authentic leadership for changing times - Friday, 24th
Art that speaks volumes - Thursday, 23rd
Council agrees to change name of Jameson Hall
Released: 14:00, 23 June 2016 - Thursday, 23rd
UCT bids farewell to outgoing Council - Wednesday, 22nd
#UCTGrad2016 highlights - Wednesday, 22nd
Cancer care meets big data: SA’s latest treatment breakthrough - Wednesday, 22nd
UCT Teaching and Learning Conference 2016 - call for abstracts - Wednesday, 22nd
Inaugural MPhil graduates have key role to play in shaping Africa’s future - Tuesday, 21st
Insourcing Update
Released: 13:30, 21 June 2016 - Tuesday, 21st
Disagreement can become an act of love and reconciliation - Tuesday, 21st
Gang violence exposes truth about lost generation - Tuesday, 21st
How the antics of cookie-cutter sharks sharpen our knowledge of migratory whales - Monday, 20th
‘Go out; make a difference’ - Friday, 17th
The sex life of Earth’s biggest bird - Friday, 17th
‘The youth will always be at the forefront of change’ - Thursday, 16th
Magubane ensured that apartheid was not underexposed - Thursday, 16th
Curriculum transformation - Wednesday, 15th
UCT building South Africa’s public sector - Wednesday, 15th
Janette Deacon – the xainki, or mother, of archival research - Wednesday, 15th
Grit, gratitude and graduation - Wednesday, 15th
2016 graduates reflecting on their time at UCT - Tuesday, 14th
Treasures of the earth - Tuesday, 14th
‘You’ve been a refuge for the poor’ - Tuesday, 14th
Jay Pather’s Qaphela Caesar wins UCT Creative Works Award - Tuesday, 14th
‘It never gets easier. You just get better.’ - Tuesday, 14th
Soweto uprising: four decades on South Africa still struggles with violent policing - Tuesday, 14th
Decolonising the curriculum: it’s time for a strategy - Monday, 13th
The long walk from Limpopo - Monday, 13th
Higher education must change students’ agency in the world - Monday, 13th
Student protest then and now - Monday, 13th
‘Let us pay homage to the students of 1976’ - Monday, 13th
Renegade Reels is a rebel in its own right - Monday, 13th
Science has spoken: jet lag disadvantages SA Super Rugby teams - Friday, 10th
Call to humanity - Friday, 10th
‘When I speak to people, I humanise disability’ - Friday, 10th
Campus rape: Silence isn’t going to cut it - Friday, 10th
Big dreams bear fruit - Friday, 10th
Bumper June grad kicks off in buoyant mood - Thursday, 9th
One in three young South Africans are sexually abused - Thursday, 9th
‘Mandela does not represent entire liberation struggle’, says Oppenheimer Award winner - Thursday, 9th
UCT alumnus powers ahead as one of South Africa’s leading young entrepreneurs - Thursday, 9th
Architecture with a social conscience - Thursday, 9th
Keeping up with the graduates - Wednesday, 8th
Atlantic Fellows to tackle global inequalities - Wednesday, 8th
Success against the odds for LLB graduate - Wednesday, 8th
International alumni reflect on the experience of studying abroad - Wednesday, 8th
‘Own your story’ says BCom graduate Rosy Mudzanani - Tuesday, 7th
‘Ripple of Hope’ speakers focus on social justice - Monday, 6th
Using the flipped classroom approach to engage with students - Monday, 6th
‘Responsibility for pursuing charges is not on the survivor’ - Monday, 6th
Short interruption to Jammie Shuttle service on Monday, 6 June 2016
Released: 18:10, 3 June 2016 - Friday, 3rd
UCT film students shine at film festival - Friday, 3rd
Destruction and detritus in the South African mining industry - Friday, 3rd
Groomed by the Green Mile for the green and gold - Friday, 3rd
Inflammatory proteins offer insights into how TB spreads in the lungs - Thursday, 2nd
Highlights of IAPO's 20th anniversary - Thursday, 2nd

May 2016
Vice-Chancellor Dr Max Price writes to staff on Incentivised Early Retirement and Voluntary Separation offers
Released: 15:30, 31 May 2016 - Tuesday, 31st
Design thinking gets thumbs up - Monday, 30th
Disciplinary action, interdicts and unlawful activities
Released: 20:15, 28 May 2016 - Saturday, 28th
1976 remembered - Friday, 27th
Decolonise UCT Economics statement
Released: 10:00, 27 May 2016 - Friday, 27th
The architecture of separation: inequality photo series makes waves - Friday, 27th
Meet a new generation of UCT academics - Thursday, 26th
PhD examines complex governance systems in Kosi Bay - Thursday, 26th
Student’s short film makes waves - Wednesday, 25th
Important updates for the UCT community
Released: 10:00, 25 May 2016 - Wednesday, 25th
Farewell to Walter Baets, the great inspirer - Wednesday, 25th
Student Parliament addresses important student issues - Tuesday, 24th
UCT student wins The Voice South Africa - Tuesday, 24th
Helping students to cope with exams - Tuesday, 24th
50th anniversary of Robert Kennedy’s ‘Ripple of Hope’ speech - Tuesday, 24th
Next Generation Professoriate – autumn update - Tuesday, 24th
First quarterly report of the Sexual Assault Response Team is available
Released: 17:00, 23 May 2016 - Monday, 23rd
10 UCT researchers selected as finalists for the 2015/2016 NSTF Awards - Monday, 23rd
Birds of a feather: different colours, same territory - Friday, 20th
UCT’s Jennifer Thomson elected as president of international women's organisation - Friday, 20th
UCT researchers identify genetic patterns for six common cancers - Friday, 20th
Passing of Mr Peter Flandorp
Released: 10:50, 20 May 2016 - Friday, 20th
Austerity measures and costs savings
Released: 20:25, 19 May 2016 - Thursday, 19th
Put children on the front page of the future - Wednesday, 18th
Academic Freedom Committee statement - Tuesday, 17th
Professionalisation the tonic for municipalities’ dysfunction - Tuesday, 17th
Three UCT students are through to The Voice SA finals - Monday, 16th
Obama’s shout out for semester abroad student - Monday, 16th
UCT students perform at the Queen’s birthday party - Monday, 16th
UCT ecologists harness the power of Google Images for research - Monday, 16th
UCT lecture theatres are a much happier place - Monday, 16th
“Why do we still aspire to whiteness?” - Monday, 16th
Universities and the financial sector must work together to plug skills gaps - Friday, 13th
Natural curiosity drives biomedical innovator - Friday, 13th
African case studies will help decolonise business school’s curriculum - Friday, 13th
UCT to honour leading academics in African art, archaeology and economics - Thursday, 12th
Cheetah’s tail a blueprint for manoeuvrability in robots - Thursday, 12th
#UCTSpeaksBack tables demands - Thursday, 12th
African Studies: how to make the continent an “equal partner” - Thursday, 12th
UCT alumnus “humanitarian hero of the year” - Thursday, 12th
Tolullah Oni: promoting science and research to develop Africa - Wednesday, 11th
MasterCard Foundation Scholars are turning ideas into action - Tuesday, 10th
DVC Desk: UCT Award for Collaborative Educational Practice 2016 - Tuesday, 10th
The SKA will help us answer questions we have not even asked yet - Monday, 9th
‘Institutional response to sexual violence is disempowering to victims’ - Saturday, 7th
VC’s first Open Lecture of 2016 focuses on children’s rights - Saturday, 7th
100-Up, up and away: Tefelo Mathibane’s trajectory of success - Friday, 6th
Case closed: Elaraby and Rehman own the squash court - Friday, 6th
HAICU & FHSSC host freedom discussions on UCT’s health sciences campus - Thursday, 5th
Global universities’ future challenges and opportunities - Tuesday, 3rd
Sadiq Toffa, the nGAP scholar with a commitment to transformative knowledge - Tuesday, 3rd

April 2016
20-year milestone for international office - Friday, 29th
Astronomers pinpoint echoes of ancient exploding star on our stellar doorstep - Friday, 29th
UCT's Disability Service is "constantly evolving" - Thursday, 28th
Study reveals the obstacles mothers face in getting help for their critically ill children - Tuesday, 26th
UCT Drama Department presents new works from South African playwrights - Tuesday, 26th
UCT alumni recreate renowned opera in District Six - Tuesday, 26th
Glasgow to honour UCT legal expert on women's rights - Tuesday, 26th
Fast-tracking professors is key to transformation - Tuesday, 26th
Where South African defamation law stands on 'naming and shaming' - Tuesday, 26th
Invest in the full community of researchers - and their ways of seeing - Monday, 25th
It's Green Week! - Monday, 25th
VC Desk: Assistance is available to help prevent suicide
Released: 17h00, 23 April 2016 - Saturday, 23rd
Counselling support available - Saturday, 23rd
South Africans still committed to national unity despite growing dissatisfaction - Friday, 22nd
Justice is still not being done in the exploitation of indigenous products - Friday, 22nd
Clarification on the Role of the Council Task Team on Statues, Plaques and Artworks - Friday, 22nd
Why urban agriculture isn't a panacea for Africa's food crisis - Thursday, 21st
Physics postgrads to attend the 2016 Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in Germany - Wednesday, 20th
Open day reveals boundless possibilities - Wednesday, 20th
Leadership is the key to sustainability in Africa - Wednesday, 20th
Cape Town student personally inspired by Einstein - Monday, 18th
"Bold" Mpolokeng believes in the beauty of her dreams - Friday, 15th
Commerce faculty claims Keswick lucidity prize two years in a row - Friday, 15th
Biomarker discovery offers hope for new TB vaccine - Friday, 15th
VC Desk: UCT is committed to responding to sexual violence on campus
Released: 11h50, 15 April 2016 - Friday, 15th
Campus update
Released: 10h30, 15 April 2016 - Friday, 15th
Why democracy should be taught in South African schools - Thursday, 14th
Mellon fellows grapple with blackness at UCT - Wednesday, 13th
Mental health care can be cost-effective in poorer countries - Wednesday, 13th
Make a name for yourself - Wednesday, 13th
A crusade for the holy grail of TB testing - Tuesday, 12th
VC Desk: Ad hominem academic promotions
Released: 14h30, 12 April 2016 - Tuesday, 12th
Lessons from semi-arid regions on how to adapt to climate change - Tuesday, 12th
Scholar’s search uncovers UCT’s first black medical doctor - Tuesday, 12th
VC Desk: Update on engagement and discussion around the display of art on campus
Released: 13h00, 11 April 2016 - Monday, 11th
Why emergency care in Africa needs to become a specialised course - Monday, 11th
Black holes aligned in space - Monday, 11th
Platinum spin-off company launched at UCT - Friday, 8th
A response to the opinion piece "The challenge of decolonisation: UCT's transformation journey" - Friday, 8th
UCT graduates develop safety device - Friday, 8th
Nonhlanhla Khumalo: redefining black hair, defending black skin - Thursday, 7th
New partnership to spur drug innovation in Africa - Wednesday, 6th
New online course in postgrad research writing - Wednesday, 6th
How to destigmatise the Humanities' extended-degree experience? - Wednesday, 6th
Mathemagicians to test their mettle on UCT campus - Wednesday, 6th
The challenge of decolonisation: UCT's transformation journey - Tuesday, 5th
VC Desk: Council ratifies DISCHO review recommendations
Released: 16h15, 5 April 2016 - Tuesday, 5th
Campus Announcement: Protest action and traffic alert
Released: 15h55, 5 April 2016 - Tuesday, 5th
Dramatic night in South Africa leaves president hanging on by a thread - Tuesday, 5th
The fight against TB shifts to fixing the immune system, not only bacteria - Tuesday, 5th
Millions set aside for Africa's first social impact bonds - Monday, 4th
Opening the doors of science - Monday, 4th
A test to predict the risk of developing TB disease - Friday, 1st
Namaqualand community pick-up needed – Marianna's story - Friday, 1st
Zuma court ruling: South Africans witness a massive day for democracy - Friday, 1st

March 2016
CMD response to the AFC statement
Released: 31 March 2016 - Thursday, 31st
Struggle veterans recall Kennedy’s 1966 “Ripple of Hope” speech - Thursday, 31st
VC Desk: Naming of Buildings
Released: 14h40, 30 March 2016 - Wednesday, 30th
Academic Freedom Committee statement
Released: 30 March 2016 - Wednesday, 30th
Scientists at UCT and the University of California, San Francisco, uncover the genomic blueprint of bat wing development - Wednesday, 30th
A lesson in persistence - Tuesday, 29th
VC Desk: Resignation of Professor Walter Baets from GSB
Released: 15h30, 24 March 2016 - Thursday, 24th
UCT in top 10 in world subject rankings - Thursday, 24th
Pioneering research gives hope to bereft families - Wednesday, 23rd
Transforming UCT - Wednesday, 23rd
Balance and blend – the new dean of commerce - Wednesday, 23rd
A masterclass in negotiation skills - Tuesday, 22nd
Distinguished Teacher Award - Tuesday, 22nd
UCT Survivors voice their concerns about sexual assault on campus - Tuesday, 22nd
Margaret Orr and the Academic Game - Friday, 18th
High-stakes drama as South African president and finance minister square off - Friday, 18th
Campus Announcement: UCT regrets to confirm tragic death of a student
Released: 11h00, 18 March 2016 - Friday, 18th
Old Mutual gives R2-million boost to SRC's #FundingFutures campaign - Thursday, 17th
The MasterCard Foundation scholars share their Africa ambitions - Thursday, 17th
Campus Announcement: Latest update
Released: 14h55, 16 March 2016 - Wednesday, 16th
Low-cost urine test reduces HIV-associated TB death rate - Wednesday, 16th
Coldest place in Africa is in the UCT physics department - Monday, 14th
Cheaper HPV vaccine might come from tobacco - Monday, 14th
VC Desk: Austerity measures at UCT
Released: 10h30, 14 March 2016 - Monday, 14th
UCT offers R100 000 reward for arrest and successful prosecution of Rhodes Memorial attacker
Released: 14h15, 11 March 2016 - Friday, 11th
Campus Announcement: Road and parking closures for marathon and Nominations for the TB Davie Memorial Lecture - Friday, 11th
CAS statement on RMF exhibition events - Friday, 11th
VC Desk: On transformation: looking back at 2015
Released: 12h00, 11 March 2016 - Friday, 11th
Trans Collective stops RMF exhibition - Thursday, 10th
Why it's time for business schools to radically rethink the MBA - Thursday, 10th
Campus Announcement: UCT devastated to confirm student rape; suspected link to Rhodes Memorial incidents
Released: 10h30, 10 March 2016 - Thursday, 10th
Campus Announcement: Latest update
Released: 16h00, 09 March 2016 - Wednesday, 9th
RMF and African Studies – 'it's more than an exhibition' - Monday, 7th
Rare ‡Khomani San archive tells a story of fragility - Monday, 7th
UCT innovators invited to pitch for seed funding - Monday, 7th
Voices of the poor are missing from South Africa's media - Friday, 4th
Will the vote swing away from the ANC in elections? - Friday, 4th
Lively debate on transformation in law - Friday, 4th
Why it's crucial that young scientists are taught the value of being wrong - Wednesday, 2nd

February 2016
Campus Announcement: Cancellation of tonight's Varsity Cup match - Monday, 29th
Bodies of evidence: the forensic anthropologists furthering local knowledge - Monday, 29th
Taking vitamin B to ward off dementia? Try adding Omega-3 - Monday, 29th
Can the global dominance of Western rhetoric be challenged? - Monday, 29th
Why so few reports of rape end in conviction in South Africa - Monday, 29th
Hidden galaxies: why does the discovery matter? - Monday, 29th
DVC Desk: UCT Engaged Scholarship Programme 2016 - Thursday, 25th
Prof Bongani Mayosi receives A rating - Wednesday, 24th
VC Desk: Importance of keeping UCT open for debate
Released: 13h55, 24 February 2016 - Wednesday, 24th
Op-ed: The burning issue of campus violence - Wednesday, 24th
DVC Desk: Campus Update on recent developments
Released: 11h40, 24 February 2016 - Wednesday, 24th
Campus Announcement: Cleaning of 5 buildings underway - Wednesday, 24th
UCT investigates improper use of campus email - Monday, 22nd
'There is no excuse' for sexual violence - Monday, 22nd
VC DESK: Thank you from VC to UCT staff
Released: 22h40, 22 February 2016 - Monday, 22nd
Illegal use of email system being investigated
Released: 08h00, 22 February 2016 - Monday, 22nd
Eagles and agriculture: not a zero sum game - Friday, 19th
Gravitational waves: will the global south provide the next pulse of gravity research? - Friday, 19th
AU Executive response to student protests on 16 February 2016 - Thursday, 18th
On the destruction of art and the loss of collective histories - Thursday, 18th
Violence clouds legitimate student issues - Wednesday, 17th
NSFAS process for additional funding in 2016 - Wednesday, 17th
The last 24 hours on campus
Released: 14h20, 17 February 2016 - Wednesday, 17th
VC DESK: UCT committed to a safe study and work environment
Released: 23h50, 16 February 2016 - Tuesday, 16th
Media Release: Jammie bus set alight, another stoned by protesting students - Tuesday, 16th
UCT condemns RMF vandalism and violence
Released: 20h20, 16 February 2016 - Tuesday, 16th
DVC Desk: Campus Update
Released: 16h55, 16 February 2016 - Tuesday, 16th
UCT requests RMF to move shack from Residence Road
Released: 16h30, 16 February 2016 - Tuesday, 16th
DVC Desk: Announcing the School of Design Thinking at UCT
Released: 08h00, 16 February 2016 - Tuesday, 16th
New School of Design Thinking aims to change mindsets - Monday, 15th
UCT protects rights to lawful protests - Monday, 15th
International journal focuses on South African student uprising - Monday, 15th
VC supports SRC's #FundingFutures campaign - Friday, 12th
197SAX hits the streets - Thursday, 11th
Remembering District Six - Thursday, 11th
Was 'forward panic' to blame for what unfolded at Marikana's Scene 2? - Thursday, 11th
UCT astronomer helps discover hidden galaxies - Thursday, 11th
VC Desk: Appointment of special assistant to DVC Petersen
Released: 12h00, 11 February 2016 - Thursday, 11th
Campus Announcement: UCT condemns hate speech in any form
Released: 13h00, 11 February 2016 - Thursday, 11th
Matric star urges fellow students to 'seize the day' - Thursday, 11th
Young people give me hope, says incoming DVC - Wednesday, 10th
DVC Desk: Update on private security on campus
Released: 16h00, 9 February 2016 - Tuesday, 9th
Majority of international students privately accommodated - Tuesday, 9th
Campus Announcement: Student Death
Released: 18h45, 8 February 2016 - Monday, 8th
DVC Desk: Update about accommodation
Released: 19h00, 6 February 2016 - Saturday, 6th
Security alert: Another Rhodes Memorial incident
Released: 15h00, 5 February 2016 - Friday, 5th
Building a pipeline for UCT's professors of the future - Friday, 5th
New dean of law up for the challenge - Friday, 5th
Important Notice
Released: 16h45, 4 February 2016 - Thursday, 4th
DVC Desk: Avenue House
Released: 13h30, 4 February 2016 - Thursday, 4th
21st Century support for research - Wednesday, 3rd
How to reverse the decline of southern ground hornbills - Wednesday, 3rd
#FundingFutures campaign to aid students - Tuesday, 2nd
Record turnout for parent orientation - Tuesday, 2nd
2016 Rhodes Scholars - Monday, 1st
Fighting the world's fight - Monday, 1st
European refugee crisis spotlights legal challenges - Monday, 1st

January 2016
Use of private security companies - Sunday, 31st
Vice-Chancellor's Campus Update - Friday, 29th
New registrar: 'more than just a channel for bureaucracy' - Friday, 29th
The Bremner chapters - Friday, 29th
Bring disabilities to the fore of student politics - Wednesday, 27th
How one region is planning ahead to help farmers cope with climate change - Wednesday, 27th
UCT expert presents global TED talk - Wednesday, 27th
VC pays site visit to scene of mountain attacks - Tuesday, 26th
Campus Announcement: Incidents in the vicinity of Rhodes Memorial
Released: 13h00, 26 January 2016 - Tuesday, 26th
Journalism under fire - Tuesday, 26th
VC Desk: UCT plans to deal with historic debt
Released: 16h00, 25 January 2016 - Monday, 25th
Campus Announcement: Security
Released: 13h30, 23 January 2016 - Saturday, 23rd
How to register for 2016 - Friday, 22nd
Safety tips on and around campus - Friday, 22nd
'Free education for the poor on the cards' - Thursday, 21st
Bright stars feature at Summer School - Wednesday, 20th
15 Mandela Rhodes scholars to study at UCT - Friday, 15th
Appointment of new DVC in the Research portfolio - Friday, 15th
Policing South Africa through Twitter, appearance management and deceit - Friday, 15th
Using FM radio broadcasts to make air traffic control safer for Africa - Thursday, 14th
Crossing oceans and disciplinary borders - Thursday, 14th
Hanri Mostert: Remedying Africa's resource crisis through the law - Thursday, 14th
Bongani Mayosi: Healing hearts, making history - Thursday, 14th
'Babies for bling': how teenage pregnancy became emblematic of misspent youth in South Africa - Thursday, 14th
It's time for Africa to take a stand on skin lightening creams - Thursday, 14th
January exams get underway at UCT - Monday, 11th
Forging a path toward universal healthcare in SA - Monday, 11th
Missing in action - Monday, 11th
Leading with soul - Monday, 11th
What matric exam results reveal about South Africa's school system - Wednesday, 6th
Business communicators gather at UCT - Wednesday, 6th
Smartphone app empowers small-scale fishers - Tuesday, 5th
Scholarship an opportunity 'to serve' - Monday, 4th
UCT student to continue activism at Oxford - Monday, 4th
Malawi's first female Rhodes scholar - Monday, 4th
Another opportunity to 'seize the day' - Monday, 4th

December 2015
Appointment of new Dean of Commerce at UCT - Thursday, 31st
First MasterCard Foundation scholars graduate - Tuesday, 29th
Letter to 2016 UCT applicants' parents and fee payers - Monday, 28th
PhD highlights 'unintended consequences' of academic development - Monday, 28th
Letter to 2015 UCT parents and funders of students - Thursday, 24th
Letter to 2015 UCT students - Thursday, 24th
Cape Town informal waste collection 'ripe for the picking' - Thursday, 24th
Last ceremony closes a chapter - Monday, 21st
Much to celebrate on graduation day - Saturday, 19th
Jazzing up graduation - Saturday, 19th
The cohort at Mont Fleur - Thursday, 17th
Meet this year's Social Responsiveness Award winners - Wednesday, 16th
Convocation medal to Mthatha law doyen - Tuesday, 15th
Amoore bows out on a high note - Monday, 14th
Tribute reflects Amoore's softer side - Monday, 14th
AC Jordan - academic pioneer and torchbearer for African languages - Monday, 14th
Much to celebrate at December's abridged graduation - Monday, 14th
UCT's biotech lab takes drug discovery to new level - Friday, 11th
Shark eggs, sunnyside up - Thursday, 10th
'Gardening' the ocean to restore the planet - Tuesday, 8th
Michaelis graduate exhibition 'highlight' of art calendar - Monday, 7th
What the death of two men teaches us about our blind spot in the AIDS response - Friday, 4th

November 2015
Knowledge is not fixed in textbooks - Monday, 30th
Find the 'amazing' in all you study and teach - Monday, 30th
'If learning is not engaging it is not happening' - Monday, 30th
'A good teacher? Someone who teaches to learn' - Monday, 30th
2015's Distinguished Teachers - Monday, 30th
UCT's year-end exams completed successfully - Friday, 27th
New title for outgoing registrar - Friday, 27th
Water high on EBE's agenda - Thursday, 26th
Student Leadership Awards - Wednesday, 25th
UCT's newest A-rated researcher - Tuesday, 24th
Campus Announcement: Latest update
Released: 17h00, 19 November 2015 - Thursday, 19th
South Africa mulls body cameras to improve police accountability, safety - Wednesday, 18th
Powering Africa's first hydrogen fuel-cell aircraft - Wednesday, 18th
Understanding global change - from space - Wednesday, 18th
How climate change is causing pied crow numbers to soar - Wednesday, 18th
Understanding evolution might help us understand patriarchy and xenophobia - Wednesday, 18th
How neurosurgeons can now look at your brain through your eyes - Wednesday, 18th
Letter from the vice-chancellor on sexual violence
Released: 18h50, 17 November 2015 - Tuesday, 17th
A next generation lunch - Tuesday, 17th
Campus Announcement: Latest update
Released: 13h45, 17 November 2015 - Tuesday, 17th
Appointment of new Dean of Health Sciences at UCT
Released: 10h0, 17 November 2015 - Tuesday, 17th
Facts around disruption of exam at UCT
Released: 18h50, 16 November 2015 - Monday, 16th
Commerce EDU staff on disruption of Senate
Released: 13h20, 12 November 2015 - Thursday, 12th
Campus Update on Key Developments
Released: 10h00, 11 November 2015 - Wednesday, 11th
Vice-Chancellor's Campus Update: Wednesday Morning, 11 November 2015
Released: 09h00, 11 November 2015 - Wednesday, 11th
Campus Announcement: Jammie Shuttle running on schedule
Released: 06h30, 11 November 2015 - Wednesday, 11th
EU Executive's response to disruption of special Senate meeting on 9 November 2015
Released: 22h00, 10 November 2015 - Wednesday, 11th
Statements on disruption of senate meeting on 9 November 2015 - Wednesday, 11th
'Exam pressure different to other years'
Released: 07h45, 11 November 2015 - Wednesday, 11th
Statement from health sciences' faculty on postponement of 9 November meeting
Released: 13h00, 10 November 2015 - Tuesday, 10th
Reflecting on violence, conflict resolution and peace building - Tuesday, 10th
Statement from members of Senate
Released: 11h42, 09 November 2015 - Tuesday, 10th
Statement of protest from CHED members of Senate
Released: 11h15, 10 November 2015 - Tuesday, 10th
Black Academic Caucus statement in response to disruption of Senate
Released: 10h00, 10 November 2015 - Tuesday, 10th
Exams go ahead as scheduled - Tuesday, 10th
Important start to exams - Monday, 9th
UCT Senate meeting disbands after disruption
Released: 18h00, 9 November 2015 - Monday, 9th
Campus Announcement: Update on Exams and Campus activities
Released: Monday, 9 November 2015 - Monday, 9th
Daily Maverick interview with VC Max Price - Monday, 9th
Black Academic Caucus statement
Released: 11h45, 9 November 2015 - Monday, 9th
Statement by the University Council
Released: 09h50, 9 November 2015 - Sunday, 8th
Campus Announcement, 8 November - Exams
Updated: 12h22, 20 November 2015 - Sunday, 8th
UCT commitment to completing exams
Released: 16h30, 8 November 2015 - Sunday, 8th
VC DESK: Saturday evening 7 November 2015
Released: 19h52, 7 November 2015 - Saturday, 7th
Update on UCT developments
Released: 18h20, 6 November 2015 - Friday, 6th
WHO designation for UCT mental health centre - Friday, 6th
UCT working towards starting exams next week
Released: 4 November 2015 - Wednesday, 4th
Statement from the Executive on the Interdict and Police action on campus - Sunday, 1st

October 2015
Video: Message from the VC - Saturday, 31st
Exams to be held from 10 to 27 November 2015
Released: 19h10, 30 October 2015 - Friday, 30th
Of statues, symbolism, interdicts and insourcing! Where to next for UCT? - Friday, 30th
EBE statement of solidarity - Friday, 30th
VC calls for differentiated fee structure - Friday, 30th
UCT abolishes outsourcing - Thursday, 29th
UCT NEHAWU JSSC Insourcing Agreement and Compact
Released: 08h00, 29 October 2015 - Thursday, 29th
Update on UCT developments
Released: 14h00, 28 October 2015 - Wednesday, 28th
UCT agrees to principle of insourcing
Released: 09h30, 28 October 2015 - Wednesday, 28th
Statement from the Deans Advisory Committee of the Faculty of Health Sciences
Released: 08h00, 27 October 2015 - Tuesday, 27th
Council discussion of 24 October 2015
Released: 23h30, 25 October 2015 - Sunday, 25th
Update from Saturday 24 October
Last updated: 16h20, 24 October 2015 - Saturday, 24th
UCT Post-doctoral Association's #FeesMustFall solidarity statement
Released: 14h10, 24 October 2015 - Saturday, 24th
Exam update
Released: 14h00, 24 October 2015 - Saturday, 24th
Academics march in solidarity with students - Friday, 23rd
Statement by the Faculty of Law on the use of violence by SAPS - Friday, 23rd
CHED releases statement of solidarity
Released: 17h45, 23 October 2015 - Friday, 23rd
South Africans studying abroad express solidarity for #FeesMustFall protests
Released: 15h30, 23 October 2015 - Friday, 23rd
Statement on the #FeesMustFall campaign from the Poverty and Inequality Initiative
Released: 15h30, 23 October 2015 - Friday, 23rd
Graduate School of Business response to student protests
Released: 13h15, 23 October 2015 - Friday, 23rd
Joint Statement: Excessive Use of Force by the South African Police Service (SAPS)
Released: 23 October 2015 - Friday, 23rd
UCT today: Bulletin 2
Released: 21h30, 22 October 2015 - Thursday, 22nd
Update from Thursday 22 October
Released: 22h50, 22 October 2015 - Thursday, 22nd
UCT academics' demands relating to #FeesMustFall
Released: 22 October 2015 - Thursday, 22nd
UCT today and exams
Released: 13h30, 22 October 2015 - Thursday, 22nd
How South Africa's higher education leaders missed a golden opportunity - Thursday, 22nd
Statement from the Deans Advisory Committee of the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Cape Town - Thursday, 22nd
#FeesMustFall: Jameson Plaza boils - Thursday, 22nd
Statement by Barney Pityana, UCT President of Convocation
Released: 09h30, 22 October 2015 - Thursday, 22nd
UCT is closed today: Thursday, 22 October 2015
Released: 07h00, updated 09h15, 22 October 2015 - Thursday, 22nd
The University of Cape Town will be closed on Thursday 22 October 2015
Released: 07h00, 22 October 2015 - Thursday, 22nd
Blade Nzimande and universities aim for 6% increase in student fees - Wednesday, 21st
The University of Cape Town will be closed on Wednesday 21 October 2015
Released: 20h30, 20 October 2015 - Tuesday, 20th
Cosatu supports protesting students - Tuesday, 20th
BAC condemns police action at UCT
Released: 20 October 2015 - Tuesday, 20th
Upper, Middle, Lower Campus closed again today
Released: 10h25, 20 October 2015 - Tuesday, 20th
UCT campus access update
Released: 08h30, 20 October 2015 - Tuesday, 20th
UCT operations to return to normal on Tuesday
Released: 22h45, 19 October 2015 - Monday, 19th
Negotiation needed in fee increase dispute - Monday, 19th
BAC believes increase in government funding is needed
Released: 19 October 2015 - Monday, 19th
UCT expresses concern about protesters interfering with campus activity
Released: 14h30, 19 October 2015 - Monday, 19th
All activities cancelled on Upper, Middle and Lower Campus at UCT
Released: 11h00, 19 October 2015 - Monday, 19th
Fees, financial aid and protest action
Released: 20h30, 18 October 2015 - Sunday, 18th
UCT scholars honoured at ASSAf award ceremony - Friday, 16th
Leading sports injury clinic 'goes public' - Friday, 16th
Six new UCT fellows announced - Friday, 16th
Stem cells may hold the key to fixing a mutated gene that causes blindness - Monday, 12th
Debunking the myth that orality trumps literacy in Africa - Monday, 12th
Bones, birds and dinosaurs: the tale of an accidental palaeobiologist - Monday, 12th
Severed head suggests ancient ritual rather than trophy-taking - Monday, 12th
How plants dupe dung beetles into burying their seeds - Monday, 12th
UCT's young 'upstarts' take flight - Monday, 12th
UN prioritises mental health in Development Agenda2030 - Thursday, 8th
UCT team smashes eight-year water rocket world altitude record - Wednesday, 7th
Happy birthday, Arch! - Wednesday, 7th
Outsourcing is most efficient, cost effective option for UCT support services - Tuesday, 6th
A lens on nature - Tuesday, 6th
Boycott of Food Vendors on Campus - Monday, 5th
Dynamic commerce team wins national water award - Monday, 5th
FactCheck: is South Africa the most unequal society in the world? - Friday, 2nd
College of Wardens' position on gender discrimination and patriarchy - Friday, 2nd
Show goes on despite passport woes - Friday, 2nd
UCT climbs to 120 in THE world university rankings - Friday, 2nd
Creative vehicles for serious science - Thursday, 1st
'Next generation' professors unveiled - Thursday, 1st

September 2015
South Africans must defend democracy at grass roots - Kenan Malik - Wednesday, 30th
Piketty unable to attend UCT dialogue but will livestream - Wednesday, 30th
Riel dancers to kick off Baxter Dance Festival - Monday, 28th
Fossil dating expert to launch new uranium-series laboratory - Friday, 25th
What the coat of arms reveals about us - Wednesday, 23rd
What's in a name? - Wednesday, 23rd
UCT are rugby world champions - Tuesday, 22nd
Tolkien Week: UCT's 'near coup' - Tuesday, 22nd
Complex relationships control Okavango - Tuesday, 22nd
Meet the UCT 2015 long-service awardees - Wednesday, 16th
Application for permanent removal of CJ Rhodes statue - Wednesday, 16th
SRC Elections: Your Voting Questions Answered - Wednesday, 16th
Bags of ideas at Entrepreneurship Expo - Tuesday, 15th
High Court decision does not interfere with UCT disciplinary process - Tuesday, 15th
Planting the seeds for a more sustainable city - Monday, 14th
Vote for your SRC reps this week - Monday, 14th
UCT student leads fencing team to gold - Monday, 14th
BMJ partners with UCT to help primary healthcare workers - Friday, 11th
Big developments in big data: how astronomy is driving data science in Africa - Friday, 11th
International conference spotlights wellbeing of world's children - Thursday, 10th
Why bats 'speak' in different accents - Wednesday, 9th
Multilingualism boosts learning – and can create new science knowledge too - Wednesday, 9th
What lies behind the hype and hope of stem cells - Wednesday, 9th
Historian's evidence crucial to democratisation of customary law in Eastern Cape court case - Wednesday, 9th
Kopano honours outgoing registrar at anniversary dinner - Wednesday, 9th
Rotten tomatoes and feverish weeds – how plants battle disease - Wednesday, 9th
The award-winning cardiologist aiming to build a healthy nation through research - Wednesday, 9th
South Africa fails to tackle its high foetal alcohol syndrome rate - Wednesday, 9th
What South African farmers can do to protect endangered grassland birds - Monday, 7th
Never stop asking 'why', young scientists urged - Friday, 4th
Students host 'appreciation lunch' for workers on campus - Friday, 4th
Students on life on the Southern Ocean - Thursday, 3rd
UCT to host training conference for ombuds - Thursday, 3rd
Big data institute will boost SKA - Thursday, 3rd
Double, double, toil and trouble - Thursday, 3rd
'Queering the academy' – sexuality conference on campus - Thursday, 3rd
Appointment of the Director of Postgraduate Studies - Wednesday, 2nd
Browse the UCT bookshelf - Wednesday, 2nd
UCT hosts GirlEng information session - Wednesday, 2nd
'Let Neville's name be an encouragement' - Tuesday, 1st
Five new SARChI Chairs announced at UCT - Tuesday, 1st

August 2015
A book to grow Africa's next generation of researchers - Monday, 31st
Dangerous skin lightening products on sale on our streets - Monday, 31st
Do legal frameworks protect women's rights? - Monday, 31st
Health MEC visits SHAWCO clinic in Tambo Village - Monday, 31st
Neville Alexander immortalised at UCT - Friday, 28th
UCT TB researcher Grant Theron awarded prestigious NRF P rating - Friday, 28th
Profile: Professor George Ellis - Friday, 28th
Profile: Dr Ntobeko Ntusi - Friday, 28th
Profile: Professor Michael Feast - Friday, 28th
UCT celebrates winners at the National Research Foundation Awards 2015 - Friday, 28th
Physics team builds mini supercomputer - Thursday, 27th
Betrayal of the 'Great Unwashed' - Wednesday, 26th
Why genetic modification is essential for our survival - Tuesday, 25th
Athlone court hosts UCT mock trials - Tuesday, 25th
UCT should 'pay back the money' - Monday, 24th
How to turn apartheid urban planning on its head - Monday, 24th
UCT and Khayelitsha schools 'learn from each other' - Monday, 24th
Are judges in South Africa under threat or do they complain too much? - Friday, 21st
Children's hospital pioneers new way to examine brain - Friday, 21st
UCT response to RMF statement on Judge Farlam - Friday, 21st
Ikeys put up valiant effort at Vino Varsity Challenge - Thursday, 20th
UCT, Rhodes Must Fall sign mediation agreement - Wednesday, 19th
Res4Res Festival taps student talent - Tuesday, 18th
UCT statement on RMF and investments in Lonmin - Tuesday, 18th
Science teachers share Stella Clark Award 2015 - Tuesday, 18th
UCT's women scientists make their mark in Africa - Tuesday, 18th
UCT statement on graffiti on campus - Monday, 17th
Unit system sparks post-graduate interest in architecture - Monday, 17th
Marikana: Three years after the massacre - Monday, 17th
How to transform the Humanities - Monday, 17th
Students FLUX their entrepreneurship muscles - Monday, 17th
'Diverse societies should not curtail free speech' - Friday, 14th
Trauma linked to chronic conditions and mental disorders - Friday, 14th
UCT study looks at slang language in Soweto - Thursday, 13th
Field trip sheds light on pre-industrial Cape - Thursday, 13th
Careers expo champions non-profit sector - Thursday, 13th
Business communication conference for UCT - Thursday, 13th
Immense new digital archive launched at UCT - Wednesday, 12th
Faculty of Health Sciences and SAMRC take medical research to new heights - Tuesday, 11th
Despite concerted effort, barriers to women in science remain - Tuesday, 11th
Wathint'Abafazi Wathint'imbokodo - Friday, 7th
Feni wins 2015 Ernest Cole Award - Friday, 7th
Hand-in-hand: Knowledge works for communities - Friday, 7th
Somalia's ICT boom: the untold story - Wednesday, 5th
How to study the most dangerous animals in Africa - Wednesday, 5th
Violence against women must emerge from the shadows - Wednesday, 5th
Reading is believing - Wednesday, 5th
UCT works to add to your bookshelf - Tuesday, 4th
Street photographer focuses on Jozi for Ernest Cole Award - Monday, 3rd

July 2015
New student newspaper spotlights poverty and inequality - Friday, 31st
Come rain, come storm, music stars shine brightly - Thursday, 30th
What it means to be a coloured man on the Cape Flats - Thursday, 30th
Fact and fiction in Jurassic World - Wednesday, 29th
Technological light from darkest Africa - Wednesday, 29th
Why pop culture reproduces inequality in SA and Brazil - Wednesday, 29th
Using mobile phone networks to help beat hypertension - Wednesday, 29th
Discomfort needn't be a bad thing, says new transformation special advisor - Wednesday, 29th
Evidence that northern hunter gatherers ate mushrooms - Tuesday, 28th
What a less Eurocentric reading list would look like - Tuesday, 28th
UCT response to developments around SRC member's Facebook posting - Tuesday, 28th
UCT remembers Martin West (1946-2015) - Monday, 27th
Scientific voyage to retrieve vital ocean data - Friday, 24th
College of Music to celebrate Erik Chisholm with two final concerts - Thursday, 23rd
Field awarded IOC-UNESCO medal - Wednesday, 22nd
Graduation: the end, but also the beginning of a new chapter - Wednesday, 22nd
Unlocking the mystery of how true seals disappeared from the Cape - Tuesday, 21st
'We are the thought leaders responsible for social upliftment' - Monday, 20th
With SHAWCO every day is Mandela Day - Friday, 17th
Using statistics to dissect addiction - Friday, 17th
Learning the art of TV talk shows - Thursday, 16th
Oni selected as a Next Einstein Forum fellow for 2015 - Thursday, 16th
Breaking down silos in teaching and learning - Wednesday, 15th
UCT's Careers Service ranks top in national survey - Wednesday, 15th
'Use anger to learn and grow' - Tuesday, 14th
UCT Choir teams up with the Whiffs - Tuesday, 14th
UCT hosts Cuban medical graduation - Tuesday, 14th
UCT award winners light the way for next generation - Monday, 13th
Remembering Bryan Davies - Monday, 13th
Remembering Brian Paddon (1932-2015) - Monday, 13th
Meet UCT's Baby Bok - Friday, 10th
Start antiretroviral treatment early, says study - Thursday, 9th
Tribute to Peter Linder - Thursday, 9th
UCT offers condolences on the passing of Martin West - Wednesday, 8th
Tribute to Martin West (1946-2015) - Wednesday, 8th
Unravelling the mystery of how dinosaurs get their names - Wednesday, 8th
UCT's position on SRC member's Facebook post - Monday, 6th
Vitamin D supplementation might slow down HIV progression – UCT study - Friday, 3rd
UCT opera stars in international Belvedere finals - Friday, 3rd
UCT appoints new Dean of Law - Friday, 3rd
VC visit boosts UCT Phonathon 2015 - Thursday, 2nd
Student leaders at the heart of the socially responsive campus - Wednesday, 1st
Master's student has her say in 'science pop idols' - Wednesday, 1st

June 2015
Business development training at UCT empowers taxi operators - Tuesday, 30th
South Africa is failing to address malnutrition in its older people - Tuesday, 30th
What can be done to make sure that wind energy and Africa's vultures co-exist? - Monday, 29th
Explainer: the evolutionary arms race between bats and moths - Monday, 29th
New dinosaur from South Africa gets Sesotho name - Thursday, 25th
Top World Bank appointment for Bhorat - Thursday, 25th
Calling township artists to reflect on the power of place - Thursday, 25th
Why parole for Oscar Pistorius is perfectly legitimate - Wednesday, 24th
Porto Novo: an African city taking action against climate change - Wednesday, 24th
Answers to alumni FAQs re: Rhodes statue - Monday, 22nd
Kenyan researcher wins prestigious international fellowship at UCT - Monday, 22nd
'Race' is an invention: parting words from Prof Crain Soudien - Monday, 22nd
Role model scientist: prestigious award for Farrant - Thursday, 18th
Great Minds: Eight activists who studied at UCT - Wednesday, 17th
'I liked the UCT of 1976 – UCT stood up for the oppressed' - Monday, 15th
'I suppose each generation has its own struggles' - Monday, 15th
Mediums of instruction - Monday, 15th
What happened on 16 June 1976? - Monday, 15th
1976 – lost and found - Monday, 15th
1976 uprising in images, Cape Town - Monday, 15th
Education can help us forge a new history - Monday, 15th
Art and education can dowse flames of xenophobia - Saturday, 13th
Struggle hero toasts honorary class of 2015 - Friday, 12th
Active citizenry can change society – Sandile Zungu - Friday, 12th
Re-ACT conference gets to grips with social responsiveness - Friday, 12th
We're in a moment like 1976, says Soudien - Friday, 12th
Award-winning book gives voice to feminism in Islam - Friday, 12th
Biko biography required skilful balancing - Friday, 12th
Appointment of Special Advisor to the Vice-Chancellor on Transformation - Friday, 12th
A child's long walk to ... nowhere, really - Thursday, 11th
Three honorary doctorates kick off June graduation - Thursday, 11th
What lies behind the rise of jihadist movements in Africa - Thursday, 11th
Suspension of Mr Chumani Maxwele - Wednesday, 10th
Mineral law book bags meritorious award - Wednesday, 10th
UCT initiative tackles healthcare worker shortage in Southern Cape - Tuesday, 9th
AIDS: what drove three decades of acronyms and avatars? - Tuesday, 9th
Apartheid continues to cast shadow on equality of opportunity - Tuesday, 9th
Why property ownership is not a path out of poverty - Monday, 8th
Fighting TB – South Africa's 'insidious epidemic' - Monday, 8th
Archaeology, photography and the making of a disciplinary archive - Monday, 8th
UCT opens up mid-year intake for GetSmarter advanced diploma - Monday, 8th
Unease reigns as culture and the constitution collide in South Africa - Monday, 8th
Street-smart E. coli outfoxing modern medicine - Monday, 8th
Tackling child abuse with affordable parenting programmes – and clowns - Monday, 8th
A life with birds: special edition of journal honours ornithologist Phil Hockey - Monday, 8th
Namibia's award-winning fish regime needs to move up a gear - Monday, 8th
UCT inventors honoured - Friday, 5th
Facts related to suspension & disciplinary charge against Mr Chumani Maxwele - Friday, 5th
New UCT lab to safeguard SA public - Friday, 5th
South African students must be given the chance to read what they like - Friday, 5th
Fast, cheap calories may make city birds fat and sick - Thursday, 4th
'Seeding a passion for knowledge' - Thursday, 4th
Initiative to advance African influence in global environmental health - Wednesday, 3rd
Genetic diversity of the Chacma baboon key to understanding conservation in a time of climate change - Wednesday, 3rd
The missing middle of South Africa's economic ladder threatens stability - Wednesday, 3rd
Fourteen UCT finalists for prestigious awards - Tuesday, 2nd
South Africa needs a professional civil service - Monday, 1st

May 2015
No easy solutions to wildlife trafficking - Friday, 29th
A solution to South Africa's wildlife crisis? - Friday, 29th
Professor Crain Soudien to head HSRC - Friday, 29th
PhD profiles: Raising awareness of neurodegenerative diseases - Friday, 29th
Beating children leads to a lifetime of underachievement - Wednesday, 27th
Why Africans must join forces to protect scarce water resources - Wednesday, 27th
PhD profiles: Communities consolidating peace in Northern Uganda - Wednesday, 27th
The devastating condition that can cause cancer in children - Wednesday, 27th
UCT and Rhodes Must Fall sign agreement - Tuesday, 26th
South Africa's first engaged scholarship programme launched - Tuesday, 26th
Transformation: what's the past got to do with it? - Tuesday, 26th
A different route to reducing university drop-out rates - Tuesday, 26th
PhD profiles: Keeping science in the family - Tuesday, 26th
UCT to confer honorary degree on Advocate Thuli Madonsela - Monday, 25th
UCT to confer honorary degree on Professor Okwui Enwezor - Monday, 25th
UCT to confer honorary degree on Professor Kenneth Reid - Monday, 25th
UCT to confer honorary degree on Professor John Wright - Monday, 25th
UCT to confer honorary degree on Dr Johannes de Villiers Graaff (posthumous) - Monday, 25th
UCT to confer honorary degree on Deputy Chief Justice Dikgang Moseneke - Monday, 25th
UCT to confer honorary degree on Ahmed Kathrada - Monday, 25th
Seven honorary degrees to be awarded in 2015 - Monday, 25th
Undergraduate research: from the bottom up - Monday, 25th
Cigarette taxes lead to big drop in smoking - Sunday, 24th
Reviving extinct languages the mobile way - Saturday, 23rd
Africa can emulate China's development - Thursday, 21st
Disrupting gender: 'decolonisation necessarily requires degendering' - Thursday, 21st
How well can you remember a nose? The problem with identikits - Wednesday, 20th
People and wildlife: a status report - Wednesday, 20th
Fire alarm shows early success - Tuesday, 19th
Wildlife in crisis - Tuesday, 19th
UCT grants amnesty to protesters - Monday, 18th
Up and coming research stars receive awards - Friday, 15th
Dlamini-Zuma to open UCTs China-Africa colloquium - Friday, 15th
UCT upholds suspension of student pending disciplinary hearing - Friday, 15th
Simon season showcases diverse SA plays - Thursday, 14th
South Africa must start managing its retreat from the coast - Thursday, 14th
Reclaiming African roots through dance - Wednesday, 13th
Facts about the recent suspension of UCT student - Wednesday, 13th
Chaeli Campaign strikes gold (twice) - Tuesday, 12th
First African Union Chapter launched at UCT - Tuesday, 12th
On Rhodes, decolonisation and UCT management - Monday, 11th
UCT confirms suspension of student - Monday, 11th
Commemorative squash tournament in its 10th year - Monday, 11th
TransformUCT: Drop punitive policy, give students space - Friday, 8th
UCT launches next MOOC – What is a mind? - Thursday, 7th
Do we take state help for granted? - Thursday, 7th
Letter to SRC Presidents by Ramabina Mahapa (UCT SRC President) - Tuesday, 5th
UCT appoints first female dean of EBE - Monday, 4th

April 2015
Developing civic-minded university graduates - Tuesday, 28th
Affordable heart valves to help rheumatic heart disease sufferers - Friday, 24th
UCT 'opens up' to local learners - Friday, 24th
Understanding and responding to xenophobic violence - Friday, 24th
Postgrads showcase winning research - Friday, 24th
Decolonising UCT - Friday, 24th
A people's history of struggle - Friday, 24th
Timeline: UCT during the apartheid years - Thursday, 23rd
UCT researchers shine in prestigious health awards - Thursday, 23rd
Campus trees on the mend after ring-barking - Thursday, 23rd
New system aids drought predictions in biodiverse regions - Wednesday, 22nd
Breaking the academic boycott - Monday, 20th
Opposing a chief - Monday, 20th
'Go to jail instead of the army' - Monday, 20th
'Freedom in our lifetime ... for us it was always a dream' - Monday, 20th
You got your education, and you got out - Monday, 20th
The purple shall govern - Monday, 20th
'The SHAWCO name saved me' - Monday, 20th
A government spy at UCT? - Monday, 20th
'Despite the hardship, those were some of the best years of my life' - Monday, 20th
Confucius Institute: A bridge between Africa and China - Monday, 20th
Huge numbers at Mathematics Competition - Friday, 17th
UCT condemns xenophobic attacks on African immigrants - Friday, 17th
Xenophobia at odds with SA 'rhetoric of inclusivity and human rights' - Friday, 17th
Meet the winners of the 2014 Social Responsiveness Award - Friday, 17th
SRC 2015 says #NoToXenophobia - Thursday, 16th
Announcing public consultation phase re: Rhodes statue - Thursday, 16th
Give us another space, says RMF - Tuesday, 14th
TransformUCT: 'The future is watching' - Monday, 13th
Transformation: Vibrant student spaces needed - Monday, 13th
Explorations in South African flute music - Sunday, 12th
Why we should care about dust – and the crucial role it plays in our climate - Saturday, 11th
Forget the myths about immigrants - Friday, 10th
African photographers: How we frame ourselves - Friday, 10th
Urgent update on the Rhodes statue and Bremner occupation - Friday, 10th
Dynamic dance duo present Baxter double bill - Friday, 10th
Rhodes goes quietly amid jubilation - Thursday, 9th
UCT's Rhodes statue to be removed at 17h00 today - Thursday, 9th
An end to assimilation, the right to self-determination - Thursday, 9th
South Africa by numbers: what is happening to poverty, employment and disease? - Thursday, 9th
VC Price reflects on the Rhodes Statue debate - Thursday, 9th
SRC welcomes Council's decision to remove the Rhodes statue - Wednesday, 8th
UCT Council votes in favour of removing Rhodes statue - Wednesday, 8th
UCT and Heritage Western Cape's joint statement on the temporary removal of the Rhodes statue from upper campus - Wednesday, 8th
Two researchers' journey from AIDS despair to an age of hope - Wednesday, 8th
Faster, more decisive transformation needed – Rod Solomons - Wednesday, 8th
Convocation debates Rhodes and transformation - Wednesday, 8th
UCT Convocation expresses views on Rhodes statue's future and broader transformation issues - Tuesday, 7th
PRAESA wins top international reading promotion award - Tuesday, 7th
UCT Great Minds: Five emerging talents in the neurosciences - Monday, 6th
UCT Great Minds: Five exemplary academics in the neurosciences - Monday, 6th
UCT Great Minds: Six extraordinary alumni in the neurosciences - Sunday, 5th
UCT condemns attack on Garissa University College, Kenya - Thursday, 2nd
Leslie Bank debates the future of UCT's Rhodes statue - Wednesday, 1st
How to honour Archie Mafeje's legacy - Wednesday, 1st
UCT Academics Union statement on #rhodesmustfall - Wednesday, 1st
R10 coffee and breakfast cereal: new vending ventures by UCT students - Wednesday, 1st

March 2015
The boy who rapped for Obama, and other stories from the Desmond Tutu HIV centre - Tuesday, 31st
'History changes over time – nobody owns it' - Tuesday, 31st
Bank Cormorants and Bateleurs: how bird populations are changing - Tuesday, 31st
Response to Sunday Independent article: 'Adebajo distorts Price's view on Rhodes' - Tuesday, 31st
The gift of modern neurosurgery - Tuesday, 31st
Remapping literature - Monday, 30th
2013-2014 Social Responsiveness Report: recognising staff and students - Monday, 30th
Mathematics: Are you as smart as our high school students? - Monday, 30th
The Rhodes debate: How we can have the last laugh - Monday, 30th
UCT Association of Black Alumni (UCTABA) view on Rhodes statue - Sunday, 29th
From the VC's Desk: Update on Rhodes statue and occupation of Bremner Building - Saturday, 28th
UCT Great Minds: Nine of South Africa's most well-known poets - Friday, 27th
Skydiving centenarian is 'inspired to live' - Friday, 27th
UCT protest is not about Cecil - Friday, 27th
UCT and Oxford collaboration: established universities with emerging solutions - Thursday, 26th
UCT Great Minds: 18 of the best local contemporary writers - Thursday, 26th
Cry for transformation rings out at packed assembly - Wednesday, 25th
UCT Great Minds: Four of South Africa's most important writers - Wednesday, 25th
Must Rhodes fall? - Wednesday, 25th
Marlene van Niekerk among Man Booker International finalists - Tuesday, 24th
The big racial divide: Rhodes statue - Tuesday, 24th
Tribute to physics' luminary Perez - Tuesday, 24th
Black academics support #RhodesMustFall campaign - Tuesday, 24th
From the VC's Desk: Progress in discussing the removal of Rhodes statue - Tuesday, 24th
UCT alumni shine at Fleur du Cap - Tuesday, 24th
Make your voice heard on #TransformUCT - Monday, 23rd
Denny heads new national gynaecological cancer centre - Monday, 23rd
Major neurosciences initiative launched at UCT and Groote Schuur - Monday, 23rd
Until the lion has its own storyteller - Monday, 23rd
Students continue peaceful occupation of Bremner - Monday, 23rd
Whose heritage are we preserving? - Monday, 23rd
UCT Student Parliament's statement on Rhodes statue - Friday, 20th
Price applauds students for bringing transformation issues into focus - Friday, 20th
UCT response to posting of swastika photos on Jameson Hall - Friday, 20th
Transform UCT: It's about more than race - Thursday, 19th
Reflections on Rhodes: A story of time - Thursday, 19th
Open letter from former SRC presidents: 'Rhodes must fall' - Thursday, 19th
College of Accounting comes out tops in new exam - Thursday, 19th
Academics Union Executive Statement on Rhodes - Wednesday, 18th
UCT's elephant in the room: #RhodesMustFall - Wednesday, 18th
From the VC's Desk: Rhodes statue protests and transformation - Wednesday, 18th
It matters who teaches: A response to the UCT Chancellor - Tuesday, 17th
UCT innovations triumph at science and technology expo - Tuesday, 17th
Sexual offences summit goes to the heart of community - Tuesday, 17th
Climate of trust needed for transformation - Tuesday, 17th
Students campaign for Rhodes statue removal - Monday, 16th
UCT showcased at Absa Cape Epic Prologue - Monday, 16th
From UCT to your TV: An inside look at the Cape Epic media coverage - Monday, 16th
UCT's first MOOC starts - Monday, 16th
'The Rhodes statue must fall': UCT's radical rebirth - Monday, 16th
Students take up the UCT 1km Cape Epic Challenge - Friday, 13th
Evidence base for parenting programmes on global and local agendas - Thursday, 12th
Q&A with Absa Cape Epic Team Nexus - Thursday, 12th
African Research Universities Alliance launched - Thursday, 12th
What UCT's signs, symbols and signatures say – join the discussion - Thursday, 12th
Do you think the SA economy will be better in five years? - Wednesday, 11th
UCT to host Absa Cape Epic Prologue for the first time - Wednesday, 11th
Leadership is not for the faint-hearted says Manuel - Tuesday, 10th
East African ministers pledge support for World Social Science event in Durban - Tuesday, 10th
33 cool facts about Table Mountain - Monday, 9th
'All Systems Go' for Table Mountain - Monday, 9th
Road closures and parking on Sunday 15 March - Monday, 9th
Quick facts about UCT - Monday, 9th
UCT declares 9 to 15 March 'Cycling Week' - Monday, 9th
Praise for PRAESA's Nal'ibali campaign - Monday, 9th
Baboons under fire - Thursday, 5th
Peninsula fires right on cue - Wednesday, 4th
Reflecting on the life and work of André Brink - Wednesday, 4th
Man Booker International at the University of Cape Town - Tuesday, 3rd
A time traveller's guide to the next ten years in SA - Tuesday, 3rd
Literary giant remembered - Tuesday, 3rd
Dancing under African skies - Sunday, 1st

February 2015
Young entrepreneurs making a difference - Friday, 27th
Kidney transplants a viable option for some HIV-positive patients - Friday, 27th
The conundrum of provisional truth in science - Thursday, 26th
Beyond the punishment paradigm: combating the drug trade - Thursday, 26th
Mama Marikana: forgotten voices - Thursday, 26th
Trackers show vultures on decline - Thursday, 26th
Giving breath to a dying history - Thursday, 26th
Sisters are building it for themselves: How the Victoria Mxenge women changed the housing game - Thursday, 26th
2 000 years of trade across the Indian Ocean - Thursday, 26th
Ad hominem promotions celebrated - Wednesday, 25th
UCT launches student start-up revolution - Monday, 23rd
Study tips for new students - Monday, 23rd
Prize-winning tips for writing clearly - Thursday, 19th
What to do when the power goes off - Thursday, 19th
Nurturing young entrepreneurs - Tuesday, 17th
Meet UCT's 2015 Rhodes Scholars - Tuesday, 17th
South Africa is the destination of choice for the University of Oslo - Monday, 16th
Shacks on the cool track - Friday, 13th
Dust off favourite photos for special exhibition - Friday, 13th
A hand so real, it's almost finger–licking good - Friday, 13th
Life at university: put in effort, don't forget why you are there - Friday, 13th
Getting to know Tom Raviv, a student and entrepreneur - Friday, 13th
Dr Max Price welcomes parents to campus - Thursday, 12th
Leading academic praises gastrointestinal unit - Thursday, 12th
Mother-tongue finance and accounting learning tool – a first in SA - Thursday, 12th
Ace networking and collaboration skills needed for global research - Monday, 9th
Information Systems' green curriculum showcased at Davos - Monday, 9th
Habib and Davis judge for themselves - Monday, 9th
Marking the passing of André P Brink - Saturday, 7th
Top astrophysicist reveals truth in natural sciences - Friday, 6th
GSB among the best in the world - Tuesday, 3rd
New collaboration takes Africa to Switzerland - Tuesday, 3rd

January 2015
Neglect exacerbating rheumatic heart disease - Friday, 30th
Mysterious death of Oscar Wilde's wife finally explained - Thursday, 29th
Time–lapse photos show dramatic environmental change - Thursday, 29th
Making money out of wastewater: Falling Walls young innovator 2014 - Thursday, 29th
More than a gut feeling: the good news and the bad about parasitic worms - Thursday, 29th
How mining crime data can help create safer, smarter cities - Thursday, 29th
How can we prepare nurses to deal with death and dying? - Thursday, 29th
Tribute to the late Prof Sandra Burman - Wednesday, 28th
Lost in translation: 'Hilarious' mistakes can be dangerous, too - Friday, 23rd
Living at the end of life - Friday, 23rd
UCT three get royal honours - Thursday, 22nd
UCT's first MOOC: Medicine and the arts - Wednesday, 21st
Meet UCT's Mandela Rhodes scholars: class of 2015 - Tuesday, 20th
Start learning from the comfort of your armchair - Tuesday, 20th
Parliamentary stage set for more chaos in 2015 - Monday, 19th
UCT research on making rugby safer contributes to global changes in the sport - Monday, 19th
Tribute to former physics HoD - Friday, 16th
SHAWCO SHINE and Saturday School matrics excel - Friday, 16th
UCT honours memory of economist Jan Graaff - Thursday, 15th
Countdown to UCT Summer School 2015 - Thursday, 15th
VC medal for Wilson - Tuesday, 13th
SHAWCO SHINE applications now open - Sunday, 11th

December 2014
Curtain falls on 2014 graduation - Tuesday, 23rd
Restorative graduations introduced - Monday, 22nd
Doing the right thing is good for business - Saturday, 20th
Passion, boldness, energy – and a bit of luck - Friday, 19th
Wits honours former UCT vice-chancellor - Friday, 19th
Seize the contradictions, listen to the periphery - Friday, 19th
UCT's 'green visionaries' - Friday, 19th
UCT Chancellor recognises top donors - Thursday, 18th
Ask the hard questions - Thursday, 18th
Honours for 'intellectual entrepreneur' Henry Louis Gates - Thursday, 18th
Inclusive economic growth the antidote to poverty and inequality - Wednesday, 17th
Be insubordinate in your thinking - Wednesday, 17th
Meet the 2014 graduates - Tuesday, 16th
Guard the lamp of knowledge - Tuesday, 16th
'Revive the noble struggle for social justice' - Tuesday, 16th
Graça Machel's challenge to the class of 2014 - Tuesday, 16th
Good engineers build societies, not just machines - Monday, 15th
With love from Africa - Monday, 15th
UCT's bumper graduation week out of the blocks - Monday, 15th
Ebola fighters win TIME's Person of the Year award - Friday, 12th
From Somaliland to UCT: journey of a scholar at risk - Friday, 12th
Campus trees stripped of their bark - Friday, 12th
Ibuyambo zipping off to Zurich - Friday, 12th
Pistorius case: rich gleanings for law academic - Wednesday, 10th
Bathe scholarship to develop well-rounded leaders - Monday, 8th
A boost for child respiratory health - Monday, 8th
Slave memorial to recover histories of the dispossessed - Thursday, 4th
Soudien on libraries and revolution - Thursday, 4th
Mastercard Foundation and UCT to build Africa through scholarships - Thursday, 4th
Getting doctors and nurses back on the road to health - Wednesday, 3rd
Big data will drive computational innovation - Wednesday, 3rd
Africa's ancient astronomers made their mark in culture, folklore - Tuesday, 2nd
Lung Institute celebrates 15th anniversary - Tuesday, 2nd
HIV conundrum continues but Africa is making progress, says UCT professor - Monday, 1st
Inequality breeds discontent, experts warn - Monday, 1st

November 2014
SKA research leader awarded top NRF rating - Friday, 28th
UCT among the finalists of negotiation competition - Wednesday, 26th
Hundred-year milestone for taxpayers - Monday, 24th
Powerful spectrometer takes drug discovery to new level - Thursday, 20th
'CSI' training for chemistry undergrads in new lab - Thursday, 20th
UCT is a 'gem in South Africa's crown of research' - Wednesday, 19th
Ebola: experiences at the frontline - Wednesday, 19th
The plight of LGBT patients - Wednesday, 19th
New, stargazing shrimp species found in False Bay - Tuesday, 18th
Harvard professor highlights the violent roots of capitalism - Monday, 17th
A heartfelt farewell to valued retirees - Monday, 17th
Memorial lecture honours 'father of gastroenterology' - Friday, 14th
Making the most of wastewater - Thursday, 13th
A city both desired and divided - Thursday, 13th
Separating larks from owls can help Boks - Thursday, 13th
Genetic advantage: why Southern Africa may be the best place on Earth for health science research - Thursday, 13th
Birds on Gough Island under threat from mice - Thursday, 13th
Inequality: what Brazil got right - Thursday, 13th
A Baxter centenarian - Wednesday, 12th
Cities: the new frontier of sustainable development - Monday, 10th
Cape Town has Africa's first travel app integrating all forms of transport - Monday, 10th
Addressing the shortage of black and women professors - Friday, 7th
The dark side of the universe - Friday, 7th
UCT is committed to achieving transformation - Friday, 7th
TB and HIV researcher gets high praise from SA science academy - Thursday, 6th
It's all about the water polo - Thursday, 6th
Putting urbanisation at the heart of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals - Wednesday, 5th
New approaches to human immunology in health and disease - Wednesday, 5th
Noakes gets top honour for sports science excellence - Monday, 3rd

October 2014
Ebola: what we need to do - Friday, 31st
Jazz students find their voices - Friday, 31st
Prestigious medal awarded to Saunders - Friday, 31st
Who narrates the reality of students? - Wednesday, 29th
Ebola: A UCT researcher's experience at the frontline - Wednesday, 29th
Ebola: journey to a quarantined village - Tuesday, 28th
How an Ebola clinic works - Tuesday, 28th
Ebola: Where are the sick and dying? - Tuesday, 28th
Why I am going to Sierra Leone to fight Ebola - Tuesday, 28th
Genetically engineered 'plantibodies' to halt Ebola - Tuesday, 28th
Exceptional students at UCT - Tuesday, 28th
New research indicates that South Africans are making a plan - Tuesday, 28th
Translating Yeats into music like 'creating a garment for a specific body' - Monday, 27th
Shell's seismic data to help train UCT students - Friday, 24th
PRAESA receives international children's literacy award - Friday, 24th
African universities' collaboration still strong after almost 20 years - Friday, 24th
Learning from Gauteng's water crisis – time for society as a whole to take responsibility - Friday, 24th
Stellar cast visits disturbia - Tuesday, 21st
How to transform the higher education sector - Tuesday, 21st
Heroes of the SS Mendi remembered - Tuesday, 21st
A musical conversation - Monday, 20th
Nine new fellows a sign of UCT's 'research strength' - Monday, 20th
Renovated laboratory boasts world-class facilities and equipment - Monday, 20th
We can raise children who will not be violent - Monday, 20th
Meet the new SRC president - Monday, 20th
A sense of place: new frontiers for the law - Thursday, 16th
Cyber safety: How to protect yourself online - Thursday, 16th
UCT and Canadian biopharming group to develop HPV vaccine - Wednesday, 15th
New GSB course tackles SA's manager shortage - Tuesday, 14th
Worldwide brain study is boosted by NIH grant - Tuesday, 14th
Sitting on the fence as it gets cut from below - Tuesday, 14th
'No health without mental health,' say UCT researchers - Friday, 10th
Why are there so few black professors in South Africa? - Thursday, 9th
Radio telescopes unravel mystery of nova gamma rays - Wednesday, 8th
An exhibition on cities through the lens of Cape Town - Wednesday, 8th
Support health committees, say workers - Wednesday, 8th
Wildlife wars: how can humans and dangerous species live together? - Wednesday, 8th
Debunking the myth that there was no technology in Africa before colonialism - Wednesday, 8th
Images for gamma ray study published in Nature - Wednesday, 8th
A record of long service - Tuesday, 7th
Ancient DNA of marine hunter-gatherer sheds light on our common ancestry - Tuesday, 7th
The impact of selective research funding - Tuesday, 7th
Groundbreaking research to impact childhood blindness in Africa - Monday, 6th
The politics of rebellion - Monday, 6th
Lost and found: music of the Holocaust - Friday, 3rd
Rustenburg Slave Memorial: remembering the past, planning for the future - Friday, 3rd

September 2014
No Longer At Ease: debating race and identity politics in South Africa - Tuesday, 30th
Rarer than rhino and just as prized by poachers - Monday, 29th
Towards a philosophy of measurement in the science teaching laboratory - Friday, 26th
Phishing scams: you are the weakest link - Friday, 26th
Tipping the scales: SA's kids too fat, too sedentary - Friday, 26th
Top postgrads and supervisors honoured - Friday, 26th
Smallholder farmers pave the way for food security - Friday, 26th
Staff transformation at UCT: a response - Tuesday, 23rd
UCT looking for exceptional student leaders - Monday, 22nd
UCT team's HIV-monitoring software exported - Monday, 22nd
UCT up four spots in 2014 QS World University Rankings - Tuesday, 16th
UCT statement regarding ANC's attack on the Public Protector - Tuesday, 16th
Smuts remembered by students and alumni - Monday, 15th
'The world looks to South Africa for moral leadership' - Friday, 12th
UCT congratulates Opie on NRF Lifetime Achievement Award - Friday, 12th
Dying to be white - Wednesday, 10th
GSB conference focuses on design thinking - Wednesday, 10th
UCT Cycling Club conquers 'Everest' - Wednesday, 10th
Brazilian contracts pave way for South-South collaboration - Wednesday, 10th
Groundbreaking clinical trial settles question on treatment of TB pericarditis - Monday, 8th
UCT professor elected as next President of International Council for Science - Monday, 8th
Moving algae the key to renewable oil production? - Friday, 5th
The climate behind human evolution - Friday, 5th
'Glow in the dark' quinine could help kill malaria parasite - Friday, 5th
SA consumers and their dark linguistic secrets - Friday, 5th
Blowing things up to make society safer - Friday, 5th
Student design competition for Rustenburg Slave Memorial - Wednesday, 3rd
Research agenda front and centre at launch of 2013 Research Report - Tuesday, 2nd
UCT researcher honoured at international conference - Tuesday, 2nd
Engineering responses to global challenges - Tuesday, 2nd
'Our freedom is shrinking' - Max du Preez - Monday, 1st
Sharing of tax information potentially perilous - Monday, 1st
Human rights the focus of upcoming Steve Biko lecture - Monday, 1st

August 2014
UCT's online learning course shows surprising benefits for students - Friday, 29th
HAICU and Michaelis in campaign against gender-based violence - Thursday, 28th
The case against privatising knowledge - Wednesday, 27th
UCT enters R252m partnership with MasterCard Foundation to help reverse African 'brain drain' - Wednesday, 27th
Division of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry shines at international congress - Tuesday, 26th
Classrooms on the fly - Tuesday, 26th
Ikeys regain the Vino Varsity trophy - Friday, 22nd
1994: The Bloody Miracle screening at UCT - Friday, 22nd
Two years on: UCT commemorates Marikana - Friday, 22nd
High-impact medical research wanted, says new MRC president - Thursday, 21st
UCT postgrad courses go online in Africa - Thursday, 21st
Inspirational teachers honoured with Stella Clark Award - Thursday, 21st
Students hone business skills at FLUX - Wednesday, 20th
Do gender dynamics really matter in continuing the work of liberation? - Wednesday, 20th
Four Women in Science winners in 2014 - Tuesday, 19th
Learning to fly: lessons from computational fluid dynamics - Monday, 18th
Colloquium, film mark crystallography pioneer's 'extraordinary life' - Friday, 15th
Premiering at GIPCA's Live Art Festival - Friday, 15th
Gangsterism: a stew of complex factors - Friday, 15th
Sparkling VC Concert a celebration of note - Thursday, 14th
The race to equity in higher education institutions - Thursday, 14th
City's Goema Orchestra season to play works by five UCT composers - Thursday, 14th
Medical humanities in Africa - Wednesday, 13th
Homegrown paediatric care in Africa - Wednesday, 13th
Better, quicker, cheaper new TB drug steals the headlines - Tuesday, 12th
Violence against women and girls a human rights violation, says UCT academic - Tuesday, 12th
'Society not outraged enough about gender violence' - Monday, 11th
Rugby centre to inspire future generations of players - Monday, 11th
Enter Racketlon championships now - Monday, 11th
Surfers ride the crest at USSA championships - Monday, 11th
Male vs female brains: what's the difference? - Monday, 11th
Baxter benefit concert to help local community - Monday, 11th
Volcano lightning heard halfway around the world - Monday, 11th
Africa's cities, crying out for re-imagination - Monday, 11th
Karen Sliwa: cardiology from the heart of South Africa - Monday, 11th
The big data revolution - Monday, 11th
First woman marine scientist wins Gilchrist medal - Thursday, 7th
More ideas for growing the black and female professoriate - Tuesday, 5th
Major international award to UCT Professor of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry - Friday, 1st

July 2014
Chancellor to host Chilean president at UCT - Wednesday, 30th
SHAWCO brings sunshine on Mandela Day - Friday, 25th
Earlier Stone Age artifacts found in Northern Cape - Friday, 25th
UCT and Children's Hospital highlight World Breastfeeding Week - Wednesday, 23rd
Give 67 minutes to SHAWCO this Mandela Day - Wednesday, 16th
UCT mourns death of literary grande dame Nadine Gordimer - Wednesday, 16th
Fundraising phonathon a roaring success - Wednesday, 16th
125-million-year-old Changyuraptor sheds light on dinosaur flight - Wednesday, 16th
Made in the stars - Tuesday, 15th
Warm welcome back for development policy and practice students - Tuesday, 15th
Unexpected findings in HIV meningitis treatment trial can save lives - Monday, 14th
Staff transformation at UCT - Monday, 14th
Foot helps audiences find hope at Baxter - Friday, 11th
Low-cost computer training at SHAWCO community centres - Friday, 11th
Organ engineering essay wins lucidity prize - Friday, 11th
Innovative approaches to recycling and refuse disposal - Thursday, 10th
IMO 2014: Africa's proud mathematical heritage - Thursday, 10th
Kalumba aims to strengthen foundations - Thursday, 10th
Let culture and nature redraw African boundaries - Thursday, 10th
Medical students give up holiday time to serve communities in need - Wednesday, 9th
UCT expert steers successful study of US cholesterol drug trials - Wednesday, 9th
Wine business diploma a first for GSB, South Africa - Tuesday, 8th
Curing malaria and afro-pessimism with one pill - Monday, 7th
UCT professors bag three wins at NSTF-BHP Billiton Awards - Monday, 7th
UCT-designed heart valve gives hope to Africa - Monday, 7th
Social cohesion a 2010 FIFA World Cup legacy? - Friday, 4th
Shedding light on the life & times of JM Coetzee - Friday, 4th
UCT welcomes IMO to Africa - Thursday, 3rd
UCT's new student admission policy explained - Thursday, 3rd
Mobile phones give township residents a sense of belonging – UCT research - Wednesday, 2nd
LSE-UCT July School: New lessons, new friends and new networks - Tuesday, 1st
UCT MOOCs to launch in early 2015 - Tuesday, 1st

June 2014
UCT Press celebrates 21 years - Monday, 30th
Club promotes homework culture at Khayelitsha school - Monday, 30th
Shock and sadness at death of Stellenbosch University leader - Monday, 30th
On the ball in Brazil - Friday, 27th
Trio of supermassive black holes shakes space-time - Friday, 27th
Navigating disability and identity - Friday, 27th
February in the Cederberg - Thursday, 26th
The new inequality: based on employment more than race - Wednesday, 25th
Turning the tide on HIV in South Africa - Wednesday, 25th
Injectable contraceptives may compromise the immune system - Wednesday, 25th
Violence affects babies in the womb - Wednesday, 25th
New machine a boon to minerals research - Wednesday, 25th
UCT joins consortium tackling blindness worldwide - Tuesday, 24th
Acid mine water: Think resource recovery and not waste - Monday, 23rd
UCT breaks into top 10 in the QS University Rankings: BRICS 2014 - Thursday, 19th
UCT Council approves new admissions policy for 2016 - Wednesday, 18th
Hon doc for social activist at humanities graduation - Wednesday, 18th
Flower power for Graça Machel - Tuesday, 17th
Bring Nobel Prizes home to Africa - Friday, 13th
'You are the ones we've been waiting for' - inspiration and advice from Advocate Thuli Madonsela - Friday, 13th
Remembering 1976: UCT reflects on youth who changed the course of history - Friday, 13th
Perseverance and hard work always win out says leading HIV researcher - Friday, 13th
Indigenous empowerment central to 'peacebuilding from below' - UCT researcher - Friday, 13th
'Young and naïve' investigation into composer's life gives researchers a Handel on success - Wednesday, 11th
Respect for difference is needed to build Africa's sense of community, by Dr Max Price - Tuesday, 10th
UCT to honour global leaders at June graduation - Friday, 6th
Two-pronged treatment can reduce TB incidence among people with HIV, study finds - Friday, 6th
Dheda wins prestigious fellowship - Thursday, 5th
Proposed admissions policy aimed at diversity and redress - Wednesday, 4th
An admissions policy to expand diversity - Wednesday, 4th
A new Carnegie cohort assembles - Tuesday, 3rd
Bursary boost for UCT students - Tuesday, 3rd
In defence of an aesthetic understanding - Monday, 2nd

May 2014
UCT a 'flagship' African university - Friday, 30th
The importance of play on display during Africa Month - Wednesday, 28th
Staff try their hand at ancient arts - Wednesday, 28th
AWARD grows women in agricultural research - Wednesday, 28th
'Holding paradox' can help drive social innovation - Tuesday, 27th
Freedom celebration hits the right notes - Friday, 23rd
Poetry for justice - Thursday, 22nd
International prize for actuarial paper on healthcare costs - Thursday, 22nd
Anti-gay laws under fire at Big African Debate - Thursday, 22nd
UCT finalists compete for annual NSTF-BHP Billiton Awards - Wednesday, 21st
Skills and thrills at inter-varsity sports fest - Wednesday, 21st
Dip your paddle for a 'water-sensitive' city - Wednesday, 21st
Africa calls at Alumni Concert - Tuesday, 20th
Colloquium kick-starts review of 10-year-old policy - Tuesday, 20th
Ghanasoc-cer champions! - Tuesday, 20th
Things were cooking on Plaza Day - Friday, 16th
Kidnappings an attack on African development – student - Friday, 16th
Competition builds bridges - Friday, 16th
UCT flag flies high at Global Social Venture Competition - Friday, 16th
Fellowship fillip for next generation of leaders - Wednesday, 14th
Threatened African languages in the spotlight - Friday, 9th
Co-badged degree offers oceanographer a French connection - Thursday, 8th
Africa Month kicks off at breakneck speed - Thursday, 8th
Varsity: 72 years and printing - Monday, 5th
Fieldwork for SA study on child and adolescent safety almost complete - Monday, 5th
Drongo mimics alarm calls to steal food from other species, finds UCT biologist - Friday, 2nd
H3-D in the news: New UCT collaboration to fight TB to benefit patients - Friday, 2nd
2013 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor for SA launched at UCT - Friday, 2nd
UCT graduate helps build the African dream in our lifetime - Friday, 2nd

April 2014
Meyer recalls role in SA's democratic transition - Wednesday, 30th
The Foreshore reimagined - Friday, 25th
Building named after Nobel laureate - Thursday, 24th
HIV survey findings a mixed bag - Thursday, 24th
Flip's no mug at 'Masters' golf day - Tuesday, 22nd
Learning from Basson judgement - Thursday, 17th
Neglected pandemic kills 5.8 million a year - Thursday, 10th
Slatem: We always knew we were a championship side - Monday, 7th
We are the champions! - Monday, 7th
Price to head World Universities Network - Friday, 4th
Growth spurt for ecologist's career - Wednesday, 2nd
Salt of success seasons hypertension research - Wednesday, 2nd
Universal healthcare is achievable - Tuesday, 1st

March 2014
Seeds of violence in shame and humiliation - Monday, 31st
Earth Hour: time to use your power - Friday, 28th
Top water prize for 'thinking practitioner' - Thursday, 27th
Who cares for the healthcare workers? - Wednesday, 26th
A more sustainable campus food system - Tuesday, 25th
Forwards set up cup final for UCT - Tuesday, 25th
TB still outfoxing the human race after millennia - Monday, 24th
Honorary doctorates for pioneers in the arts, medicine, and science - Monday, 24th
Home semi-final for Ikeys - Tuesday, 18th
March of the MOOCs: UCT in the digital era - Tuesday, 18th
Birthday greetings to Raymond Ackerman - Monday, 17th
Taking UCT research into the world - Monday, 17th
Professor Martin Hall on "the violence of things" - Friday, 14th
Lund scoops Alan Pifer Award - Friday, 14th
Sir Eric Ash on climate change: Mitigation is affordable - Thursday, 13th
Africa is in the hands of its people, say Nigerian legal luminary - Wednesday, 12th
Claude Leon Award honours young scholars - Monday, 3rd

February 2014
Weare kicks off 2014 drama season with Shepard classic - Friday, 28th
Trial and tribulation - Thursday, 27th
New flexible classroom environment unveiled - Thursday, 27th
New female condom gets celebrity outing on campus - Wednesday, 26th
Ikeys fall to defending champions - Tuesday, 25th
MyCiti/Jammie Shuttle integration benefits UCT commuters - Tuesday, 25th
In-form Ikeys gear up for crunch clash - Friday, 21st
Price praises ad hominem promotees - Friday, 21st
Five 2014 Rhodes Scholars from UCT - Friday, 21st
X-Men bodies, Vicatos-style - Wednesday, 19th
Foundation proud of its "subversive" link with university - Wednesday, 19th
Dried fish enterprise gets UN nod - Monday, 17th
Experts meet on shale gas extraction ahead of workshop - Friday, 14th
Putting UCT in your pocket - Friday, 14th
SAX Appeal leaves motorists spaced out - Thursday, 13th
Tributes to the people's scientist - Monday, 10th
From here to Gombe: Jane Goodall on her life - Thursday, 6th
Record number of parents at orientation - Wednesday, 5th
Orientation in full swing - Wednesday, 5th
Dr Jane Goodall to speak at UCT - Monday, 3rd

January 2014
Donor becomes part of Chancellor's Circle - Tuesday, 28th
How can we make our cities healthier for our children? - Monday, 27th
Multi-million-rand drug and vaccine partnership will grow African health innovation - Sunday, 26th
Medical translator: app and at it - Thursday, 23rd
UCT & MRC announce strategic partnerships worth R370m with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - Tuesday, 21st
Health and education join hands to help local school - Friday, 17th
Summer School - time to feed your brain - Tuesday, 14th
Top lecturers Nodoba and Hendry win R40 000 - Monday, 13th
Bring your own clippers: Health risks of the chiskop haircut - Thursday, 9th
2013 in review - Tuesday, 7th
Paper studies success of sport intervention in troubled youths - Monday, 6th
Quadruple disease burden under the microscope - Friday, 3rd
Students brew up accolades - Friday, 3rd
Student achieves success at Science Slam - Friday, 3rd

December 2013
Rustenburg Memorial dialogue series honours slaves - Monday, 30th
Golden Jubilee reunion for medical class of '63 - Friday, 27th
Flowery festivities for patients - Monday, 23rd
Highest teaching honour for Maughan, one of four awardees - Thursday, 19th
De Vos wins Social Responsiveness Award for 2013 - Thursday, 19th
Operatic flash mob toasts humanities graduands - Wednesday, 18th
Follow in Madiba's footsteps, Hlumelo Biko urges graduands - Tuesday, 17th
Honorary doctorate for African literary icon Daniel Kunene - Tuesday, 17th
Hamba kahle, Madiba - Sunday, 15th
Gray urges graduands to follow Madiba's example - Friday, 13th
Madiba's smile meets graduands at Jameson Hall as grad kicks off - Wednesday, 11th
One of the greatest sons of the soil - Friday, 6th
Nelson Mandela remembered by alumni - Friday, 6th
UCT mourns Madiba's passing - Friday, 6th
Tata Madiba, your legacy will live on in us forever - Friday, 6th
Farewell to a great son, and a father to the nation - Friday, 6th
Rest in peace Tata – Helen Zille - Friday, 6th
Mother City pays tribute to father of the nation - Friday, 6th
Prominent South Africans laud Madiba - Friday, 6th
Happy birthday to UCT's newbie department - Thursday, 5th
Farewell to the wonderful John Critien - Tuesday, 3rd
Start 2014 by learning something new at UCT's summer school - Monday, 2nd

November 2013
New chapter for retiring Humanities dean - Thursday, 28th
Ombuds offices vital to transformation - Wednesday, 27th
Creative collaboration the only antidote for 'wicked' problems - Manuel - Wednesday, 27th
Farewell to South Africa's "Queen Mum" - Tuesday, 26th
Spotlight on copyright - Monday, 25th
Fellows Dinner - Sunday, 24th
European Union and South Africa's partnership - Friday, 22nd
Water research unit gets 'treated' - Thursday, 21st
UCT researcher lauded for popularising science - Tuesday, 19th
Campus's BFG is a champion - Tuesday, 19th
Build with nature – Japanese architect Kengo Kuma - Friday, 15th
GSB head to lead association of business schools across the continent - Thursday, 14th
Solving the world's 'wicked' problems - Thursday, 14th
First interactive heart catheterisation between cath lab and lecture theatre - Tuesday, 12th
Sewell's 3-D journey into inner space - Monday, 11th
UCT scientists shine at MRC awards - Wednesday, 6th
TB diagnosis machine shows ground-breaking results - Monday, 4th

October 2013
Work-family balance: An unattainable dream - Thursday, 31st
Scientific vigour compromised by 'publish or perish' view - Tuesday, 29th
Nobel a smashing cause for celebration - Friday, 25th
SHAWCO benefits from colourful event - Wednesday, 23rd
Call for nomination President of Convocation Medal - Wednesday, 23rd
Next stop Milan, for UCT business science students - Tuesday, 22nd
UCT conducts IT outreach in township school - Tuesday, 22nd
Fertile conditions for inter-disciplinary research - Tuesday, 22nd
Awareness week to spread the word about knowledge sharing - Tuesday, 22nd
So long and farewell to SRC - Friday, 18th
New centre tackles children's infectious disease head-on - Thursday, 17th
Zeros, sums and games as veterans honoured - Monday, 14th
L'Oreal UNESCO fellowships for doctoral trio - Friday, 11th
Drug resistant TB not an insurmountable challenge for UCT researchers - Friday, 11th
Education at the heart of a thinking democracy - Thursday, 10th
NAPP is the map for new academics - Wednesday, 9th
Dlamini-Zuma on Pan Africanism and the African Renaissance - Tuesday, 8th
Long-time benefactors swell bursary fund - Wednesday, 2nd
Forest Hill students create study out of recreation room - Tuesday, 1st
UCT study wins prize at world critical care conference - Tuesday, 1st

September 2013
Language switching: Not just a matter of mixing 'jou tale' - Friday, 27th
UCT scientists get the Swiss on their side - Friday, 27th
Awards for computer science whizzes - Friday, 27th
UCT Careers Service joins international professional body - Friday, 27th
UCT expresses solidarity with victims of Kenyan tragedy - Thursday, 26th
Colour-coding technique gives hope to brain tumour patients - Thursday, 26th
Run of awards for conservation biologist - Monday, 23rd
Criminal events from the past can inspire creativity - Thursday, 19th
Wikipedia Wordathon - UCT make your mark for South Africa! - Wednesday, 18th
Cinderella of contraception in the global spotlight - Tuesday, 17th
Week of activism in support of sexual diversity kicks off - Monday, 16th
Kaplan keen to spur innovation at SA universities - Friday, 6th
New era beckons for McNamaras - Wednesday, 4th
Don't peak too soon, Zille tells inductees - Wednesday, 4th
Visit cements UCT partnership with Indiana University - Wednesday, 4th
EDU is where dreams are made true - Wednesday, 4th
Honorary doctorate for 'giant of engineering science' - Monday, 2nd
UCT student leaves for prestigious Swiss summer school - Monday, 2nd

August 2013
National transformation award for UCT geographer - Thursday, 29th
SHAWCO praised for 70 years of good work - Wednesday, 28th
Teaching should evolve to meet changing student needs - panel - Wednesday, 28th
South Africa ill-prepared for influenza pandemic - expert - Wednesday, 28th
UCT students excel at international maths competition - Wednesday, 28th
Blackburn calls for new paradigm in healthcare sector - Monday, 26th
Sold on the river - Monday, 26th
SHAWCO project in Manenberg resumes - Friday, 23rd
Heart rhythm procedure a first for Red Cross Hospital - Friday, 23rd
In conversation with Dr Max Price - Monday, 19th
Feast of talent on show at VC Concert - Monday, 19th
Long servers 'top the charts' at UCT - Friday, 16th
Senior student researchers and supervisors honoured - Wednesday, 14th
Invitation to the university community - Staff, students, alumni and friends to a conversation with the Vice-Chancellor - Wednesday, 14th
Women's Day is cause for mourning, says UCT - Thursday, 8th
Race of no use in clinical setting - US researcher - Tuesday, 6th
Equipment helps researchers 'listen in' on brain's communication - Friday, 2nd
Imperialism still has a firm grip on modern states, says Indian anthropologist - Friday, 2nd
Can electoral reform ensure accountability and transparency? - Thursday, 1st

July 2013
VC lauds student societies for internationalisation role - Wednesday, 31st
UCT footballers go down to NMMU - Wednesday, 31st
First home game tonight for UCT footballers - Monday, 29th
Meddling markets threaten academic freedom, says expert - Friday, 26th
Bursary boost for key health service - Friday, 26th
Capitalist influence on academic freedom comes under spotlight - Wednesday, 24th
Growing collaborative publications show rising internationalisation of UCT - Wednesday, 24th
First ever Monday Monthly hits the streets - Monday, 22nd
Europe has 'new confidence' in Africa, says top EU official at UCT - Monday, 22nd
Students and staff out in force to serve indigent communities on Mandela Day - Friday, 19th
Yale University voices raise roof at UCT - Thursday, 18th
SHAWCO goes all out on Mandela Day - Thursday, 18th
Ombud's role has grown - Wednesday, 17th
UCT search for malaria cure internationally lauded - Monday, 15th
Solomon and Marion opens at Baxter ahead of Edinburgh Festival - Friday, 12th
Minister's visit a first for UCT Lung Institute - Wednesday, 10th
UCT hosts ground-breaking conference on language among urban youth - Tuesday, 9th
The doors of learning open: LSE-UCT July school begins - Thursday, 4th
Obama visit: Universities are key to guarding democracy and development, says Price - Thursday, 4th
Youth can change Africa's destiny, Obama tells UCT - Tuesday, 2nd
Cold snap no contest for Obama - Monday, 1st

June 2013
Six of UCT's best for Women in Science finals - Saturday, 29th
UCT scoops three NSTF/BHP Billiton Awards - Saturday, 29th
Exceptional student from rural area to represent UCT in Europe - Friday, 28th
Prestigious grant awarded to UCT HIV study - Thursday, 27th
The Baxter Theatre Centre's hit play - Thursday, 27th
No more grand theories - Tuesday, 25th
UCT Graduate School of Business gets crowning glory - Wednesday, 19th
UCT is 'first choice' for United Nations leadership programme - Wednesday, 19th
Transformation stats a hard swallow for actuarial science - Wednesday, 19th
Emthonjeni offers lessons in human-centred design - Tuesday, 18th
Yeld steps down as dean, but resumes research - Tuesday, 18th
Break & Fall soars to first place - Friday, 14th
Storytime for SA kids - Friday, 14th
'Novel' trial may lead to shorter TB treatment - Wednesday, 12th
In perfect harmony - Tuesday, 11th
Graduate capped 17 years after completing degree - Tuesday, 11th
Smiles all round at SHAWCO Community Day - Monday, 3rd

May 2013
Watershed student expedition along Great Kei - Friday, 31st
Good heads and hearts enhance education and science collaboration - Thursday, 30th
NSTF-BHP Billiton Awards 2013 - Thursday, 30th
Business leader shares insights with students - Wednesday, 29th
Adventurer Riaan Manser to join Peninsula Paddle - Wednesday, 29th
Fashion is the law on the street - Wednesday, 29th
Skotnes' large-scale artwork unveiled in psychology department - Wednesday, 29th
Alumni awarded Gates Cambridge Scholarships - Friday, 24th
Lack of genetic counselling posts costs dearly - Friday, 24th
Dancing on the Table, thanks to physio students - Thursday, 23rd
Drama department showcases talent in Czech Republic - Thursday, 23rd
Doyenne of geology celebrates 100th birthday - Wednesday, 22nd
Bond elected to National Academy of Sciences - Tuesday, 21st
Africa Month: the debates, the movies and some fine cuisine - Friday, 17th
Study sheds new light on human origins - Friday, 17th
UCT and LSE establish Cape Town July School - Thursday, 16th
SKA SA fellow is lead author of first scientific paper from KAT-7 results - Thursday, 16th
Zimbabwe's readiness for elections debated - Wednesday, 15th
African identity, health and sustainability woven into Unibags - Wednesday, 15th
Refurbished JW Jagger Reading Room officially opened - Tuesday, 14th
Africa's first butterfly atlas takes wing - Monday, 13th
Students rally for right to communicate - Monday, 13th
Football tournament is all about 'Ubuntu' - Monday, 13th
Child health care to the fore at first ever children's nursing conference - Friday, 10th
EUSARNAD grant fosters inter-continental student networks - Friday, 10th
UCT shines in World University Rankings by subject - Wednesday, 8th
City law firms plug the gap for students - Thursday, 2nd

April 2013
National bus strike hits Jammie Shuttles - Friday, 26th
Mobile Xhosa translator helps the medicine go down - Friday, 26th
Health publications awards for UCT students - Friday, 26th
Top international award for cardiovascular researcher - Thursday, 25th
President Zuma honours five UCT stalwarts - Thursday, 25th
Value-added technologies a vital spin-off to fuel cell development - Thursday, 25th
'Ultimate' botanist Skelton flies South African flag high - Wednesday, 24th
Stem cells: Handle with care - Friday, 19th
Record number of schools at Mathematics Competition - Friday, 19th
Health sciences hosts centenary dinner in New York - Thursday, 18th
International prize for Mizrahi's research and mentoring - Wednesday, 17th
Possibilities, possibilities for hundreds of prospective students at Open Day - Wednesday, 17th
Three of UCT's best in Paris - Tuesday, 16th
New additions to security fleet - Friday, 12th
'Africa's development must be generated from within' - Ndulo - Thursday, 11th
Nyamnjoh is 2013's 'African Hero' - Thursday, 11th
UCT Creative Writing Student wins Literary Prize - Thursday, 11th
Open lecture puts SA's water future under the spotlight - Wednesday, 10th
A land divided: photo exhibition tells many stories - Wednesday, 3rd
Healthy Intervention for 3 Tons of Fun - Wednesday, 3rd
Doubles for UCT in the prestigious A- and P-ratings - Tuesday, 2nd

March 2013
Indigenous and green - UCT students change community's landscape - Wednesday, 27th
Symposium explores nanotechnology for drugs, bio-engineering - Wednesday, 27th
Honorary doctorate for DVC Visser - Wednesday, 27th
'At the Intersection' Colloquium - Wednesday, 27th
Robust debate at Student Assembly - Wednesday, 27th
Libraries head is UNISA alumnus of the year - Tuesday, 26th
First postdoc fellow for management studies - Tuesday, 26th
Vitamin B12 transporter is key to understanding TB pathogen - Tuesday, 26th
Ikeys break fifty in Green Mile thriller - Wednesday, 20th
African immunisation systems fall short, say UCT experts - Wednesday, 20th
Making legal advice accessible - Wednesday, 20th
The best medicine keeps health sciences moving - Friday, 15th
Ikeys miss first win by a whisker - Friday, 15th
Theism versus atheism: Oxford don puts the case for God - Thursday, 14th
Choir is a new song for Haupt - Wednesday, 13th
Ad hominem promotees fêted - Thursday, 7th
SACTWU challenges researchers - Thursday, 7th
The prick that could save a life - Thursday, 7th
Moagi flying high after budget-speech competition win - Thursday, 7th
Coveted WUN grants for UCT researchers - Thursday, 7th
Institute says "enough" to violence against children - Wednesday, 6th
CSSR Summer School builds capacity to analyse African data - Wednesday, 6th
Ikeys blue after derby loss - Wednesday, 6th
Violence and alcohol: workshop examines dangerous brew - Wednesday, 6th
Desocialise employment? Le Roux's inaugural lecture poses the big questions - Wednesday, 6th
Mbembe at GIPCA symposium - Wednesday, 6th
Baxter's Zabalaza Festival expands to hip-hop and opera - Friday, 1st
Collaboration with pharmaceutical giant will foster drug development in Africa - Friday, 1st

February 2013
Prestigious Humboldt award presented to Dominguez - Wednesday, 27th
UCT strengthens academic ties with Ghana - Friday, 22nd
"We say enough!" - Wednesday, 20th
Former VC Mamphela Ramphele launches political party platform - Tuesday, 19th
Surprise best-paper award for engineering student - Tuesday, 19th
UCT hosts inaugural SA Global Health Trials meeting - Tuesday, 19th
Outrage at violence: UCT to protest at Wednesday's march - Monday, 18th
UCT's race-based admissions policy under the spotlight - Monday, 18th
Single-dose cure for malaria is Elsevier review's top story - Friday, 15th
New Dean of Health Sciences for UCT - Wednesday, 13th
HySA/Catalysis centre hosts Limpopo MEC - Wednesday, 13th
Caregiving and goodness at the root of humanity - Wednesday, 13th
Highveld heartbreak for Ikeys - Tuesday, 12th
So, it begins - Monday, 11th
Post-apocalyptic SAX - Friday, 8th training site now available at UCT - Thursday, 7th
SHAWCO 'students' shine despite adversity - Thursday, 7th
Condom dress competition on Jammie catwalk - Thursday, 7th
UCT students win national marketing competition - Wednesday, 6th
TB vaccine candidate trial results disappoint - Wednesday, 6th
Frustration for Ikeys in Madibaz draw - Tuesday, 5th
Flamingos in the Black River - Tuesday, 5th
'We'll have to man up'- Ikey coach ahead of Varsity Cup opener - Monday, 4th
Pretty good Met debut for Yende - Friday, 1st
Ikey athletes shine at USSA games - Friday, 1st

January 2013
Warm welcome for international students - Wednesday, 30th
Residences open doors to flurry of new students - Tuesday, 29th
UCT trio on epic journey of the Orange River - Monday, 28th
New discovery determines gender in fossil birds - Monday, 28th
SHAWCO to consolidate and build brand in 2013 - Monday, 28th
UCT students' work screened at Sundance Film Festival - Friday, 25th
Leading ornithologist Phil Hockey dies - Friday, 25th
Commerce orientation invaluable for freshers - Thursday, 24th
Stamps and suffragettes add to richness of Summer School - Wednesday, 23rd
UCT and Stellenbosch issue joint statement on policing in Khayelitsha - Tuesday, 22nd
No Monday blues for Humanities freshers - Tuesday, 22nd
Summer School out of the blocks for 2013 - Monday, 21st
UCT study to avert time bomb of unemployed youth - Friday, 18th
Nobel Laureate JM Coetzee visits UCT to read from new work - Thursday, 17th
IsiXhosa course graduates honoured - Thursday, 17th
ADAPT progressing, but facing challenges - Wednesday, 16th
Khayelitsha crime typical of city's black communities - Wednesday, 16th
Ross elected chair of economic methodology board - Tuesday, 15th
Young health researchers add their voices to global initiative - Friday, 11th
UCT Summer School for fang lovers and health fans - Wednesday, 9th

December 2012
UCT mourns death of health economics pioneer - Friday, 21st
Missed out on UCT's December graduations? - Thursday, 20th
Ramos on Socrates, values and effective action - Friday, 14th
ICTS gets into Movember spirit - Friday, 14th
Fat hits the fan at diet debate - Friday, 14th
Leading scholar visits UCT - Thursday, 13th
UCT hosts country's first A-rated commerce scholar - Thursday, 13th
Enhanced financial aid policy makes UCT affordable to all - Wednesday, 12th
December graduations get going - Wednesday, 12th
'Magic' show delights budding chemists - Tuesday, 11th
New study on TB vaccine for newborns of HIV-positive mothers - Monday, 10th
Cars race themselves around UCT track - Wednesday, 5th
Reddy to lead national academy - Wednesday, 5th
Health Sciences immortalised on film - Wednesday, 5th
Three hailed for their teaching - Tuesday, 4th
UCT shares AIDS Day messages - Tuesday, 4th
UCT scholars to helm big African health initiatives - Monday, 3rd
UCT staff celebrated at certificate ceremony - Monday, 3rd

November 2012
UCT professor appointed to the World Bank - Friday, 30th
Higher education's HIV and AIDS programmes get the third degree - Friday, 30th
Improvement district makes a difference - Friday, 30th
HAICU makes its presence felt at conference - Thursday, 29th
UCT mourns Jakes Gerwel - Thursday, 29th
Long-term collaborators forge ahead in the fight against heart disease - Thursday, 29th
Results rain down on medical graduands - Wednesday, 28th
Top Southern African awards go to UCT scientists - Monday, 26th
International project to strengthen mental health systems - Friday, 23rd
UCT centre beefs up its pursuit of catalysts - Friday, 23rd
Social responsiveness enriches teaching and learning - Thursday, 22nd
Single currency for Africa a pipe dream says Finnish minister - Thursday, 22nd
Ndebele takes top post at UJ - Tuesday, 20th
Course unites economic drivers - Tuesday, 20th
Students get with the program - Tuesday, 20th
Health practitioners walk the talk - Monday, 19th
Search for TB vaccine reaches a turning point - Monday, 19th
Chemist not just any visitor in Argentina - Monday, 19th
Young scholars make their marks among peers - Monday, 19th
Hapgood receives Grand Challenges Explorations Grant - Thursday, 15th
UCT palaeontologists open cold cases - Thursday, 15th
Conference calls for immunisation rollouts - Wednesday, 14th
The dead teach the living - Wednesday, 14th
From hair-trigger response to co-existence with HIV - Tuesday, 13th
LISC students rewarded - Tuesday, 13th
UCT scholars get international recognition in library assessment - Friday, 9th
New ways needed to deal with sustainability, say experts - Thursday, 8th
Award-winning Mies Julie set to take New York by storm - Wednesday, 7th
IsiXhosa course a useful tool, say students - Monday, 5th
Student leaders' selfless efforts hailed - Friday, 2nd
Dean of health says adieu - Thursday, 1st
More students show off business savvy - Thursday, 1st

October 2012
Physics event wows learners - Wednesday, 31st
New study finds that 70% of SA consumers overlooked by marketers - Wednesday, 31st
UCT scholar part of a winning team - Wednesday, 31st
UCT students know their investment beans - Tuesday, 30th
Ikey old boys shine in Currie Cup final - Tuesday, 30th
UCT scholar in new AIDS vaccine development - Tuesday, 30th
UCT on course to promote teaching and learning - Monday, 29th
Baxter concert to support Cyril Karabus - Friday, 26th
Child Gauge 2012 shines spotlight on inequality and poverty - Wednesday, 24th
Don't copy, innovate, says Britton - Wednesday, 24th
Retired Prof hailed as IS pioneer - Tuesday, 23rd
This Mohle prefers high altitudes - Monday, 22nd
Open Access Week 2012: OpenUCT's events - Monday, 22nd
Art auction swells coffers - Friday, 19th
2011/2012 SRC torch doused at farewell braai - Friday, 19th
R25 million Australian grant for top heart researcher - Wednesday, 17th
UCT part of virtual conference - Wednesday, 17th
Engineering an HIV/AIDS competent society - Monday, 15th
Festival of desire entertains and educates - Friday, 12th
Student lawyers hold their own in moot court - Thursday, 11th
Closet doors open for Pink Week - Thursday, 11th
Prof Karabus granted bail while awaiting trial - Thursday, 11th
Law faculty slates SADC for "shutting down" regional court - Thursday, 11th
Hague Symposium unveils complexities of post-conflict transitions - Thursday, 11th
GCI acknowledges doctor's contribution to greener campus - Wednesday, 10th
The computational revolution bringing about change - Tuesday, 9th
Visitors have heart to heart at UCT - Tuesday, 9th
Climate change gets an artistic twist at Hot Water Symposium - Monday, 8th
Health sciences honours exemplary doctor - Monday, 8th
Archaeological history on exhibit - Monday, 8th
UCT wins the equivalent of Olympic gold - Friday, 5th
The history of oppression in the textile industry revisited - Friday, 5th
UCT delighted with Times Higher Education ranking - Thursday, 4th
Cape Town Globalist looks at the 'news behind the news' - Thursday, 4th
UCT hosts top refugee experts in UN roundtable - Thursday, 4th
Computational sciences seek common ground - Wednesday, 3rd
Africa needs both heritage and progress, says scholar - Tuesday, 2nd
Bateman wins top award - Monday, 1st

September 2012
UCT lecturers the pick of the teaching crop - Friday, 28th
Coup for TB researcher - Friday, 28th
Students paint and weed and think - Thursday, 27th
Future of Timbuktu manuscripts uncertain - Thursday, 27th
Ethics still a challenge in healthcare, says scholar - Tuesday, 25th
EDU is where dreams come true - Tuesday, 25th
UCT to celebrate life and achievements of pioneering physicist - Tuesday, 25th
Open source software the way to go - Van Belle - Friday, 21st
Princeton honours Cape Town- born academic - Thursday, 20th
UCT academic wins award for commitment to education - Thursday, 20th
Learners have fun with marine animals at Ma-Re outreach - Thursday, 20th
Website a vital link in developing new research field - Wednesday, 19th
Children's Institute supports call for 'kinship grant' - Wednesday, 19th
Deaf-blindness is not an insurmountable obstacle - Tuesday, 18th
Cooking competition stimulates creativity - Monday, 17th
Hard work pays off for Hattas - Thursday, 13th
Okri inspires at Biko lecture - Thursday, 13th
UCT climbs world rankings - Wednesday, 12th
Inaugural Wolfson Colloquium a fitting tribute to the Foundation - Tuesday, 11th
UCT gets the nod as 3rd most beautiful university - Monday, 10th
Students brew up a win - Monday, 10th
Combined efforts can curb poverty, Motlanthe - Monday, 10th
Why the Higgs Boson matters - Monday, 10th
Space Technology gets boost with CanSat project - Monday, 10th
UCT scholar bags engineering accolade - Friday, 7th
Award takes to the road - Thursday, 6th
Wellness Fair promotes healthy living - Wednesday, 5th
UCT sets the scene for Berlin10 Conference - Wednesday, 5th
UCT on an "upward trajectory", according to 2011 research report - Tuesday, 4th
Action, not numbers, focus of conference - Tuesday, 4th
EBE encourages HIV testing - Monday, 3rd

August 2012
'Knowing the enemy' a necessity in the fight against TB - Thursday, 30th
Art explores AIDS and sexual concurrency - Thursday, 30th
Plenty on the table at internationalisation conference - Wednesday, 29th
UCT women win big - Tuesday, 28th
African research identifies strong candidate for possible single-dose malaria cure - Tuesday, 28th
Scholars explore the personal and political at Holocaust conference - Tuesday, 28th
UCT mourns the loss of scholar and activist Neville Alexander - Monday, 27th
Yende's guest appearance sets the tone - Friday, 24th
Footloose students waltz to glory (again) - Thursday, 23rd
Mies Julie blazes triumphant trail in Scotland - Thursday, 23rd
Chemistry lecturer goes public - Thursday, 23rd
Young scholars honoured - Wednesday, 22nd
UCT students top in moot competition - Wednesday, 22nd
Platforms to bring dignity to township open spaces - Wednesday, 22nd
UCT marks deaths at Lonmin Mine - Wednesday, 22nd
Of icebergs and agency - Tuesday, 21st
World stage premiere of Coetzee's Waiting for the Barbarians - Friday, 17th
Roadmap needed for promised land - Thursday, 16th
Hard work pays off for champion teacher - Tuesday, 14th
Bring law to govern class actions, urges scholar - Monday, 13th
Women's Day: Farrant is cooking, says mag - Friday, 10th
Female voices from exile - Wednesday, 8th
Women's Day: Law programme lures graduates into academia - Wednesday, 8th
Stage is set for Res 4 Res - Wednesday, 8th
The best: and that's no longer up for debate - Wednesday, 8th
GM maize sets off a furore - Tuesday, 7th
Transforming post-secondary education in South Africa - Tuesday, 7th
School of Public Health turns 40 - Monday, 6th
The Spear, City Press and fundamentalism - Thursday, 2nd
Famed French scholar at UCT - Thursday, 2nd

July 2012
Crime hurts so justice should heal - leading criminologist - Tuesday, 31st
August is sustainability month at UCT residences - Tuesday, 31st
The hidden side of the Olympic Games - Friday, 27th
New Engineering Building edging closer to completion - Friday, 27th
Unique guitar "a joy to make music on" - Friday, 27th
UCT student wins international fellowship - Wednesday, 25th
Engineering company builds capacity at UCT - Tuesday, 24th
Researchers must "excite and invite" officials and the public - Tuesday, 24th
UCT scientists win top honours - Tuesday, 24th
Fulbright specialist shares on HIV vaccines - Tuesday, 24th
Anita Borg scholars beat a strategic retreat - Monday, 23rd
Don't stop at Mandela Day, say UCT philanthropists - Friday, 20th
Mandela Day inspires UCT sandwich run - Wednesday, 18th
Paralympics offers unique reward for Derman - Tuesday, 17th
Tempered optimism marks TB conference - Friday, 13th
Maths professor plans to ace international bridge competition - Friday, 13th
Hearing test for Masi pre-scholers - Friday, 13th
UCT and government to formalise agreement regarding medical training - Tuesday, 10th
It's, you know, for kids (and grown-ups) - Monday, 9th
Soweto teenagers urged to live healthier - Friday, 6th
Arts alumnus shines at Grahamstown Festival - Friday, 6th
UCT the place to be for study-abroad students - Friday, 6th
Biodigester fuels a sustainable livelihood - Friday, 6th
Particle's discovery is a mass-ive moment - Thursday, 5th
Valve revolutionises heart surgery - Wednesday, 4th
Three's company - Tuesday, 3rd

June 2012
WHO better? - Friday, 29th
Nhlapo hailed by alma mater - Friday, 29th
GSB featured in international sustainable management guide - Thursday, 28th
UCT course re-sparks interest in life sciences - Wednesday, 27th
Scaling the search engine's Summit - Tuesday, 26th
Young geographers put their heads together - Friday, 22nd
Top honours for UCT five - Thursday, 21st
Health Sciences gets clinical about research - Thursday, 21st
Honorary for acclaimed UCT writer - Thursday, 21st
Screening model hailed by international journal - Wednesday, 20th
Centre ropes in UK scholar for drug discovery research - Wednesday, 20th
Chemistry student selected for elite programme - Tuesday, 19th
Kids go batty for creatures - Tuesday, 19th
The people's struggle in pictures - Friday, 15th
Newest A-rated academic announced - Friday, 15th
"Maths makes the world go round" - Friday, 15th
Medical interpreters a boon for public health - Friday, 15th
Epic city picks up major accolade - Friday, 15th
Course orientates postgrads - Wednesday, 13th
Annual UCT UK trust reception - Tuesday, 12th
Showers of joy at graduation - Tuesday, 12th
It's two in one for Pandor - Monday, 11th
ID why it's upsetting, and talk about it, panel says. - Monday, 11th
Move that body of knowledge! - Monday, 11th
Here's cheers to a 100 more, FHS - Friday, 8th
HIV: a complexity of challenges - Tuesday, 5th
Underhill picks up major national accolade - Monday, 4th
It's in my DNA, Figaji says - Monday, 4th
UCT is too cool for school - Monday, 4th
CPM celebrates first decade - Friday, 1st
Two highlights for new schools initiative - Friday, 1st

May 2012
Inquiry - based education essential to science: VC Open lecturer - Thursday, 31st
A little moderation helps - Wednesday, 30th
Interactive art exhibition a hit - Tuesday, 29th
Science hails its standouts - Tuesday, 29th
Traditional and modern cultures can gel, say experts - Monday, 28th
SKA decision will expand UCT's astronomy reach even further - Monday, 28th
Centre celebrates Africa through its work - Friday, 25th
Africa's beading heart - Friday, 25th
A Fulbright future beckons - Thursday, 24th
UCT environmental change course an online winner - Thursday, 24th
Children are agents of social change, seminar participant says - Thursday, 24th
Africa Month continues unabated - Thursday, 24th
Epic story comes to a new beginning with AXL - Tuesday, 22nd
Ex-Bok coach on managing in a fish bowl - Tuesday, 22nd
Save Our Skins (S.O.S.) under African skies - Tuesday, 22nd
"Be proud of being African" - Thursday, 17th
Medical musical merriment at the Baxter - Thursday, 17th
Mapungubwe not the origin of Great Zimbabwe - Wednesday, 16th
Alumnus wins playwright award - Tuesday, 15th
Just ask the Google Scholars - Tuesday, 15th
Student apprentices rise to the challenge - Monday, 14th
Africa Month celebrations continue - Monday, 14th
Candlelight memorial for the thinking - Friday, 11th
Derivatives market low in Africa, study - Thursday, 10th
Develop drugs in Africa, for Africa - Thursday, 10th
HUMA launches book on AIDS, intimacy and care - Wednesday, 9th
Winters they are a-changin' - Wednesday, 9th
Washington opportunity for budding leaders - Wednesday, 9th
Africa Month kicks off - literally - Tuesday, 8th
Multilingualism in Class: a Transformation Strategy? - Friday, 4th
Students extend a hand to Ottery community - Thursday, 3rd
Servier Fellowship in Psychopharmacology - Thursday, 3rd
Go big on PhDs, says Mayosi - Wednesday, 2nd

April 2012
UCT helping to grow tennis - Monday, 30th
Top honour for young leader - Thursday, 26th
Is UCT racist? - Tuesday, 24th
UCT conference cover-ed in The Lancet - Tuesday, 24th
Klatzow's work honoured - Thursday, 19th
c*change hosts first SYNGAS convention - Thursday, 19th
Green Week in full swing - Wednesday, 18th
More academic traffic please, say DAAD alumni - Wednesday, 18th
Opening the ivy-covered doors - Tuesday, 17th
Maths competition ups the stakes - Tuesday, 17th
Plan for climate change, says New - Monday, 16th
Apocalypse not before Green Week - Monday, 16th
Conference asks for urgent global change - Thursday, 12th
Congestion expected when young math boffins arrive - Thursday, 12th
Ikeys live to fight another year - Tuesday, 10th
Stringing them along - Thursday, 5th
Hail to Obz Square - Thursday, 5th
A.R.T. on exhibition at Michaelis - Thursday, 5th
Dinosaur bones debunk migratory myth - Wednesday, 4th
TRC is unfinished business - Wednesday, 4th
UCT to host Africa's first International Mathematical Olympiad - Wednesday, 4th
Conference leaves delegates all jazzed up - Tuesday, 3rd
Life's journey immortalised in doccie - Monday, 2nd

March 2012
Dragon festivities hit the city - Thursday, 29th
Loots wins coveted author's award - Thursday, 29th
Whiz, bang, pop: UCT takes science to the community - Thursday, 29th
Second lifetime achievement award for Cooper - Wednesday, 28th
Conference spotlights social sciences at universities - Wednesday, 28th
Students sift through admissions policy - Monday, 26th
Healing mothers in Hanover Park - Friday, 23rd
UCT folk among the Fleur du Cap awards - Friday, 23rd
Ikeys falter at finish - Tuesday, 20th
Chibale bags the Alan Pifer Award - Tuesday, 20th
SHAWCO's weekend special on the up - Monday, 19th
Exhibition of unconventional treasure - Friday, 16th
Conweek throws spotlight on Constitution again - Wednesday, 14th
Price gets nod for a second term - Tuesday, 13th
End of the road for brave Ikeys - Tuesday, 13th
Remember UCT, alumni urged - Tuesday, 13th
Librarians book their places at UCT - Tuesday, 13th
UCT to honour magnificent seven - Wednesday, 7th
Cutting-edge labour law service launched - Tuesday, 6th
Ikeys knockout hopes hang by a thread - Tuesday, 6th
Global open education week - Tuesday, 6th
Colour me neon or all off? - Friday, 2nd
New physios solemnly swear... - Friday, 2nd
UCT hosts latest HIV/AIDS testing drive - Friday, 2nd
Democracy in action with SRC's C³ - Friday, 2nd
Expert honoured for lifetime's seabird research - Friday, 2nd
Knighthood for UCT lecturer - Thursday, 1st

February 2012
Secrecy bill's review vital to (re)public - Wednesday, 29th
Players shouldn't Foote the blame, says coach - Wednesday, 29th
Medicine hails its medical scribes - Wednesday, 29th
Foot up for six Fleur du Cap awards - Tuesday, 28th
Business student right on the money - Friday, 24th
Greenies take to the pub - Thursday, 23rd
Ikeys back in business! - Tuesday, 21st
Physicists unite at UCT - Thursday, 16th
Stop spanking kids, says children's group - Thursday, 16th
Law throws the book at students - Wednesday, 15th
Second round blues for UCT - Tuesday, 14th
Doctors by day; musicians by night - Tuesday, 14th
Students bring Saxy back - Friday, 10th
Accounting adopts new name and ethos - Friday, 10th
UCT unit calls for new legislation to replace Traditional Courts Bill - Thursday, 9th
Disappointment for Ikeys in Varsity Cup opener - Tuesday, 7th
O-week off to a sizzling start - Tuesday, 7th
Varsity Cup 2012 just hours away - Monday, 6th
Research offices sharpen proposal writing skills - Friday, 3rd
GSB MBA's rising rank - Thursday, 2nd
Come on board, UCT urges parents - Thursday, 2nd
Orientation kicks off en masse - Wednesday, 1st
Residences become home - Wednesday, 1st

January 2012
Programme for health professional educators - Tuesday, 31st
COP17 a success after all, says panel - Friday, 27th
Workshop explores the cost of land cover change - Friday, 27th
Training to boost mental health capacity - Thursday, 26th
UCT scholar joins the IEC - Thursday, 26th
Commerce orientation right on the money - Thursday, 26th
Humanities gets Orientation 2012 off to a flyer - Tuesday, 24th
Africa must sort its own problems, says fellow - Monday, 23rd
Mizrahi talks TB on BBC World Service - Monday, 23rd
Medical professor joins international fellowship - Friday, 20th
Clarity needed on university's 'third mission', argues new book - Friday, 20th
Initiative tackles torture in Africa - Friday, 20th
Summer School caters for all - Thursday, 19th
UCT and NY students talk sustainability - Monday, 16th
Award for UCT nanovators at Silicon Valley - Monday, 9th

December 2011
UCT centres lead the way - Thursday, 29th
UCT engineers help make medical history - Thursday, 22nd
Big money for city projects - Thursday, 22nd
Flowery gift for Groote Schuur patients - Wednesday, 21st
Graduation – Days Five and Six - Tuesday, 20th
Graduation - Day Four - Thursday, 15th
Graduation - Day Three - Wednesday, 14th
Graduation - Day Two - Tuesday, 13th
Health Sciences get the grad rolling - Monday, 12th
UCT to honour three at December graduations - Thursday, 8th
Teachers' workshop packs a punch - Wednesday, 7th
Winning projects make a difference - Tuesday, 6th
UCT law students make history in Copenhagen - Friday, 2nd
UCT marks AIDS Day with a ribbon - Friday, 2nd
Student wins iPad for birthday - Friday, 2nd
World AIDS Day: Experts highlight the importance of mental health care - Thursday, 1st

November 2011
SANReN gets set to go - Wednesday, 30th
Collaboration to boost marine research - Tuesday, 29th
Humanities offers moral support - Tuesday, 29th
IIDMM under the microscope - Thursday, 24th
Student blows competition away with wind generator - Wednesday, 23rd
EBE students tackle HIV & AIDS in the workplace - Wednesday, 23rd
Lots of learning ahead for Teaching & Learning - Wednesday, 23rd
UCT condemns passage of info bill without critical changes - Tuesday, 22nd
HUMA names first four docs - Tuesday, 22nd
Student makes winning a habit - Monday, 21st
Bread tags for wheelchairs - Friday, 18th
Brainy researchers win mental health prizes - Friday, 18th
Dope addition to anti-drug board - Friday, 18th
Awards aplenty at Obstetrics & Gynaecology - Friday, 18th
Work programme to benefit those with disabilities - Wednesday, 16th
Piano prodigy celebrates triumph - Wednesday, 16th
Postgrad conference rolls on - Tuesday, 15th
Challenges remain for SA, Price tells LSE - Tuesday, 15th
Global group workshop ecologies - Tuesday, 15th
Fugard on stage - Tuesday, 15th
New building, new era for economics school - Friday, 11th
High court victory for refugee clinic - Thursday, 10th
Baxter launches sunny Saturday markets - Wednesday, 9th
Law clinic on the move - Wednesday, 9th
EBE postgrad students claim top prizes - Tuesday, 8th
New academy welcomes young scientists - Tuesday, 8th
Christmas in a box - Monday, 7th
Prince of Wales speaks on the global and the local - Saturday, 5th
Giving a voice to the dead - Thursday, 3rd
Vitamin D deficiency linked to TB - Wednesday, 2nd

October 2011
An extraordinary journey - Friday, 28th
Walk the talk in water management, experts say - Thursday, 27th
Physicist casts light on randomness - Thursday, 27th
Randall scoops young lecture award - Wednesday, 26th
Gene expression key to morphological diversity, says Illing - Wednesday, 26th
Clinical skills lab to boost confidence - Wednesday, 26th
News in brief - 25 October - Tuesday, 25th
UCT salutes cream of its student leadership crop - Tuesday, 25th
Famed scholars present training programme - Tuesday, 25th
UCT sports stars glitter at awards - Monday, 24th
'Best gift would be to pursue her vision' - Monday, 24th
UCT hails distinguished academics - Friday, 21st
News in brief - 18 October - Wednesday, 19th
Programmer merrily codes his way to runner-up spot - Wednesday, 19th
Future of medical research in rude health - Wednesday, 19th
Minister surveys S&T at UCT - Wednesday, 19th
News in brief - 14 October - Friday, 14th
Handwashing a life saver - Friday, 14th
UCT joins global support project - Thursday, 13th
UCT fights stigmatisation of homosexuals - Tuesday, 11th
News in brief - 10 October - Monday, 10th
Zille woos future business strategists - Monday, 10th
Eyewitnesses accounts - perils and pragmatics - Monday, 10th
UCT to host Pink Week from 10 to 14 October - Friday, 7th
World Mental Health Day a local concern, too - Friday, 7th
Make NAPP compulsory, say participants - Thursday, 6th
UCT climbs world rankings - Thursday, 6th
Continuity rules at SRC - Wednesday, 5th
News bytes - 04 October - Tuesday, 4th

September 2011
League win caps landmark season for UCT Rugby - Thursday, 29th
Quality leadership key in health sector - Motsoaledi - Thursday, 29th
Social context vital to HIV education and research - Thursday, 29th
Cape Town a melting pot of slave history - Thursday, 29th
Researchers the toast of UCT - Thursday, 29th
News in brief - 27 September - Tuesday, 27th
SASCO wins SRC elections - Monday, 26th
SRC voting picks up pace as the deadline looms - Friday, 23rd
De Vos asks for nuanced take on race in SA - Tuesday, 20th
UCT joins march on parliament - Monday, 19th
Youth key in nation-building - Manuel - Friday, 16th
Protection of Information Bill comes under fire - Friday, 16th
News in brief - 16 September - Friday, 16th
NRF kudos for UCT scholars - Thursday, 15th
Information Bill talks continue - Thursday, 15th
Biko and muzzling the press - Kentridge - Wednesday, 14th
SRC elections kick-off - Wednesday, 14th
Affirmative action here to stay - for now - Wednesday, 14th
Gallotta scoops inaugural social responsiveness award - Tuesday, 13th
UCT group joins fight against torture - Monday, 12th
Value creation key to sustainability - says Wood - Monday, 12th
News in brief - Monday, 12th
Recovery is a little way off yet - Ramos - Friday, 9th
UCT still Africa's number one in world rankings - Thursday, 8th
Holocaust survivor shares her story - Monday, 5th
Archive and curatorship project kicks off - Friday, 2nd

August 2011
News in brief - 31 August - Wednesday, 31st
Inclusivity and participation key to health care, says Reid - Tuesday, 30th
Potter Fellows explore social concerns - Tuesday, 30th
Vino for victory - Tuesday, 30th
News in brief - 29 August - Monday, 29th
Tutu and others talk justice and reconciliation - Monday, 29th
Campaign fosters social responsiveness - Friday, 26th
News in brief - Thursday, 25th
Act now, says Winkler - Wednesday, 24th
Students on cloud UCT - Friday, 19th
UCT in new TB trial - Friday, 19th
Children's participation is key, says Gauge - Friday, 19th
Art teachers at play - Thursday, 18th
Innovative teacher wins Stella Clark Award - Thursday, 18th
Student joins leadership training in Ghana - Thursday, 18th
Tripartite research boost for mining industry - Wednesday, 17th
UCT women aplenty in M&G book - Wednesday, 17th
New book tackles Africa's energy crisis - Wednesday, 17th
Integrate mental health with HIV care - conference - Tuesday, 16th
Open research for public good - scholar - Tuesday, 16th
Project brings out students' entrepreneurial talent - Monday, 15th
Sports bytes - 15 August 2011 - Monday, 15th
News bytes - 12 August 2011 - Friday, 12th
Divas and dancers - Spotlight on women at VC Concert - Thursday, 11th
News bytes II - 11 August 2011 - Thursday, 11th
EU and SA join forces for new postgrad scholarship - Thursday, 11th
News bytes I - 11 August 2011 - Thursday, 11th
UCT surgeon bags Shoprite award - Thursday, 11th
UCT brings young women to work - Monday, 8th
EDU instills family sense - Friday, 5th
Threats to academic freedom since 9/11 - Friday, 5th
Primary education needs an intervention - Thursday, 4th
Leadership programme spot on - Thursday, 4th
GCI joins forces to launch national network - Thursday, 4th
News bytes - Wednesday, 3rd
Helicopter in emergency landing at UCT - Wednesday, 3rd
UCT makes network debut - Tuesday, 2nd
Diamonds pinpoint start of colliding continents - Tuesday, 2nd
Master's student, Brian Willis, on the CHPC Winter School 2011 - Tuesday, 2nd

July 2011
Cape Town to host "2014 World Cup of Jazz" - Friday, 29th
Human and baboons – Developing solutions for Africa - Friday, 29th
Sports bytes - Wednesday, 27th
African Opera stars brighten the North - Wednesday, 27th
News in bytes - Wednesday, 27th
Dawn of a new knowledge age - Serageldin - Tuesday, 26th
Students remember their slain compatriots - Tuesday, 26th
News in bytes - Friday, 22nd
Collective learning is a key for future intellectuals - Friday, 22nd
Staffers have Mandela Day in the bag - Monday, 18th
News in bytes - Wednesday, 13th
PRIME time for new project - Tuesday, 12th
UCT efforts add up for learners and teachers - Friday, 8th
Mafeje's intellectual legacy explored - Thursday, 7th
UCT scientists joins Sub-Saharan fellowship of women - Wednesday, 6th
Staff show the right dress sense - Monday, 4th
Managers under the cosh - Friday, 1st
Conference inspires health managers - Friday, 1st
Graduate and family psyched about win - Friday, 1st

June 2011
Chemistry, cupcakes and cookies - Thursday, 30th
UCT engineer joins Sub-Saharan fellowship of women - Thursday, 30th
HUMA workshop glances back - Thursday, 30th
New staffers part of a community - Price - Tuesday, 28th
Tribute to Wolf Brandt - Tuesday, 28th
VC Dr Max Price welcomes new UCT staffers - Monday, 27th
Michelle Obama inspires young audience at UCT - Thursday, 23rd
UCT mourns passing of honorary graduate Kader Asmal - Thursday, 23rd
Students win big for sound report-writing - Wednesday, 22nd
UCT offers the best careers service - Tuesday, 21st
Visit set to strengthen marine research - Monday, 20th
Ikey Tigers in the book - Monday, 20th
Occupational therapy gets a leg up - Monday, 20th
Distinguished alumnus Jeffrey Jowell knighted - Friday, 17th
Spiffy blazers for rugger Medics - Wednesday, 15th
Health sciences is 99 years and counting down - Tuesday, 14th
UCT staff and students among the best - Tuesday, 14th
Architecture partnership for a public space in Monwabisi Park - Tuesday, 14th
In memory: Professor Johann Lutjeharms - Monday, 13th
UCT graduates are a class act - Monday, 13th
Hundreds celebrate at June graduations - Friday, 10th
Soweto churches exhibition opens lens on shuttered past - Thursday, 9th
New group to grapple with poverty alleviation - Thursday, 9th
Student piques interest with her TB findings - Wednesday, 8th
Passing of Albertina Sisulu, honorary graduate - Monday, 6th
Maths competition sets new records - Friday, 3rd
Barnard's book reveals all - Friday, 3rd
Third time lucky in coolest brand category - Thursday, 2nd
UCT thanks firefighters - Thursday, 2nd

May 2011
Toolkit aids access to rights to health - Tuesday, 31st
UCT makes giant strides towards transformation of accounting - Tuesday, 31st
UCT impressive - Shanghai team - Tuesday, 31st
UCT and Penn State commit to joint research - Tuesday, 31st
Rowing's development programme takes to the water - Friday, 27th
Tough questions raised for African studies - Friday, 27th
Trio of triumph for UCT at NSTF awards - Friday, 27th
UCT embraces Africa Day - Friday, 27th
Exhibition shows off UCT's links in Africa - Friday, 27th
Jumping cockroach leaps into the world's top 10 new species - Tuesday, 24th
The drama of PhDs - Tuesday, 24th
Students win big in HIV competition - Tuesday, 24th
Cash-cow projects a new direction for SHAWCO - Tuesday, 24th
UCT filmmakers selected for Encounters Film Festival - Monday, 23rd
The apprentice: UCT - Monday, 23rd
GIPCA showcase performance art - Monday, 23rd
Collaborating to save children's sight in sub-Saharan Africa - Friday, 20th
Mentors help out at UCT - Friday, 20th
Sports scientists put heads together to explore the brain - Thursday, 19th
Steely students brave the Orange River - Tuesday, 17th
Ikeys pip Maties in intervarsity - Tuesday, 17th
Roof raised at Obz square - Monday, 16th
Stigma remains a challenge in HIV/AIDS - Monday, 16th
International fellowship for EBE scholar - Friday, 13th
Competition forges friendship and understanding - Thursday, 12th
Cecil Skotnes Collection on national tour - Thursday, 12th
City salutes UCT luminaries - Thursday, 12th
Eight-prize haul for Sienaert - Thursday, 12th
South Africa's bill of rights stands out - Wednesday, 11th
UCT rejects police brutality - Wednesday, 11th
Vaccine development the answer to TB - Hanekom - Monday, 9th
Alumnus and Oxford scholar is new Pro VC - Friday, 6th
Judge Hawks unit by its work - Simelane - Friday, 6th
UCT graduate picks up marquee sci-fi award - Thursday, 5th
Social media fuelling democracy - Thursday, 5th
UCT Unilever Institute film wins jury award in Cannes - Wednesday, 4th
Graduate quality a growing concern - Wednesday, 4th
Cloud computing the way to go - Wednesday, 4th
Constitutional Court key for democracy - Wednesday, 4th

April 2011
Responsible governance on the table at business school conference - Tuesday, 26th
South African aces Two Oceans - Tuesday, 26th
Prestigious awards for young TB researchers - Tuesday, 26th
Humanities unveils state-of-the-art postgrad commons - Tuesday, 26th
Catastrophe theories hold no water - Tuesday, 26th
Open Day inspires learners - Thursday, 21st
Hockey women off to a bright start - Tuesday, 19th
IPD joins forces with Namibia - Monday, 18th
Fun all the way in maths competition - Friday, 15th
Welcome back boytjies - Friday, 15th
Safety and violence out in the open - Friday, 15th
One giant speaks of another: Attenborough at UCT - Thursday, 14th
Global Citizenship programme growing - Thursday, 14th
Students to get advanced marketing skills - Thursday, 14th
Passing of poet and essayist, Stephen Watson - Wednesday, 13th
Donation helps to bridge the digital divide - Wednesday, 13th
Values-based leadership is centre's core business - Wednesday, 13th
Dogwatch sculpture added to UCT's living museum - Tuesday, 12th
Deluge of young maths boffins expected - Tuesday, 12th
Ikey Tigers are Varsity Cup champions - Monday, 11th
A little piece of UCT in Pretoria tonight - Monday, 11th
UCT and Samsung launch innovative cell phone applications - Friday, 8th
Kennedy's ripple returns to UCT in new film - Friday, 8th
Experts talk on women and land - Friday, 8th
Catalysis course draws industry's best - Friday, 8th
Alumnus among Canada's brightest - Friday, 8th
Pesticide Risk Management Diploma a first for FHS - Friday, 8th
Book gives real estate new theory - Friday, 8th
Seminar highlights postgraduate teaching and African connections - Friday, 8th
International researchers focus on improving the life of working poor - Thursday, 7th
Legal services hosts practitioners forum - Thursday, 7th
Environmentalist Pugh opposes new drilling technique - Thursday, 7th
Wish fulfilled for new director of catalysis centre - Wednesday, 6th
SADC universities join forces - Wednesday, 6th
Chief Justice hails Conweek - Wednesday, 6th
Survey helps to improve research - Wednesday, 6th
Honour for human rights activist - Wednesday, 6th
Project aims to prepare learners for varsity - Monday, 4th
Training advances skills in addiction-care - Monday, 4th
Many answers to financial crisis blame game - Friday, 1st

March 2011
Tigers go for the kill and bag a final - Tuesday, 29th
Ikey pair nominated for Varsity Cup awards - Monday, 28th
Prestigious Pifer for Parnell - Monday, 28th
Lights out to save planet - Friday, 25th
CD gives sound to an exhibition - Friday, 25th
Tough questions asked in timely symposium - Friday, 25th
Blending faith and health to improve wellbeing - Friday, 25th
Transformation through dance - Thursday, 24th
Multi-million rand project for universal health coverage - Thursday, 24th
Full year ahead for UCT Surgical Society - Thursday, 24th
New book confronts global health threats - Wednesday, 23rd
Win by a whisker - Wednesday, 23rd
Kopano lives up to its name - Wednesday, 23rd
Multi wins prompt Economics school's mini prize-giving - Wednesday, 23rd
VC welcomes new staff - Wednesday, 23rd
UCT disable-friendly but in need of policy - Friday, 18th
Learners get legal wise - Thursday, 17th
UCT's identity debated - Friday, 11th
Be compassionate, students urged - Friday, 11th
Squash event another resounding success - Thursday, 10th
UCT Trust boosted - Thursday, 10th
Shavathon show support - Thursday, 10th
Surprise honour for top matriculants - Wednesday, 9th
Round-the-clock diving for conservation - Wednesday, 9th
Ikeys surrender lead to steamrolling Maties - Tuesday, 8th
Award-winning writer explores new territories with book - Tuesday, 8th
US students lend a hand - Monday, 7th
Genetics and Africa - Friday, 4th
Dean of Commerce flags some obstacles to academic transformation - Friday, 4th
Steadfastness and fortitude needed for transformation - Thursday, 3rd
Marriage proposed as the future for African studies at UCT - Thursday, 3rd
Archive activists launch online - Wednesday, 2nd
UCT class wins the day - Tuesday, 1st
Doctors train and treat at new Hanover Park SLC - Tuesday, 1st
Land reform and property rights a burning issue - Tuesday, 1st
European parliamentarians visit SATVI trial - Tuesday, 1st
Muyanga's love work hits Baxter - Tuesday, 1st
Conference helps SRC to forge new relationships - Tuesday, 1st
Museum founder honoured - Tuesday, 1st

February 2011
Lung Institute breathes new life into old TB clinic - Thursday, 24th
Security kiosks ease fight against crime - Wednesday, 23rd
UCT knocks wind out of NMMU - Tuesday, 22nd
World Bank opens development - Monday, 21st
UCT students win global award - Monday, 21st
Computers chip in on heart disease - Monday, 21st
New funding opens the research gates - Monday, 21st
Looking for ways to see the African city - Monday, 21st
Professor shakes things up in cardiac studies - Friday, 18th
New knowledge sealed in old bones - Friday, 18th
Know their rights, says Children's Institute - Friday, 18th
Grant rewards work of lab heroes - Wednesday, 16th
Ikeys' bonus point take them to the top - Tuesday, 15th
SAX Appeal sellers hit the streets - Friday, 11th
New project to PRIME mental health services - Friday, 11th
Alert to students: new buildings on campus - Friday, 11th
Condom clothing spreads the word: 'If you connect, protect' - Friday, 11th
Software makes learning easy - Thursday, 10th
Then and now - Rotary alumni reunite - Wednesday, 9th
Partnership prospers - Wednesday, 9th
New book supports newcomers - Wednesday, 9th
UCT law students to represent South Africa in Washington, DC - Tuesday, 8th
Afrikaans play a first for Fleishman - Tuesday, 8th
Scrappy but solid win for UCT in Varsity Cup opener - Tuesday, 8th
Scientists explore African biodiversity to stave off parasitic worms - Tuesday, 8th
Renowned documentarian Yule's business is "meaning" - Tuesday, 8th
SATVI raises TB issue with Parliament - Monday, 7th
It's all systems go at registration - Monday, 7th
New coach wants to get UCT to put its best Foote forward - Monday, 7th
Jonathan Jansen sexes up education leadership - Monday, 7th
Network to boost health policy work - Friday, 4th
Orientation familiarise freshers with varsity - Friday, 4th
No room for mediocrity with Mizrahi at the helm - Friday, 4th
A few good men - Thursday, 3rd
Goodbye mum, hello UCT - Thursday, 3rd
New parents urged to monitor children's progress - Thursday, 3rd
Prize inspires students - Tuesday, 1st

January 2011
Best-value MBA surges up international ranking - Monday, 31st
Giant puppets for a grown-up audience - Friday, 28th
Summer Schoolers write up a storm - Thursday, 27th
Anti-poverty network launched at SALDRU - Friday, 21st
Jazz for all tastes on SACM release - Friday, 21st
Research and teaching boost for Refugee Rights Project - Friday, 21st
Artists learn their true colours - Thursday, 20th
Budding painters taught to blossom - Thursday, 20th
Summer School teaches botanic lingo - Tuesday, 18th
Cavalier Caira honoured with Italian knighthood - Tuesday, 18th
Lively discussions at cell death conference - Friday, 14th
Delegates get a measure of Africa - Thursday, 13th
SRC partners with international students - Wednesday, 12th
UCT ready for Summer Schoolers - Wednesday, 12th
Hoosain appointed new HR head - Wednesday, 12th

December 2010
Le Roex is new Dean of Science - Tuesday, 28th
Christmas roses add cheer to wards at Groote Schuur - Tuesday, 28th
Sher and Suzman wow peers and patrons at Baxter - Thursday, 23rd
Grad wraps up - Wednesday, 22nd
Theatre giants take to the stage at UCT - Tuesday, 21st
Hundreds more capped - Monday, 20th
Grad up and running - Friday, 17th
Student leaders share experiences - Tuesday, 14th
UCT poet wins Ingrid Jonker prize - Monday, 13th
Heart specialist awarded prestigious new fellowship - Monday, 13th
Transformation takes time, say scholars - Friday, 10th
Conference explores the workplace - Friday, 10th
Computer course changes lives - Friday, 10th
Fuller bust honours the woman behind the name - Wednesday, 8th
Students wind up power supply - Wednesday, 8th
Eyewitness accounts from Cancun - Tuesday, 7th
Michaelis grad work on show - Tuesday, 7th
Medical teachers grab 2010 awards - Monday, 6th
UCT Sevens eyes USSA championships - Friday, 3rd
International honour for TB authority - Friday, 3rd
SHAWCO appeals for help - Friday, 3rd
Xhosa course in demand - Friday, 3rd
Spiritual flavour to student development - Friday, 3rd
Afropolitanism starts at home - Nhlapo - Thursday, 2nd
War on pesticides earns Rother a top award - Thursday, 2nd
Medical grads rekindle old friendships - Wednesday, 1st
UCT receives a gift for the heart - Wednesday, 1st
Unit status for concrete research group - Wednesday, 1st
Brown to head computing community - Wednesday, 1st
World AIDS Day - South Africa on the frontline - Wednesday, 1st
Global perspective for mobile students - Wednesday, 1st

November 2010
Trust me, I'm a (new) doctor - Tuesday, 30th
Trustees sharpen their skills - Tuesday, 30th
The dark side of saving children - Monday, 29th
Shebeen Boys raise funds for good cause - Monday, 29th
UCT toasts the Mazda Wildlife Fund on its 20th anniversary - Monday, 29th
Bursary for student committed to energy efficiency - Friday, 26th
UCT hails newly promoted academics - Friday, 26th
Medical School gives its research a check-up - Friday, 26th
UCT must catch the scholarly engagement wave - Friday, 26th
Prophylactic antiretrovirals could check HIV infection, says new study - Thursday, 25th
Airbus collaboration off to a flying start - Wednesday, 24th
Birds on an island or two - Tuesday, 23rd
UCT's overseas representatives visit campus - Friday, 19th
GSB rules Africa - Friday, 19th
Stiff upper lips for CANSA - Friday, 19th
Their blood is green - Thursday, 18th
Vaccines for Africa - Tuesday, 16th
The genes are in the running - Tuesday, 16th
Student breaks new ground with dust study - Tuesday, 16th
Ex-Ikeys star simply the best - Monday, 15th
Fare thee well, retirees - Monday, 15th
Past traumas are a present problem - Friday, 12th
Noakes clears 10 000 milestone - Friday, 12th
Found in translation - Thursday, 11th
Fisheries' situation not so pessimistic - scientists - Wednesday, 10th
Prof wants to make a difference - Wednesday, 10th
Conference ponders how to turn economy around - Wednesday, 10th
Making e-Africa a virtual reality - Wednesday, 10th
EBE steps out against breast cancer - Wednesday, 10th
Communication and marketing awards for UCT - Friday, 5th
Hands-on physics - Friday, 5th
UCT scholar makes an impact - Friday, 5th
UCT research in the news in Mail & Guardian today - Friday, 5th
The FitzPatrick Institute and Dow Southern Africa join forces for Ground-Hornbill conservation - Thursday, 4th
Green building initiative wins top award - Thursday, 4th
Green awards for environmental champions - Thursday, 4th
Price bids farewell to present SRC - Wednesday, 3rd
Well-cited four stand out in AIDS research - Wednesday, 3rd
Recovery drink is novel pay-off for sports scientist - Tuesday, 2nd
Programme ensures new academics are linked in - Tuesday, 2nd
Cancer-fighters honoured by national association - Monday, 1st
First year winners to bite the Big Apple - Monday, 1st
Blindness not a death sentence - student - Monday, 1st

October 2010
Health sciences toasts its young researchers - Thursday, 28th
Physics and astronomy students stand out - Wednesday, 27th
Reading hones learners' skills - Wednesday, 27th
Best of the best hailed at sports awards - Tuesday, 26th
Triple win for UCT creative writers - Monday, 25th
UCT fencers are clear-cut winners - Monday, 25th
Selfless student leaders honoured - Friday, 22nd
Gold medal for architect - Friday, 22nd
UCT hosts Kresge Foundation visit - Friday, 22nd
Social justice inspires students - Friday, 22nd
Grace releases new CD - Friday, 22nd
Wise verse and laughter prescribed - Thursday, 21st
Shining a light on African bats - Thursday, 21st
Environmental group elects new leadership - Thursday, 21st
UCT librarian wins prestigious award - Thursday, 21st
Slice of success for research paper authors - Wednesday, 20th
Ultimate throws down the gauntlet - Wednesday, 20th
Raffle helps students lend a hand - Wednesday, 20th
Two new UCT fellows welcomed to the fold - Tuesday, 19th
Squash team is a handful - Monday, 18th
Open Access Week all about sharing - Friday, 15th
UCT exchanges ideas with high schools - Friday, 15th
Award fits the bill - Friday, 15th
Wellness Fair growing bigger and better - Thursday, 14th
Breast cancer survivors in the same boat - Thursday, 14th
Table tennis could leapfrog into premier league - Tuesday, 12th
VC praises long servers - Friday, 8th
Pink protest hits UCT - Friday, 8th
Braille key to survival - Thursday, 7th
New institute straddles humanities and law - Thursday, 7th
Social responsibility does not detract from excellence, says speaker - Thursday, 7th
Stellar award for Ellis - Wednesday, 6th
Dassies leave heaps of environmental data - Wednesday, 6th
UCT investigation after closet burns - Wednesday, 6th
Twin roles for geographer - Wednesday, 6th
Soccer star walks his talk - Tuesday, 5th
Pink Week promotes sexual diversity - Monday, 4th
Maths department coaches provincial team to victory - Friday, 1st
To know the future, know the past - Friday, 1st

September 2010
Association of Black Alumni has UCT's support - Thursday, 30th
Double header inaugural for medical biochemistry - Thursday, 30th
Music heritage is leitmotif at VC's concert - Thursday, 30th
Make UCT your home - Price - Thursday, 30th
Blind workshop teaches echo navigation - Thursday, 30th
Green project spreads to local school - Tuesday, 28th
Fitztitute upgraded to a fully funded Centre of Excellence - Tuesday, 28th
Stats meets biology at workshop - Tuesday, 28th
New era afoot as university rankings released - Thursday, 23rd
Copyright competition a big success - Thursday, 23rd
Claude Leon awards for young researchers - Wednesday, 22nd
Fun and serious games ahead for UCT sport - Wednesday, 22nd
UCT surprises in boat race - Monday, 20th
HIV changed my life - Monday, 20th
UCT goes green - Monday, 20th
How to get along with baboons - Friday, 17th
Workshop on performance management and academic freedom - Friday, 17th
New collaboration fosters links in Europe - Friday, 17th
Global warming - South Africa tailing the world - Wednesday, 15th
Best poster honours for Kimani - Tuesday, 14th
Cricket for life for O'Connor - Monday, 13th
Top drama educator challenges HIV/AIDS in festival - Friday, 10th
Ngwenya in the hot seat - Friday, 10th
New postgrad service unveiled - Thursday, 9th
Dream big, Ndungane tells young leaders - Thursday, 9th
Neo-colonialism deepening - Odora-Hoppers - Wednesday, 8th
Restore Africa's glory, Mbeki urges students - Wednesday, 8th
Summit connects future leaders - Tuesday, 7th
Men's hockey in grand win - Tuesday, 7th
TB workshop poses thorny question - Monday, 6th
Traditional sound reborn in Kirby collection - Monday, 6th
Alumnus takes big stride for students - Monday, 6th
Surfers make a splash - Monday, 6th
Window shopping for jobs - Friday, 3rd
UCT community debates admission policy - Friday, 3rd
No injuries in organic chemistry lab explosion - Friday, 3rd
Obs community improvement project takes to the streets - Thursday, 2nd
Lantern and arts project a light for Clanwilliam - Thursday, 2nd
Muslim bursary comes from heart - Thursday, 2nd
Corpse-measuring method gets new life - Wednesday, 1st
Students plant trees in community - Wednesday, 1st
Fun and knowledge at maths afternoon - Wednesday, 1st
African graduates struggle to find employment - survey - Wednesday, 1st

August 2010
International lecture series for computational science - Tuesday, 31st
Cuba reconnects with Africa - Tuesday, 31st
Security and shrinks: clashing views on climate change - Tuesday, 31st
Photo finish for SRC elections - Monday, 30th
Brainy neurosurgery at the foot of Africa - Monday, 30th
HIV prevalence study - the impact on future programming - Wednesday, 25th
Law book remembers Larkin's contribution - Wednesday, 25th
Admission figures skew - Mantashe - Tuesday, 24th
SRC voting kicks off - Tuesday, 24th
Hasta la vista - Monday, 23rd
Close shave for supportive students - Monday, 23rd
It's not all Chinese for res students - Monday, 23rd
Ray of light from new imaging spinoff - Friday, 20th
GSB staffer mixes it up - Friday, 20th
Ju Jitsu a must-have - Friday, 20th
Nimble performance from UCT fencing - Friday, 20th
Self worth through status symbols - Thursday, 19th
Music college to strut its stuff at centenary concerts - Thursday, 19th
Chinese visit underscores internationalisation - Thursday, 19th
Writers old and young talk of past and present - Thursday, 19th
Women science winners are role models - Wednesday, 18th
Minister on whirlwind tour - Wednesday, 18th
Wing It flies higher and higher - Wednesday, 18th
New threats loom for SA's democratic credentials - Tuesday, 17th
Younger generation rethink photography - Tuesday, 17th
Economist's library an intellectual cache - Tuesday, 17th
Sunday Times Literary prize for Coovadia - Monday, 16th
O'Connor is worth his weight - Monday, 16th
Academics and their managers - Friday, 13th
Fun and games mark presentation of SRC nominees - Friday, 13th
SATVI's new tank to fight TB - Friday, 13th
Students bring smiles to disabled - Friday, 13th
UCT welcomes Parliament - Friday, 13th
New Bill curbs access to information - Thursday, 12th
Engineers show enthusiasm and craft without borders - Thursday, 12th
GSB shakes up leadership and boosts innovation - Wednesday, 11th
HR forms go electronic - Tuesday, 10th
Teaching and treatment boost for Groote Schuur - Tuesday, 10th
Women want to bridge the divide - Friday, 6th
UCT's rocket engineers shoot the sky - Friday, 6th
Programme to give UCT graduates an edge - Friday, 6th
UCT's new chartered accountants top national results - Friday, 6th
Teacher's dedication takes her to the stars - Thursday, 5th
Lotto money good for sport - Thursday, 5th
Klatzow hangs up his jackets a happy man - Wednesday, 4th
Birdies galore at ornithology's golf day - Wednesday, 4th
Scientific innovation combats children's lung diseases - Tuesday, 3rd
Crunch time for maths learners - Tuesday, 3rd
Specialist a hero to support group - Tuesday, 3rd
Mandela Day celebrated with giving - Monday, 2nd
UCT ropes in chaplains - Monday, 2nd
EDU fulfils students' dreams - Monday, 2nd
Yende does it again - Monday, 2nd

July 2010
Sporty two blaze to glory - Friday, 30th
South Africa failing its children - report - Friday, 30th
Obituary: Graham Beck - Thursday, 29th
Plant physiologists goes gold - Thursday, 29th
New award to encourage young medical scientists - Wednesday, 28th
Crash course in South Africa for US visitors - Tuesday, 27th
Students divided on long vac - Tuesday, 27th
Be creative, Price tells new managers - Monday, 26th
Pinup science for nation's schools - Friday, 23rd
UCT evenings get parents on board - Thursday, 22nd
Open Day opens possibilities for learners - Thursday, 22nd
Director's bursary brings delight to the stage - Tuesday, 20th
Fossil fame for UCT zoologist - Monday, 19th
GSB women steal the show - Thursday, 15th
UCT duo on the world stage - Wednesday, 14th
Future leaders learn the ropes - Wednesday, 14th
Maths and science project aims high - Tuesday, 13th
18 hospitals to get GSB's Lean treatment - Tuesday, 13th
Taking stock of brand SA - Tuesday, 13th
Sasol and UCT partnership yields ground-breaking invention - Monday, 12th
It was Pelé versus Mandela at UCT - Friday, 9th
It's time for alternatives, say energy engineers - Friday, 9th
New doctors to boost public health - Friday, 9th
Technology fuels soccer spectacle - Wednesday, 7th
Legal rights and Muslim marriage debated - Tuesday, 6th
New temp staff providers - Tuesday, 6th
Up a creek ... with a paddle - Monday, 5th
Campus hub of soccer madness - Monday, 5th
Unfinished business on show - Friday, 2nd

June 2010
Michaelis marks Dak'Art - Wednesday, 30th
HIV kidney ops grab world attention - Wednesday, 30th
Department dresses for success - Wednesday, 30th
Climate scientists report for duty - Tuesday, 29th
Accolades keep coming for GSB - Tuesday, 29th
R250 000 raised by black alumni - Monday, 28th
More jobs for graduates - Monday, 28th
Taking UCT to Gauteng - Monday, 28th
Business as usual after the ICTS move - Thursday, 24th
Learners get varsity experience - Wednesday, 23rd
GSB Executive Education amongst the best worldwide - Monday, 21st
Obituary: Lord Wolfson - Monday, 21st
Holiday learning with SHAWCO winter school - Friday, 18th
A public viewing area with a difference - Friday, 18th
International ethics prize for Stein - Monday, 14th
Flags and vuvuzelas mark World Cup day - Friday, 11th
Centner wins ICTS survey - Thursday, 10th
Mayor honours top students - Wednesday, 9th
Computer course improves lives - Monday, 7th
Mboweni's balancing act honoured - Friday, 4th
New dean for commerce - Thursday, 3rd
Student Googles herself to an international award - Tuesday, 1st

May 2010
New high-tech language lab launched - Monday, 31st
Mitas shines in an opera competition - Monday, 31st
Make maths an official language, urges academic - Monday, 31st
Vice-Chancellor's Medal for Nobel Laureate - Friday, 28th
Uganda free but human rights still violated - Friday, 28th
Student looks for new water treatment solutions - Friday, 28th
UCT has Africa links across the board - Thursday, 27th
Commerce faculty drums it up - Thursday, 27th
Africa Day jols spread to far corners of campus - Thursday, 27th
Soccer fever hits health sciences - Thursday, 27th
FIFA under the critical spotlight - Thursday, 27th
Humans so much alike, so different - Wednesday, 26th
Genetic lineages make people react differently to drugs - Wednesday, 26th
French knighthood for Everson - Tuesday, 25th
Two UCT academics for National Planning Commission - Tuesday, 25th
Dress up for Africa Day - Friday, 21st
Celebrate International Day for Biological Diversity - Friday, 21st
HIV nurses roll out their knowledge - Friday, 21st
Indigenous Africans were successful miners, Chirikure - Friday, 21st
Robust Robinson runs wild - Thursday, 20th
Science makes the day in Khayelitsha - Thursday, 20th
Students reach out for a good cause - Tuesday, 18th
Unilever study aid for a new generation - Tuesday, 18th
Africa development needs a quantum leap - Monday, 17th
KANNA award for guitarist James Grace - Monday, 17th
Nogapsbetween's career takes shape - Friday, 14th
UCT/LSE strategic partnership signed - Friday, 14th
UCT architecture students put cheer into chairs for homeless kids - Thursday, 13th
Engineering services take maintenance into the boardroom - Wednesday, 12th
Ikeys give Maties too much of a headstart - Tuesday, 11th
Womenomics at Young Women in Finance - Friday, 7th
Ultimate's ambitions thrown for a loop - Friday, 7th
Students honoured for their good service - Friday, 7th
Social enterprise is the way, students told - Thursday, 6th
Proper planning yields "smooth" admissions - Thursday, 6th
Chemistry bonds with three chairs - Thursday, 6th
Sticky times for hockey - Wednesday, 5th
Crime news is different news - Wednesday, 5th
Mummies, cats, bulls and dissection - Wednesday, 5th
UCT opens eyes with blind soccer tournament - Tuesday, 4th
New microscope takes UCT closer - Tuesday, 4th
State-of-the-art equipment for UCT - Tuesday, 4th
Robertson entertains her doctors - Tuesday, 4th
Engineering students must build the country - Monday, 3rd
CD-Roms bridge communication gap - Monday, 3rd

April 2010
UCT soprano sings her way to finals - Friday, 30th
Fighting Africa's education woes - Friday, 30th
New bursary for 25 UCT students - Thursday, 29th
Shain on Protocols - an anti-Semitic hoax - Thursday, 29th
EBE applies itself to social good - Thursday, 29th
Six of the best teach the teachers - Thursday, 29th
Millennium goals need African perspective, says VC - Wednesday, 28th
Club invites sports enthusiasts to go for the ultimate - Wednesday, 28th
PhDs get pointers - Friday, 23rd
Student publication unites UCT law societies - Thursday, 22nd
Competition is manna to budding mathematicians - Wednesday, 21st
Trauma surgeons address Surgical Society - Wednesday, 21st
Think on your feet, new media gurus tell students - Wednesday, 21st
Chomsky's contributions speak for themselves - Tuesday, 20th
Arms race in bird kingdom - Tuesday, 20th
Doyen of adolescent health and psychiatry dies - Tuesday, 20th
Open Day gives learners a glimpse of their future - Monday, 19th
Sober celebration for Zim students - Monday, 19th
Fashion week ends with a bang - Monday, 19th
Record numbers for maths competition will congest campus - Monday, 19th
Don't stigmatise HIV-positive people, says UCT leadership - Friday, 16th
Go rural, say medical students - Friday, 16th
Kentridge explores The Nose - Friday, 16th
Clean sweep for students in Apprentice challenge - Friday, 16th
Fashion week ends with a bang - Friday, 16th
Price commends the "smooth" admissions process - Thursday, 15th
SRC strive for academic excellence - Wednesday, 14th
VC salutes Varsity Cup team - Tuesday, 13th
Status of outsourced services will not change - Tuesday, 13th
"Auf Wiedersehen!" say global studies students - Friday, 9th
Price welcomes new staff - Thursday, 8th
New book gives solutions to sustainability of Mother City - Thursday, 8th
GSB appoints new research director - Thursday, 8th
Students test their entrepreneurial mettle - Wednesday, 7th
Conference gets Lancet nod of approval - Wednesday, 7th
Toe-to-toe on University Avenue - Tuesday, 6th
New project to remove electronic waste - Tuesday, 6th
Jazz conference documents history - Thursday, 1st
UCT management studies students slay opposition in Istanbul - Thursday, 1st
Salary negotiations concluded between UCT and academics - Thursday, 1st
Top student gets a gift with a difference - Thursday, 1st

March 2010
Integrity core to the Court, says Sachs - Wednesday, 31st
Ethiopian visitors extend disaster risk management outreach - Wednesday, 31st
Spier win for Swift - Tuesday, 30th
UCT and Penn State want to get serious - Tuesday, 30th
Maties break UCT hearts - Tuesday, 30th
New developments regarding deanships - Monday, 29th
Tickets on sale for Varsity Cup final - Friday, 26th
Student composes for award-winning film - Friday, 26th
UCT Libraries toast library week - Friday, 26th
UCT calls for participation in the Earth Hour - Thursday, 25th
Swedish minister urges SA to go green - Thursday, 25th
Connectivity is the answer, says Gandhi - Thursday, 25th
Climate Change: How to rise above the noise - Thursday, 25th
Sharpeville remembered - Wednesday, 24th
Real test of survival - for a good cause - Wednesday, 24th
GIPCA lecture series kicks off - Wednesday, 24th
Ikeys to meet Maties in Varsity Cup final yet again - Tuesday, 23rd
Healthcare watchdog set loose - Tuesday, 23rd
Clashing views on role of scientists in global warming - Tuesday, 23rd
James Grace’s Sevilla nominated for a SAMA - Friday, 19th
Glenres wins energy competition - Friday, 19th
UCT-related book runner-up in National Jewish Book Award - Friday, 19th
UCT and Maties go at it again - on the road - Thursday, 18th
Ikeys make third Varsity Cup semi - Thursday, 18th
School of Dance goes on tour along the Garden Route - Tuesday, 16th
Soccer storm hits RAG - Monday, 15th
New course will create savvy, super cyber surfers - Friday, 12th
High schoolers learn to build and programme robots - Friday, 12th
Malawian physiotherapist visits UCT - Friday, 12th
Vice-chancellors debate leadership - Thursday, 11th
New programme helps first years adjust - Thursday, 11th
Law hooks up with collaborators from Mozambique - Thursday, 11th
UCT Surgical Society reaches out - Wednesday, 10th
Shavathon takes a new direction - Wednesday, 10th
Ikeys give Maties pause for thought - Tuesday, 9th
Bourne's contribution honoured - Monday, 8th
Students taught more about safety - Monday, 8th
If it's Friday, wear your Bafana Bafana shirt - Thursday, 4th
Kirstenbosch concert a big success - Thursday, 4th
Tigers win again - Wednesday, 3rd
Conference explores cultural encounters - Tuesday, 2nd
Amid many troubles at schools, there’s been progress, says Bloch - Tuesday, 2nd
SRC members test for HIV - Monday, 1st

February 2010
Law faculty helps underpin Afrikaans as an academic language - Friday, 26th
Good prospects for the economy - Kantor - Friday, 26th
Global Game Jam showdown - Wednesday, 24th
Unit gives Constitution a check-up - Wednesday, 24th
Reward offered, email established for support - Tuesday, 23rd
Ikey Tigers win despite bad day - Tuesday, 23rd
UCT takes to the streets to protest murders - Monday, 22nd
Medicine department turns 90 - in style - Monday, 22nd
We say ENOUGH! UCT community to protest the murder of student Dominic Giddy - Friday, 19th
UCT gears up for 'koshuis' rugby - Friday, 19th
New book looks at SA's climate-change mitigation options - Friday, 19th
Words of despair and hope - Thursday, 18th
FNB UCT win honours former flanker and student - Thursday, 18th
IS outreach to Addis Ababa receives recognition - Thursday, 18th
New website for Fitztitute - Wednesday, 17th
OpenContent Directory frees UCT knowledge resources - Tuesday, 16th
Indian history celebrated - Monday, 15th
UCT pathologist scoops top award - Monday, 15th
Pioneer of liver research dies - Thursday, 11th
Greenies bowl 'em over - Thursday, 11th
South Africa the place to be, says environmental scientist - Wednesday, 10th
Online fynbos encyclopaedia launched - Wednesday, 10th
Ikey Tigers break Pukke hoodoo - Tuesday, 9th
Clubs strut their stuff at O-Week - Friday, 5th
Sharing wealth from the Hoodia trade - Friday, 5th
Students blitz city with pure SAX Appeal - Thursday, 4th
Nobel winner offers science and responsibility - Wednesday, 3rd
Second-best of starts for UCT - Tuesday, 2nd
Welcome boost in internet bandwidth - Tuesday, 2nd
UCT prepped and ready for Varsity Cup - Monday, 1st

January 2010
Freshers' Braai welcomes new students - Friday, 29th
Children's Institute revamps its websites - Friday, 29th
Excitement as residences open - Wednesday, 27th
Welcome to the beat of Africa - Tuesday, 26th
Anxious moments for students as registration begins - Tuesday, 26th
Fun and info marks Parents' Orientation - Monday, 25th
New Confucius Institute opens cultural doors for UCT - Monday, 25th
Ralph Lawrence: 1920-2009 - Monday, 25th
Orientation kicks off with lots of fun - Thursday, 21st
Neurologist draws in the crowds - Tuesday, 19th
Summer School begins with Bits, Bites and Tweets - Monday, 18th
Enquiring mind drives Kairinos to win more - Monday, 18th
Toolkit gives African small businesses access to e-commerce - Thursday, 14th
South Africans believe recession is far from over - Tuesday, 12th

December 2009
Refugee-rights expert speaks in Geneva - Wednesday, 30th
Sporting highlights - Tuesday, 29th
UCT brings cheer to hospital patients - Thursday, 24th
Kit Vaughan delivers his adieus - Thursday, 24th
UCT "alums" reflect on affirmative action - Tuesday, 22nd
Computer training opens doors - Tuesday, 22nd
Graduation continues its happy procession - Thursday, 17th
UCT well represented at climate summit - Tuesday, 15th
Honorary degrees for two UCT academics - Tuesday, 15th
Grad week stars a cast of thousands - Monday, 14th
New trust will benefit needy staff and students - Thursday, 10th
First paper from world's most ambitious science project - Tuesday, 8th
Res students becoming more environmentally-friendly - Tuesday, 8th
UCT scholars get country's highest honours - Friday, 4th
Huge jubilations mark medical results bash - Friday, 4th
Xhosa course growing bigger - Friday, 4th
Pacemakers that can take a beating - Thursday, 3rd
Neo-liberalism seeks to dominate Aboriginal affairs in Australia - Altman - Wednesday, 2nd
Red flags fly high to mark World AIDS Day - Tuesday, 1st
Prevention is better than cure - says Van As - Tuesday, 1st
So what place for the Bill of Rights? - Tuesday, 1st

November 2009
New shelter for Jammie Shuttle passengers - Monday, 30th
Royal visit cements South Africa-Norway relationships - Friday, 27th
Unit punches 'way out' of its league - Friday, 27th
No more monkey business with baboons - Friday, 27th
UCT fundraising initiatives tap into new avenues - Thursday, 26th
USHEPiA celebrates its success - Thursday, 26th
Global award for Machel and Mandela - Wednesday, 25th
Disa named in honour of benefactor - Wednesday, 25th
Dark energy thesis wins medal - Tuesday, 24th
Mental health for mothers goes digital - Monday, 23rd
Hands-on students build homes - and goodwill - Tuesday, 17th
FET chemistry illuminated for science teachers - Tuesday, 17th
Grantham takes on the world - Tuesday, 17th
UCT bids farewell to retirees - Tuesday, 17th
Rotary Club of Umhlanga nurtures conservation training - Monday, 16th
Groote Schuur's culture of helping goes big - Monday, 16th
African Universities Day with a difference - Friday, 13th
New centre tackles other disease burden - Friday, 13th
UCT thanks committed security officers - Friday, 13th
New African dinosaur was very down to earth - Wednesday, 11th
Hope and dignity the cornerstones of new book - Friday, 6th
Students in the Microsoft running - Friday, 6th
Computers galore for conservation biologists - Thursday, 5th
Heads brainstorm transformation at UCT - Tuesday, 3rd
Tennis day for city children - Tuesday, 3rd
Victory for child-grant lobby - Monday, 2nd

October 2009
Islamic studies picks up pace in project - Friday, 30th
Black alumni campaign paves the path - Friday, 30th
Happiness is a shoo-in, thanks to charity project - Wednesday, 28th
Black Management Forum at UCT simply the best - Wednesday, 28th
Sports stars strut their success at annual dinner - Wednesday, 28th
Campus in step with Soccer World Cup - Monday, 26th
Green Campus Initiative elects new committee - Friday, 23rd
Don’t let challenges floor you - Nhlapo - Thursday, 22nd
Two worlds meet in a snap - Tuesday, 20th
Prestigious teaching award for Burch - Monday, 19th
Three win fellowships for TB research - Friday, 16th
Creative Writing at UCT: Afrikaans poetry - Wednesday, 14th
Kopano old boys dig deep to put back - Wednesday, 14th
Platform launched to promote the value of the archive - Wednesday, 14th
Wellness Fair encourages healthy living - Monday, 12th
Mediation process slow in South Africa - Rycroft - Thursday, 8th
Team's rural project rocks - Wednesday, 7th
UCT guitarists shine at masterclass - Wednesday, 7th
VC honours long-service staffers - Tuesday, 6th
Change culture of violence, VC urges marchers - Monday, 5th
Grantham waves sustainable living - Friday, 2nd
Green Week gathers momentum - Friday, 2nd
Mfolozi's innovation will underpin medical breakthrough - Friday, 2nd
Big time bandwidth bump up for UCT - Friday, 2nd
Appointment of Ngcobo is welcome news, says senior law lecturer - Friday, 2nd
"Face of Bremner" will long be remembered - Friday, 2nd
From emergency medicine to five-star winemaking - Thursday, 1st
UCT community to march for slain medical student - Thursday, 1st
Lessons for South Africa from middle power Canada - Thursday, 1st

September 2009
Noero one of only six architects to show at Iziko - Wednesday, 30th
Campus mourns; motive for shooting unknown - Tuesday, 29th
International Olympic Committee endorsement for sports medicine research unit - Monday, 28th
Security teams must be on their toes ahead of Soccer World Cup - Friday, 25th
Turning the spotlight on concurrency and HIV spread - Wednesday, 23rd
Developing world needs resources to tackle intellectual disability - Tuesday, 22nd
Cosmology and the universe in a nutshell - Monday, 21st
Best paper award for Correia and Holman - Friday, 18th
Red Cross unveils world-class facility - Thursday, 17th
Arts festival lights up the town - Thursday, 17th
Retreat energises PhD students - Wednesday, 16th
Mboweni lists economic successes and woes - Tuesday, 15th
Second Sichel for UCT - Wednesday, 9th
Urbanisation in African cities unique - Pieterse - Tuesday, 8th
UCT's women scientists honoured - Monday, 7th
Special message from Michigan University - Wednesday, 2nd
UCT researchers set new benchmark in NRF ratings - Wednesday, 2nd
Lifetime achievement award for Ndebele - Wednesday, 2nd
Moot win for UCT - Wednesday, 2nd
UCT researchers coasting to TV stardom - Tuesday, 1st
DASO, independents control SRC - Tuesday, 1st

August 2009
Vula launches SMS service - Friday, 28th
SRC elections reaches boiling point - Friday, 28th
Male identity on the dance floor - Friday, 28th
Robinson shatters nine-year record - Thursday, 27th
We need ethical and caring world - Tutu - Wednesday, 26th
Research excellence acknowledged - Friday, 21st
UCT assists Anglo to improve safety in mines - Friday, 21st
Role model wins Stella Clark award - Thursday, 20th
Maths and science no Cinderella - Thursday, 20th
Science bronze for Hockman - Thursday, 20th
Hockey side folds against Maties - Thursday, 20th
Mossel Bay site shows early modern humans used fire to engineer stone tools - Wednesday, 19th
Developing Academic Staff Developers - Wednesday, 19th
UCT joins up with local dance group - Monday, 17th
Top chemistry medal for Caira - Friday, 14th
UCT leads research systems - NRF - Friday, 14th
Consider intellectuals outside universities - Nandy - Friday, 14th
Speaker urges academics to watch over academic freedom - Thursday, 13th
Tutu among 16 world figures honoured by Obama - Thursday, 13th
Machel challenges UCT women to conquer the remaining struggle - Wednesday, 12th
Baboon seeks food for thought on middle campus - Wednesday, 12th
Climate change negotiations at risk - Wednesday, 12th
Define new concepts of cultural diversity, says Asmal - Friday, 7th
First positron emission particle tracking lab for SA - Thursday, 6th
First baby vaccinated in pioneering TB trial - Thursday, 6th
Innovative voting system is one of brilliant winners - Wednesday, 5th
Promoting a safer UCT - Monday, 3rd
Explaining the game - Monday, 3rd

July 2009
Keep your oath, even when it hurts - Friday, 31st
VC blows UCT minds at concert - Thursday, 30th
Confederations Cup fans will return for World Cup - Thursday, 30th
Students examine relationships with the community - Thursday, 30th
Langerman exhibition on representation of disease - Wednesday, 29th
Vision 2020 paying dividends - Wednesday, 29th
Drug use alters brain activity - Friday, 24th
VC meets alumni in windy city - Wednesday, 22nd
UCT swine flu victims in good health - Wednesday, 22nd
First South African-developed HIV vaccines begin testing in SA - Monday, 20th
Nzimande on Soudien Report - Friday, 17th
Remote sensing a key to survival - Friday, 17th
The value of numbers - Thursday, 16th
MSEP holiday school launches - Wednesday, 15th
UCT students with swine flu in isolation - Tuesday, 14th
Michael Jackson's skin: as clear as black and white? - Tuesday, 14th
Take this UCT duo to lunch - Tuesday, 14th
Wynberg fights biopiracy - Tuesday, 14th
Yende conquers the world - Friday, 10th
Building commences on middle campus - Friday, 10th
Obituary: Dr Kate Jagoe-Davies - Friday, 10th
Eye-catching science for classrooms - Wednesday, 8th
Student Financial Aid on the ball - Wednesday, 8th
JESA selected for Science Citation Index - Monday, 6th
New programme pinpoints career options - Monday, 6th
UCT SA's coolest university - Friday, 3rd
UCT boosts transformation among new CAs - Thursday, 2nd
Milestone for Seggie - Wednesday, 1st
Self-made alumnus shares success recipe - Wednesday, 1st
City maths boffs for world inter-city competition - Wednesday, 1st

June 2009
Theron's legacy comes to life - Tuesday, 30th
Obituary: Donald Carr - Tuesday, 30th
Allergy burden nothing to be sneezed at - Monday, 29th
SALDRU scoops NIDS tender - Monday, 29th
Sweet 60 for Nhlapo - Friday, 26th
Winter solstice celebrations at SANAE - Friday, 26th
Fake grass field in demand - Thursday, 25th
Farewell to dean Ayogu - Wednesday, 24th
Marrus at Kaplan - Wednesday, 24th
Fellowship for Warner - Monday, 22nd
De Vos is new chair in Constitutional Governance at UCT - Monday, 22nd
Health Sciences opens new lab - Friday, 19th
UCT stand at Book Fair a first - Friday, 19th
GSB gives graduates a glittering send off - Thursday, 18th
All in the family - Wednesday, 17th
President of Convocation Medal for activist - Friday, 12th
One for the books - Friday, 12th
Bumper numbers to be capped at winter graduations - Thursday, 11th
High honour for Salazar - Thursday, 11th
UCT authors cover Book Fair - Wednesday, 10th
MA student in the footlights - Wednesday, 10th
Refugee Rights website goes live - Tuesday, 9th
Price on higher education at Press Club - Monday, 8th
EBE honours outstanding students - Monday, 8th
Companies' financial statements improving - Friday, 5th
Wanamaker's community building work honoured - Friday, 5th
Harvey wins top legal prize - Thursday, 4th
Price on higher education at Press Club - Wednesday, 3rd
Botha honoured at international film fest - Wednesday, 3rd
UCT alumnus conquers Everest - Tuesday, 2nd
The health system of powerlessness - Tuesday, 2nd
Obituary: Richard Dudley - Tuesday, 2nd

May 2009
HIV-positive couples more likely to have many HPVs - Friday, 29th
Raising a child no child's play - Friday, 29th
Learning teaching French a first for Southern Africa - Thursday, 28th
VC's Medal for Tindale - Wednesday, 27th
Recession: You feeling it too? - Wednesday, 20th
Crucial balance between progress and responsibility - Tuesday, 19th
First human trial of UCT’s HIV vaccine - Monday, 18th
Memorial flame burns brightly - Monday, 18th
Plaatjies takes Xhosa music to the world - Friday, 15th
100-mile warriors - Friday, 15th
Map pinpoints access routes for wheelchairs - Friday, 15th
Viljoen eyes national fencing title - Thursday, 14th
New milestone for SA Libraries - Thursday, 14th
SRC hosts academic awareness campaign - Wednesday, 13th
Smit grabs Keswick Prize - Wednesday, 13th
New book illuminates naturalism and philosophy’s science connection - Wednesday, 13th
Warm welcome for prospective students - Tuesday, 12th
Intervarsity ends in thrilling draw - Tuesday, 12th
HoDs discuss VC's strategic plan - Tuesday, 5th
Skotnes book honoured - Monday, 4th
UCT workers protest conditions - Monday, 4th

April 2009
UCT starts debate on admissions policy - Thursday, 30th
Working for UN no child's play - Tuesday, 28th
Ramesar dedicates award to team - Thursday, 23rd
Weekend sports - Tuesday, 21st
Science teachers welcome mining resource packs - Monday, 20th
Concrete researcher wins fellowship - Friday, 17th
Centre introduces high-tech to the poor - Friday, 17th
Residences go green - Wednesday, 15th
National LGBTI body launched - Tuesday, 14th
Exceptional guards honoured - Thursday, 9th
Talking his way to the top - Monday, 6th
Partying for the planet - Friday, 3rd
German universities keen to enhance internationalisation - Friday, 3rd
Vaccines for Africa website launched - Thursday, 2nd
Religion: Social misfit or morality prosthesis? - Thursday, 2nd
RAG floats annex city - Wednesday, 1st
UCT graduate heads Cape Times. - Wednesday, 1st
Philosophers-in-the-making - Wednesday, 1st
AIDS archive a valuable resource - Wednesday, 1st

March 2009
Party candidates face off in Jameson Hall - Friday, 27th
Growing burden of disease crippling healthcare - Friday, 27th
UCT hail staff donors - Thursday, 26th
Law takes its course at schools - Thursday, 26th
'We can' campaign to destigmatise TB - Tuesday, 24th
Ill wind ends Varsity Cup dream - Tuesday, 24th
Reading festival reveals hidden talent - Tuesday, 24th
Virtual history takes users to prison - Monday, 23rd
PASS staffer pens new children's titles - Monday, 23rd
Maartens president of new clinical pharmacology college - Friday, 20th
Home semi for Ikey Tigers after narrow loss - Tuesday, 17th
Kabwe takes the Fleur du Cap - Friday, 13th
RAG going for gold - Thursday, 12th
Heads up for charity - Wednesday, 11th
Ikhwezi launches new work and new stars - Wednesday, 11th
UCT cuts it close - Tuesday, 10th
A fun day of science - Tuesday, 10th
Young Global Leader honour for Greene - Tuesday, 10th
Rugby club builds and cements relationships - Tuesday, 10th
Schools going green - Friday, 6th
Pan-African commodities venture launched - Wednesday, 4th
Ikey Tigers take it for Monte - Tuesday, 3rd
Expert in chaos and innovation is new GSB director - Monday, 2nd

February 2009
HIV testing is fast and free - Thursday, 26th
Universe model not quite bang on target - Thursday, 26th
Going, going, green - Wednesday, 25th
Rosslee does it for Ikeys - Wednesday, 25th
Top South African journals available to world's scholars - Wednesday, 25th
Opera students conquer the world - Friday, 20th
Large grant for maths and science teaching - Friday, 20th
VC's Open Lecture - 9 March - Friday, 20th
UCT's website makes Webometrics ranking - Friday, 20th
Government failing poor children - Thursday, 19th
UCT's Brian Kantor goes head to head with Treasury - Thursday, 19th
VC calls staff, students to participate in HIV/AIDS surveys - Thursday, 19th
Noakes' Order of Mapungubwe celebrated - Wednesday, 18th
Ikey Tigers bank third bonus point against UJ - Tuesday, 17th
Division of Human Nutrition launched - Tuesday, 17th
Darwin celebrated at UCT - Monday, 16th
Top honour for geophysics research - Friday, 13th
Botany student's hard work bags two awards - Friday, 13th
No let-up on Zimbabwe despite power sharing - Friday, 13th
Ikey Tigers rampant against TUT - Wednesday, 11th
VC marches with Social Justice Coalition - Friday, 6th
UCT cricketing stars for WP amateur league - Friday, 6th
Visiting students welcomed - Friday, 6th
Khan sets his sights on the world - Thursday, 5th
Maties take early advantage in FNB Varsity Cup - Tuesday, 3rd

January 2009
A-rating for Farrant a first in the natural sciences - Wednesday, 28th
Conflict resolution centre is leading think tank - Tuesday, 27th
GSB rated best value for money in the world - Tuesday, 27th
Rhodes Mandela Scholars - Monday, 26th
Passing of Noël Robb - Monday, 26th
Summer School is intellectual melting pot - Friday, 23rd
Educational practice award for Grant and Kalil - Friday, 23rd
Curb climate change, leaders asked - Wednesday, 21st
New stars for Ikey Tigers as Varsity Cup kicks off - Friday, 16th
Risks and benefits of climate change scrutinised - Wednesday, 14th
Kalula to probe Zim - Friday, 9th
Obituary: Prof "Tinkie" Heyns - Thursday, 8th
Helen Suzman remembered - Tuesday, 6th

December 2008
New book on rape law reform - Friday, 19th
Roode gets roar of approval with LEO award - Friday, 19th
Environmental award for UCT Law Faculty - Friday, 19th
Fee increase will assist more needy students - Thursday, 18th
Younge's iconic sculpture is a link to the "heart of Africa" - Thursday, 18th
Sex and Amsterdam - Monday, 15th
Graduation gets underway - Tuesday, 9th
Honorary doctorate for Professor Jonathan Dorfan - Tuesday, 9th
Performing and creative arts institute a hub for talent - Tuesday, 9th
Graduation week caps academic year in celebratory fashion - Monday, 8th
Kairinos on winning streak - Friday, 5th
Wellcome Trust award extends clinic - Thursday, 4th
Focus on Testosterone - Thursday, 4th
UCT hosts CUBBI - Tuesday, 2nd
Medical results bash - Tuesday, 2nd
Book tells Groote Schuur Hospital's story - Tuesday, 2nd
South African AIDS vaccine testing starts - Monday, 1st

November 2008
Memorial service for the late Professor Tony Fairall - Friday, 28th
A-ratings for sociolinguist, astronomer and neuropsychologist - Friday, 28th
Graduates relieve poor school - Friday, 28th
Psychiatric medications examined through a philosophical lens - Wednesday, 26th
Chirikure works on ancient shipwreck materials - Friday, 21st
Colloquium focuses on ties with China - Friday, 21st
Statistics paper wins UCT's first Sichel Medal - Wednesday, 19th
Staff art on show - Tuesday, 18th
UCT refugee-rights expert addresses AU - Tuesday, 18th
Jewish politics explored in master's thesis - Thursday, 13th
High hopes for reduced carbon emissions at UCT - Thursday, 13th
Skotnes celebrates the San - Wednesday, 12th
IIDMM institute under review - Wednesday, 12th
UCT mourns Mama Africa's death - Tuesday, 11th
Alumna's social documentary for Parliament screening - Monday, 10th
SA's Black Diamond women flex their muscle - Monday, 10th
Unique transport solution pays off - Friday, 7th
Excavations begin on Rustenburg Burial Ground - Thursday, 6th
Cape Jazz tunes booked - Thursday, 6th
Commerce student has his say on US elections - Tuesday, 4th
Oral on new TB diagnostic tests wins award - Tuesday, 4th

October 2008
Gates Foundation funds TB research - Friday, 31st
Software windfall for construction economics - Tuesday, 28th
Harrison's unit upgraded to centre - Monday, 27th
Socially responsive outreach gets leg-up - Monday, 27th
Xhosa course helps transformation - Monday, 27th
Stephen Shore master class and exhibition - Friday, 24th
UCT lagging in employment equity - Friday, 24th
Robinson runs off with sportsperson award - Thursday, 23rd
SRC must be accessible, says new president - Thursday, 23rd
Futuristic design wins trip abroad - Wednesday, 22nd
Field to expand oral history in Africa - Wednesday, 22nd
Cervical cancer under the spotlight - Wednesday, 22nd
Trio of new Fellows - Wednesday, 22nd
Race science dogs value of forensic anthropology - Morris - Wednesday, 22nd
Martin Hall to take the helm at Salford - Friday, 17th
Globalist getting bigger - Thursday, 16th
Matthews makes children wildlife friendly - Thursday, 16th
Yende's star rises high - Thursday, 16th
UCT climbs world rankings - Wednesday, 15th
Mascot for VC - Wednesday, 15th
Younge/Cruise design unveiled by Zille - Tuesday, 14th
Young researchers display their skills - Tuesday, 14th
Education researchers collaborate - Tuesday, 14th
UCT team runs amok at competition - Monday, 13th
False claims on Islam exposed - Monday, 13th
Milestone for Disability Services - Monday, 13th
Muslim movement bursaries - Monday, 13th
A dart for Bart - Friday, 10th
Audited institutional information now on tap - Friday, 10th
Hairy visitor hails residence food - Thursday, 9th
Maths Profs play ball to launch trophy - Thursday, 9th
Not enough, say EU protesters - Wednesday, 8th
UCT honours loyal staff - Tuesday, 7th
Fellowship hosts festival - Tuesday, 7th
New coach has high hopes for varsity cricket - Thursday, 2nd

September 2008
Sixth novel for Hambidge - Tuesday, 30th
Jammie drivers honoured - Friday, 26th
Platform for international students launched - Friday, 26th
UCT students win top conservation awards - Friday, 26th
Alumnus is principal investigator in US$88million project - Friday, 26th
EBE do it for children's home - Tuesday, 23rd
Li hits two birds with one stone - Tuesday, 23rd
Scholars review outdated laws - Monday, 22nd
Vaccines can control HIV - Friday, 19th
Author's debut novel receives international recognition - Wednesday, 17th
Structural Biology rewarded at Extremophiles 2008 - Wednesday, 17th
The Struggle in posters - Tuesday, 16th
Excellent teaching highlighted at first symposium - Tuesday, 16th
Remarkable heritage project in Clanwilliam - Monday, 15th
Collaboration with German researchers on collective violence - Monday, 15th
Manuel calls for activists - Friday, 12th
Art in the cities - Friday, 12th
New curricula promotes shared learning - Friday, 12th
UCT students pick of the draw at design competition - Thursday, 11th
Poor resources and structures stymied Olympic athletes - Wednesday, 10th
Milestone for PMHP - Wednesday, 10th
PhD retreat for senior students - Wednesday, 10th
USAID grant will underwrite disaster mitigation - Tuesday, 9th
Information Systems hosts successful conference - Tuesday, 9th
Diverse lives explored - Monday, 8th
Teaching responsibility - Monday, 8th
Tribute: Emeritus Professor Neville Dubow - Thursday, 4th
UCT exchange student missing, presumed drowned - Thursday, 4th
Outstanding students saluted - Wednesday, 3rd
First African team competes in RoboCup World Cup - Wednesday, 3rd
Lifelong-learning opportunities through Spring School - Wednesday, 3rd
Robinson hits the trail again - Wednesday, 3rd
Faculty strengthen its relationship with schools - Tuesday, 2nd
Bringing home the Olympics bronze - Tuesday, 2nd
Rural Education Project turns to school management - Monday, 1st
National accolades for paediatric ICU team - Monday, 1st

August 2008
Children's home gets a facelift, thanks to UCT Radio - Friday, 29th
Porgy and Bess a runaway hit - Friday, 29th
Turok's bold plan for South African cities - Friday, 29th
Minimally invasive surgery centre a boon for paediatric surgery - Thursday, 28th
Women runners make it a double - Thursday, 28th
Promised power - Thursday, 28th
Platinum alloys vital to secondary industry - Wednesday, 27th
President's Award for ecologist Gillson - Wednesday, 27th
Meadows is vice-president of the International Geographical Union - Wednesday, 27th
UCT at the Basel Tattoo - Wednesday, 27th
New laboratory spotlights genetics of sudden cardiac death - Tuesday, 26th
Art impact on Africa - Tuesday, 26th
Outstanding students saluted - Tuesday, 26th
Penn makes honours list - Tuesday, 26th
Olympics team wins all - Monday, 25th
Top prizes for structural biology PhDs - Monday, 25th
Guide to cricket marries technique, lore and science - Monday, 25th
Teacher's dedication honoured - Friday, 22nd
Stop Stigma rally fights HIV negativity - Friday, 22nd
Price tackles issues - Thursday, 21st
Pro-vice-chancellors to lead vital projects - Max Price - Wednesday, 20th
Plaque will commemorate renaming of Senate Room - Tuesday, 19th
VC meets SRC - Tuesday, 19th
Bottoms up at intervarsity brewing competition - Tuesday, 19th
Prof heads up Paralympics medical team - Friday, 15th
Making tracks with off-road biking - Friday, 15th
Robinson tops yet another trail - Friday, 15th
French conference an African first - Friday, 15th
Smuts Hall celebrates 80th anniversary - Thursday, 14th
Youth challenge leaders - Thursday, 14th
Speaking the truth - Wednesday, 13th
Health minister inspects mobile heart clinic - Wednesday, 13th
Women inspire women - Wednesday, 13th
Something to dance about - Tuesday, 12th
Be transparent, SRC candidates told - Tuesday, 12th
The youth speak out - Monday, 11th
Black Sash opens new guide - Monday, 11th
Rugby club celebrates 125 years - Friday, 8th
Western Cape takes national quiz - Thursday, 7th
Research to identify glycoprotein wins award - Thursday, 7th
UCT must lead carbon emission reduction - Wednesday, 6th
Students' food-for-the-needy project takes wings - Wednesday, 6th
Green living at UCT - Tuesday, 5th
Accounting sweeps board in tax thesis competition - Tuesday, 5th
New ideas for urban problems in the South - Tuesday, 5th
Heavenly harmonies, cool marimba and hot jazz - Friday, 1st
Africa's first Research Commons strengthens scholarship - Friday, 1st

July 2008
Students take entrepreneurship to heart - Thursday, 31st
UCT students shine at marine awards - Thursday, 31st
Artists excel in Health Sciences - Wednesday, 30th
Imagine that, Silicon Valley - Tuesday, 29th
UCT extends footprint into Sub-Saharan Africa - Tuesday, 29th
Internet video for developing countries - Monday, 28th
Baxter residence celebrates 50 years - Monday, 28th
Students inspired on freshwater camp - Friday, 25th
MBA elective targets Africa - Friday, 25th
Architecture student wins top national prize - Friday, 25th
London beckons for historian - Friday, 25th
Five European premieres in one month - Thursday, 24th
Extreme kayak journey to alert world to Arctic collapse - Thursday, 24th
Programme targets future leaders - Thursday, 24th
UCT shines in CA exams - Wednesday, 23rd
Rose-Innes on the winning trail with Poison - Tuesday, 22nd
Painting her way - Tuesday, 22nd
Transformation at UCT under the spotlight - Friday, 18th
Price welcomes foreign students - Thursday, 17th
Top book award for Nattrass - Monday, 14th
SMS novels are here - Monday, 14th
UCT appoints first law woman as Dean - Friday, 11th
HAICU staff create social change agents - Friday, 11th
Plos' good work pays dividends - Tuesday, 8th
Diversity in art - Tuesday, 8th
Horwitz to join UK business school - Friday, 4th
UCT academic chairs SciFest Africa - Thursday, 3rd
Price hosts difficult dialogue on first day - Wednesday, 2nd
First day for new VC - Tuesday, 1st
New surveillance technology will help penguins - Tuesday, 1st
Higher education – stasis in some areas, fluidity in others - Tuesday, 1st

June 2008
UCT Graduates shine at film festival - Monday, 30th
Van Heerden's Asbesmiddag takes the prize - Monday, 30th
Foster–Pedley gets a top post - Monday, 30th
Big funding for antimalarial drug development - Friday, 27th
Students offered business secrets - Friday, 27th
UCT produces a bumper crop of medical PhDs - Thursday, 26th
Province grapples with identity - Thursday, 26th
Art installment brightens pharmacology - Thursday, 26th
UCT hosts Africa's first GLOBE Learning Expedition - Wednesday, 25th
Raphoto is new ED for human resources - Wednesday, 25th
Disability course a great success - Wednesday, 25th
UK alumni start new bursary - Tuesday, 24th
Vice-Chancellor's Medals awarded to university stalwarts - Monday, 23rd
Grad all in the Zille Maree family - Wednesday, 18th
New hardware to study soft materials - Tuesday, 17th
Sakai fellowships for Marquard and Horwitz - Tuesday, 17th
UCT students nab first and second places - Tuesday, 17th
Research blossoms in VC's eight-year tenure - Friday, 13th
UCT competition rewards budding mathematicians - Thursday, 12th
GSB's Horwitz sets precedent - Thursday, 12th
Top position for Schlechter - Thursday, 12th
Biography on Nobel winner rooted in South African science - Wednesday, 11th
Cameron simply the best - Wednesday, 11th
Old law could use a renovation - Friday, 6th
Sports wrap - Thursday, 5th
UCT's first response to the current crisis - Thursday, 5th
Prof moots fusion as way forward - Tuesday, 3rd
UCT students dominate Olympiad - Tuesday, 3rd

May 2008
Safety of medical students highlighted - Friday, 30th
UCT researchers shine at NSTF awards - Thursday, 29th
Team Smile has more reasons to smile - Thursday, 29th
Council voting done - Wednesday, 28th
Second Keswick prize for dance school graduates - Wednesday, 28th
UCT reaches out - Tuesday, 27th
PPS boost UCT chemistry department - Tuesday, 27th
Ngqokelela's writing stands out - Tuesday, 27th
Beijing exhibition for Van der Schijff - Tuesday, 27th
SA universities mobilise in the face of xenophobia - Monday, 26th
UCT celebrates Africa Day - Friday, 23rd
Engineers in the making - Friday, 23rd
UCT hosts Woodwind festival - Friday, 23rd
Globalist magazine's focus on refugees starkly prescient - Friday, 23rd
UCT study spotlights youth entrepreneurship - Thursday, 22nd
UCT and SAPS underscore commitment to reducing crime - Wednesday, 21st
Tight finish to UCT staff golf competition - Tuesday, 20th
UCT on the back foot - Tuesday, 20th
Awards for top African Studies students - Monday, 19th
Rangaka joins the league of extraordinary fellows - Friday, 16th
Innovation award for international law course - Friday, 16th
Colloquium highlights university’s civic responsibilities - Friday, 16th
Transcription project closes - Thursday, 15th
UCT honours Wolfson in London - Thursday, 15th
UCT joins hands with CBE - Wednesday, 14th
Open season at UCT - Tuesday, 13th
Double take for UCT researcher - Tuesday, 13th
Gym up and running - Friday, 9th
Robinson hits the double - Thursday, 8th
Research issues examined - Thursday, 8th
Scientist speaks on Huntington pursuit - Tuesday, 6th
New contract between science and society could unlock funding - Tuesday, 6th
UCT mourns the loss of Professor George Lindsey - Monday, 5th

April 2008
Aquatic club swims for freedom - Wednesday, 30th
Maths competition attracts hundreds of schools - Wednesday, 30th
Students vie in top competition - Wednesday, 30th
Students recreate Rhodes statue - Friday, 25th
GSB scoops another accolade - Friday, 25th
UCT mourns the loss of Associate Professor Kevin Rochford - Thursday, 24th
African dinosaur book launched at Scifest - Thursday, 24th
Honorary Fellowships for Ellis, Warner - Wednesday, 23rd
Partnership with University of Houston a success - Monday, 21st
Students march against "crisis" in Zim - Friday, 18th
Journals tackle universities' role in gender politics - Friday, 18th
Investment in human capacity will drive technological growth - Friday, 18th
Engineering students given a boost - Friday, 18th
New centre will tackle African urban transport problems - Thursday, 17th
First stakeholder discussion on Rustenburg Burial Ground - Thursday, 17th
UCT values postgraduates, says Nhlapo - Wednesday, 16th
Social work a scarce skill - Wednesday, 16th
Soudien chairs committee on transformation and discrimination - Tuesday, 15th
UCT hosts inaugural meeting for African data managers - Tuesday, 15th
UCT students strive for change - Monday, 14th
Burton sings Nature's praises - Friday, 11th
Cape Town Open Education Declaration signed - Thursday, 10th
Staff and students to get more international exposure - Thursday, 10th
UCT signs memorandum of agreement with CANSA and the TAC - Wednesday, 9th
Pipped-at-the-post Ikeys team of the tournament - Tuesday, 8th
Africon sponsor Maths competition - Tuesday, 8th
Seminar by top oral historian - Friday, 4th
Two stalwarts celebrated for dedicated service - Thursday, 3rd
Union elects new committee - Thursday, 3rd
Ikey comeback kids clinch final spot - Tuesday, 1st
Conference focuses on women leaders in education - Tuesday, 1st
Higher education leaders undertake to improve diversity - Tuesday, 1st

March 2008
Grand finale for UCT dancer - Friday, 28th
Tribute to Ivan Toms - Thursday, 27th
Resilience factors point the way to recovery - Thursday, 27th
Pupils take a Leap into the Southern Ocean - Thursday, 27th
Ikeys will host Varsity Cup semis - Tuesday, 25th
Democracy under threat - Tuesday, 25th
Child Gauge spotlights new Children's Act - Thursday, 20th
Conference on global administrative law opens - Wednesday, 19th
Women on the ball - Wednesday, 19th
Second A-rating for law faculty - Monday, 17th
Fleur du Cap award is child's play - Wednesday, 12th
Mighty Ikeys head for semis - Wednesday, 12th
Taramelli delivers first in Merck seminar series - Tuesday, 11th
A Goldin opportunity for two young actors - Tuesday, 11th
Top prize for 'colossus' Solms - Tuesday, 11th
International acclaim for Alexander - Monday, 10th
Science Day draws the crowds - Monday, 10th
Students condemn racist acts - Friday, 7th
Pioneering astrophysicist visits UCT - Friday, 7th
Pavilion development protest at CAS - Friday, 7th
Exchange agreement signed - Wednesday, 5th
Stempels jol with students - Wednesday, 5th
Last-gasp Ikeys go top - Tuesday, 4th
Burch makes history in the Department of Medicine - Tuesday, 4th
A fourth A-rated engineer for UCT - Tuesday, 4th
New paper on "bizarre-looking" flying reptile - Monday, 3rd
We are equal but different, Asmal says - Monday, 3rd

February 2008
VC joins students in protest - Friday, 29th
Six to receive UCT honorary degrees in 2008 - Friday, 29th
UCT hosts ocean going students - Friday, 29th
Save energy to prevent blackouts - Thursday, 28th
Conference opens on design and interactive subsystems - Thursday, 28th
Leadership programme for women launched - Thursday, 28th
UCT talks to community about Rustenberg burial site - Wednesday, 27th
Scholar joins Oxford round table - Wednesday, 27th
Eight-try blitz for Ikeys in second Varsity Cup match - Tuesday, 26th
GSB co-host budget breakfast - Tuesday, 26th
One hundred and fifty not out - Tuesday, 26th
UCT master's graduate wins film award - Friday, 22nd
Ndebele to be honoured by Michigan - Friday, 22nd
Students give homeless people love - Thursday, 21st
UCT speaks to communities about heritage sites - Thursday, 21st
Global health a challenge for 21st century - Wednesday, 20th
HIV, the new struggle - Wednesday, 20th
Narrow defeat for Ikeys in first Varsity Cup game - Tuesday, 19th
Students shaved and sprayed in charity drive - Tuesday, 19th
Fashion show promotes safe sex - Tuesday, 19th
People first as the shack debate continues - Tuesday, 19th
Sax Appeal still sexy - Friday, 15th
Women sicker than men but live longer - Friday, 15th
April joins prestigious diversity council - Friday, 15th
Journal credentials for academic website - Tuesday, 12th
GSB getting stronger and stronger - Tuesday, 12th
New study examines animal behaviour - Monday, 11th
Biology prizes for senior students - Friday, 8th
UCT prominent among Fleur Du Cap nominees - Friday, 8th
Earth sciences co-operation declaration signed - Thursday, 7th
Bolton heads phycology society - Thursday, 7th
Distinguished UCT academic passes away - Wednesday, 6th
Worldwide partnership fights TB - Wednesday, 6th
Monday night live varsity rugby league kicks off - Tuesday, 5th
UCT opens doors to parents - Monday, 4th
Prestigious fellowship for Petroianu - Friday, 1st

January 2008
Law students square up - Thursday, 31st
Cutting-edge facility launched - Thursday, 31st
Researchers score with patent incentive paybacks - Thursday, 31st
Two out of three for UCT students - Wednesday, 30th
Healthy coffers for RAG 2007 - Wednesday, 30th
Bateman leads international asthma group - Tuesday, 29th
Stewart's distinguished career recognised - Tuesday, 29th
Farrant bags the silver - Monday, 28th
Campus abuzz with Summer School - Friday, 25th
UCT students learn exotic leadership skills - Friday, 25th
Learning from experience - Friday, 25th
Fynbos I-Forum online database launched - Friday, 25th
Orientation kicks off season of student festivities - Thursday, 24th
Playwright supports The Big Issue - Thursday, 24th
HIV vaccine ready for trials - Thursday, 24th
Unity is strength as teams scoop CHED awards - Wednesday, 23rd
Launch of international open learning declaration - Tuesday, 22nd
Data quality project launched - Tuesday, 22nd
Drama lecturers scoop CHED award - Monday, 21st
Royal Society funds 'dark energy' research - Monday, 21st
Morris's finding listed in Time top 10 - Thursday, 17th
Sports scientists the cream of the publishing crop - Wednesday, 16th
Lecturer goes virtual for graduate seminar - Wednesday, 16th
First A-rated woman for UCT - Tuesday, 15th

December 2007
Flowers light up Xmas for patients - Friday, 21st
Golf day raises thousands for bursary fund - Friday, 21st
Rhodes scholars announced - Thursday, 20th
Young scientists in the making - Wednesday, 19th
Students do it the township way - Wednesday, 19th
Graduation wraps up this morning - Friday, 14th
UCT getting stronger and stronger, says Ndebele - Friday, 14th
Adams paves the way - Thursday, 13th
Humanities grad full of family ties - Thursday, 13th
Second ceremonies for Commerce and Humanities - Thursday, 13th
Medical doctoral candidates honoured - Wednesday, 12th
Lord Steyn honoured - Wednesday, 12th
Medical grads celebrate 50th anniversary reunion - Tuesday, 11th
Graduation picks up steam - Tuesday, 11th
Grad week begins today - Monday, 10th
Scientists call for tough greenhouse gas limits - Friday, 7th
Michaelis students put on a show - Friday, 7th
Watson’s collection sheds new light - Friday, 7th
Writing student scoops international award - Thursday, 6th
UCT appoints new dean of engineering - Wednesday, 5th
UCT students strike gold - Wednesday, 5th
VC praises donors - Wednesday, 5th
Prevention better than cure as UCT gets mobile clinic - Tuesday, 4th
Maths forum meet to discuss new curriculum - Tuesday, 4th
New heart museum opened - Tuesday, 4th
Graduates return to their roots - Tuesday, 4th

November 2007
EU grant for HIV/AIDS programmes - Friday, 30th
Universities part of Cape Town's rep - Friday, 30th
Thetha msebenzi thetha - Friday, 30th
UCT academic among distinguished scientists - Friday, 30th
Champagne moment for medical graduands - Thursday, 29th
Taxis for UCT between Mowbray and Claremont - Wednesday, 28th
Young scientists showcase their skills - Tuesday, 27th
South Africa is a complex country, says Ndebele - Monday, 26th
AGI host sexualities seminar - Friday, 23rd
Of mothering in mice and stressed-out men - Friday, 23rd
UCT graduate wins pharmaceutical Oscar - Tuesday, 20th
Top criminologist is new A rated researcher - Tuesday, 20th
Silent protest for well-loved professor - Monday, 19th
GSB students raise funds for charity - Monday, 19th
Adieu to retirees - Friday, 16th
Outreach training for nurses - Friday, 16th
UCT among the international giants - Thursday, 15th
Thorn wins door opening competition - Thursday, 15th
Vice-Chancellor lauds high flyers - Thursday, 15th
IPC given new name - Thursday, 15th
UCT hosts USHEPiA strategic conference - Wednesday, 14th
New endowed chair in mineral processing - Tuesday, 13th
Pugh tells of epic Arctic swim - Tuesday, 13th
New CEO for Groote Schuur - Tuesday, 13th
Alumnus scoops top accolade - Monday, 12th
Innovation and education key to success - Friday, 9th
Malaria under control - Friday, 9th
On their way to the finals - Thursday, 8th
Lass gets top fellowship - Thursday, 8th
Adam delivers alumni lecture - Wednesday, 7th
UCT scholar among winners - Wednesday, 7th
EBE sets up ploughing back fund - Tuesday, 6th
White economic privilege perpetuated - Tuesday, 6th
Quartet nets super teacher award - Monday, 5th
Reading highlights abolition anniversary - Monday, 5th
Alchemy old and new - Monday, 5th
Khan the best director - Friday, 2nd
Innovative systems showcased - Friday, 2nd
Transition a focus of HoD indaba - Friday, 2nd
Workshop on climate change mitigation - Thursday, 1st
GSB milestones - Thursday, 1st

October 2007
Sailor king of the sports world - Monday, 29th
UCT applauds victorious Boks - Monday, 29th
Home-grown entertainment - Friday, 26th
Shellfish remains reveal prehistory - Friday, 26th
From practice to prose - Thursday, 25th
Innovative team takes the prize - Thursday, 25th
Disability Service celebrates new lab - Wednesday, 24th
Young photographers show their wares - Wednesday, 24th
Meeting of great minds in new lab - Tuesday, 23rd
Unfinished business - Tuesday, 23rd
MRC recognises young researchers - Monday, 22nd
A new approach to music - Monday, 22nd
UCT welcomes new fellows - Friday, 19th
Out of the mouths of fishes - Friday, 19th
Research leads to a piece of history - Friday, 19th
Lessons from the fight against corruption - Friday, 19th
UCT student develops new subject - Thursday, 18th
GSB among the world's best - Thursday, 18th
First for SA Islamic scholar - Wednesday, 17th
Whistle-blower JC is province’s top referee - Wednesday, 17th
Local award for Manyara - Tuesday, 16th
Dr Max Price is Vice-Chancellor designate - Friday, 12th
Top international academic commends UCT - Friday, 12th
Substance abuse major cause of mental disorders in SA - Friday, 12th
UCT staffer joins national library board - Wednesday, 10th
UCT scoops essay competition - Tuesday, 9th
Sports briefs - Monday, 8th
EBE host fun day - Friday, 5th
Students bring hope to kids - Friday, 5th
Awards abound for student leaders - Wednesday, 3rd
UCT man gets peace award - Wednesday, 3rd
GSB head gets top international award - Wednesday, 3rd
MBA programme rated best in SA - Tuesday, 2nd
You must steer Africa, says Gurirab - Tuesday, 2nd

September 2007
Zille and Dyantyi on affirmative action - Friday, 28th
The new Arch is a UCT student - Friday, 28th
Vula signs up 1000th site - Friday, 28th
Music college links up live with New York - Thursday, 27th
Recasting Cecil's shadow - Thursday, 27th
CREE launches position paper - Wednesday, 26th
Prestigious medal for reconciliation work - Wednesday, 26th
Top creative writer makes headlines - Wednesday, 26th
Multilingual reading an open book - Tuesday, 25th
THRIP awards for Fletcher and Vaughan - Tuesday, 25th
Finding UCT - Tuesday, 25th
Lion's share of national research chairs to UCT - Friday, 21st
Introducing the candidates for vice-chancellor position - Thursday, 20th
UCT law giant dies - Thursday, 20th
Council Chair announces shortlist for vice-chancellor position - Wednesday, 19th
Top physiology prize for Smith - Wednesday, 19th
Survé wins business leader award - Wednesday, 19th
No objections for new SRC - Tuesday, 18th
Apples aid carbohydrate study - Tuesday, 18th
UCT hosts a major conference - Monday, 17th
Tik users aggressive and too depressed - Friday, 14th
Return to ubuntu, says Mbeki - Thursday, 13th
ICGEB Symposium - Thursday, 13th
Hockey youngster in SA training squad - Thursday, 13th
Ojwang gives outstanding support - Wednesday, 12th
Buchanan-Lee's programme reaps the fruit - Wednesday, 12th
High schoolers sold on philosophy - Wednesday, 12th
Puppetry festival for campus - Wednesday, 12th
Mbeki unveils UCT ICGEB component - Tuesday, 11th
Biko conference kicks off - Tuesday, 11th
Law seminar scrutinizes democracy - Tuesday, 11th
Shebeen Boys do it for the good - Tuesday, 11th
UCT graduate to lead Cape Orchestra - Monday, 10th
Muslim organisation helps out - Monday, 10th
Students network with top companies - Monday, 10th
Casual Day nets R500 for charity - Friday, 7th
IBM's world grid for local climate models - Friday, 7th
New full cost scholarship for health sciences - Thursday, 6th
Netball soars to the top - Thursday, 6th
Rocket science is a blast at Arniston - Thursday, 6th
Research output at an all-time high - Wednesday, 5th
Pieterse heads Cities in Africa theme - Wednesday, 5th
Watershed honour for Dry - Wednesday, 5th
Three A-rated researchers honoured - Tuesday, 4th
Chicago Premiere for SA Playwright - Tuesday, 4th
Popular hairstyles might cause hair loss - Tuesday, 4th
Eagleton wraps up whirlwind visit - Tuesday, 4th
Students aided to be innovative entrepreneurs - Monday, 3rd

August 2007
Clinical research institute needed for Africa - Friday, 31st
Lipton Cup update - Friday, 31st
Jammie Shuttle service to Claremont suspended - Thursday, 30th
Top fellowships for UCT medicine women - Thursday, 30th
Message from the Vice-Chancellor on Jammie Shuttle protest - Thursday, 30th
Stewart records another win - Wednesday, 29th
Taxis protest Jammie Shuttle route - Tuesday, 28th
Lipton Cup off to a steady start - Tuesday, 28th
Gandhi delivers inaugural lecture - Friday, 24th
UN High Commissioner for Refugees visits - Friday, 24th
Songs worth singing – forever - Friday, 24th
Graça Machel opens res - Thursday, 23rd
Chancellor thanks loyal donors - Thursday, 23rd
Veteran staffers honoured - Thursday, 23rd
Medals for Humanities Postgraduates - Thursday, 23rd
Honorary degree for Aung San Suu Kyi - Wednesday, 22nd
SRC elections launched - Wednesday, 22nd
Terry Eagleton on campus - Wednesday, 22nd
VC thanks outstanding members - Wednesday, 22nd
Students the toast of Sanlam - Wednesday, 22nd
UCT members test young scientists - Wednesday, 22nd
TB Davie lecture - Tuesday, 21st
Nattrass challenges HIV/AIDS policies - Monday, 20th
Employment and unemployment levels higher - Monday, 20th
Students sell their wares - Thursday, 16th
Free HIV/AIDS tests on campus - Wednesday, 15th
UCT honours Ellis’ Fellowship - Tuesday, 14th
Local lens on tourism - Monday, 13th
Book on GM seeds and the environment - Monday, 13th
Merry a first for South Africa - Friday, 10th
UCT students scoop top botany awards - Friday, 10th
The face of women in science is smiling - Wednesday, 8th
Distinguished title for Harrison - Wednesday, 8th
Amosun awarded by physio confederation - Wednesday, 8th
Rugby-fan botanist gathers new moss - Wednesday, 8th
Society’s "dirty laundry” on show - Tuesday, 7th
GSB appoints senior lecturer - Monday, 6th
Third Baqwa Memorial lecture - Monday, 6th
SALDRU clippings for Fort Hare - Friday, 3rd
Women mean business - Friday, 3rd
Smart solution a winner - Friday, 3rd
New adult students introduced - Friday, 3rd
New head for music school - Thursday, 2nd
Medals for budding philosophers - Thursday, 2nd
The Baxter turns 30 - Wednesday, 1st
Law experts scrutinise dignity - Wednesday, 1st
It’s a process - Wednesday, 1st

July 2007
The easy way to make music - Tuesday, 31st
Wille’s latest edition published - Tuesday, 31st
Literature and psychology booked together - Friday, 27th
UCT swanks two Goldman Sachs leaders - Thursday, 26th
Cape film industry a boon for economy - Wednesday, 25th
UCT members elected to top positions - Friday, 20th
Paediatric seven shine at congress - Friday, 20th
UCT graduate gets top medal - Thursday, 19th
UCT graduates showcase documentaries - Wednesday, 18th
Pictures with nature - Wednesday, 18th
Law dean 18-millionth of a kind - Wednesday, 18th
Workshops for Potterheads - Monday, 16th
Medical anthropologist’s book a winner - Monday, 16th
Postgrad tutors’ “inreach” programme - Friday, 13th
Student’s work lands top award - Thursday, 12th
More highs for athletics - Tuesday, 10th
UCT students lead brightest young minds - Monday, 9th
Keeping children’s duty-bearers in check - Friday, 6th
Hockey sides bounce back - Thursday, 5th
UCT volunteers help matric students - Thursday, 5th
Watson chairs world planning body - Thursday, 5th
Sports scientist shakes up old theories - Thursday, 5th
Condolence message from the Vice-Chancellor - Tuesday, 3rd
Blame rain on negative Antarctic Oscillation - Tuesday, 3rd
Slow SASSU start for hockey sides - Tuesday, 3rd
AIM graduate awarded Nelson Mandela Scholarship - Monday, 2nd
Festschrift for Steyn - Monday, 2nd

June 2007
Bird atlas project sequel flies - Friday, 29th
Recognition for seasoned oceanographer - Thursday, 28th
Burgess elected to Europe’s top academic marketing body - Thursday, 28th
GSB director elected to African association - Tuesday, 26th
Top slot for Burton - Tuesday, 26th
Women must mobilise, says author - Tuesday, 26th
Constitutional Court coup for Law Faculty - Friday, 22nd
Students bring home back to Haven - Friday, 22nd
In the running - Friday, 22nd
UCT librarians win with words and pictures - Thursday, 21st
Leatherman multitool inventor visits UCT - Thursday, 21st
Rochford’s postgrads go to magic school - Wednesday, 20th
EBE toasts centres - Wednesday, 20th
Skotnes epic fills gap in history - Monday, 18th
Men’s Health prize for Hewitson - Monday, 18th
India about to join China in high-growth stakes - Monday, 18th
Graduation Day: Graduating's a springboard to success - Friday, 15th
Cape Town set to become Party Capital - Thursday, 14th
Working through trauma - Thursday, 14th
GSB launches “practical” Black Economic Empowerment course - Wednesday, 13th
UCT young lecturer wins an international award - Monday, 11th
Too black for white, too white for black - Thursday, 7th
Draft policies on sexual harassment and rape fine-tuned - Thursday, 7th
Outside the classroom - Wednesday, 6th
Now DFAQ interest the world - Wednesday, 6th
Prizes for Maths winners - Monday, 4th
Trio in humanitarian law finals - Monday, 4th
Emeritus Professor Kevin Atkinson dies - Monday, 4th
Making friends at camp - Friday, 1st
Nathan’s new book tackles security sector reform - Friday, 1st

May 2007
VC honours staff and students’ achievements - Thursday, 31st
Cheaper ways to screen cancer - Thursday, 31st
Leadership must unite people, a new book argues - Thursday, 31st
Postgraduate orientation launched - Wednesday, 30th
SATVI gets huge cash injection for TB vaccine research - Wednesday, 30th
Winning article for Nathan - Tuesday, 29th
Excellent African Studies students awarded - Tuesday, 29th
Third issue of Globalist hits the stands - Monday, 28th
Dayhouse for disabled students launched - Monday, 28th
Dedicated law man and educationalist dies - Monday, 28th
Ellis elected a Fellow of the Royal Society - Monday, 28th
UCT shines at science and technology awards - Monday, 28th
Supercomputing now a reality for SA researchers - Monday, 28th
We celebrate Africa Day - Friday, 25th
Passion for science, maths inspired former pupil - Friday, 25th
Mayor bemedals star students - Friday, 25th
Truckload of accolades for Rencken - Thursday, 24th
Two new Ramsar sites - Thursday, 24th
UCT students off to Paris Summer School - Wednesday, 23rd
Director hits ground running - Wednesday, 23rd
Major new study shows SA black middle class booming - Wednesday, 23rd
Book reprint pleases winning author - Monday, 21st
Emmy-winning alumnus talks doccies with students - Monday, 21st
Embedding social responsiveness in academic work - Friday, 18th
Butterflyweb - Friday, 18th
Nursing conference at UCT - Thursday, 17th
Internationally renowned UCT sculptor exhibits in Paris - Thursday, 17th
Black victimhood, white melancholia - Thursday, 17th
Nasson bags second UCT Book Award - Wednesday, 16th
SKA colloquium at UCT - Tuesday, 15th
EBE celebrates diversity - Friday, 11th
Bursary boosts student in hunt for TB cure - Friday, 11th
Employees Union looks back at banner year - Friday, 11th
Best paper award for gel fuel research - Thursday, 10th
UCT takes third computer science title - Thursday, 10th
Book captures sketches of noted astronomer - Wednesday, 9th
Professor Denis Cowen dies - Wednesday, 9th
More health workers needed for new HIV plan - Tuesday, 8th
School sports swanky new kit - Tuesday, 8th
Exiled alumnus dies - Tuesday, 8th
Win some, lose some - Monday, 7th
UCT blue after intervarsity - Monday, 7th
Alumni concert a toast to UCT talent - Friday, 4th
Surprise award for UCT student - Friday, 4th
More PhDs, please - Thursday, 3rd
Two new prestigious exchange partners for GSB - Thursday, 3rd
UCT runner clocks another 160km win - Thursday, 3rd
Competition features math whizzes in the making - Wednesday, 2nd

April 2007
DSA hard work honoured - Monday, 30th
The closet comes out - Thursday, 26th
Security initiative gets wheels - Thursday, 26th
On the learning curve - Wednesday, 25th
Violence is multi-faceted, says Sen - Tuesday, 24th
Vanguard SLC get ultrasound machine - Tuesday, 24th
Shosholoza unsettles favourites - Monday, 23rd
Resident Practitioner 2007 Neo Muyanga - Monday, 23rd
R1.3 million boost for multilingualism - Friday, 20th
South Africa wins pan African maths Olympiad - Friday, 20th
Congress’s environmentally friendly focus inspires students - Thursday, 19th
Rock the boat, social development students told - Thursday, 19th
Indaba calls for more postgraduate graduates - Wednesday, 18th
Affirmative Action makes for lively debate - Wednesday, 18th
Dinner to boost learning in residences - Tuesday, 17th
Wardens break with tradition - Tuesday, 17th
Rugby side on a roll - Monday, 16th
Giving health a helping hand - Friday, 13th
Affirmative action talk of the town - Thursday, 12th
Funding for study on maternal separation and the rat brain - Wednesday, 11th
Celebrated alumnus dies - Thursday, 5th
Fielding athlete’s track records - Thursday, 5th
Maths is a holiday for school boffins - Tuesday, 3rd
Media camp of fun - Tuesday, 3rd
Jordaan jumps for athletics gold - Monday, 2nd

March 2007
The stuff that the universe is made of - Friday, 30th
Kick-starting health in Africa - Friday, 30th
New research vessel launched - Thursday, 29th
Taking science out of the ivory towers - Tuesday, 27th
Mathematician completes Robben Island crossing - Monday, 26th
Plate tectonics dated to 3.8 billion years ago - Monday, 26th
Government and universities must cooperate - Friday, 23rd
Bursary boost for engineering students - Thursday, 22nd
GSB’s Gilbert appointed chairperson of SAFA - Thursday, 22nd
Inspire students to excel, says Vice-Chancellor - Thursday, 22nd
Floating down Adderley Street - Tuesday, 20th
Civil engineering intake rockets - Monday, 19th
Protest to "save Zimbabwe" - Monday, 19th
Small idea makes big business - Monday, 19th
Into the supercomputer future - Friday, 16th
SA equipped to take the lead - Friday, 16th
Easy read on growing pains - Thursday, 15th
Educational technology taken further - Thursday, 15th
Women athletes still on top - Wednesday, 14th
New USHEPiA Fellows arrive - Wednesday, 14th
Boost for African electronic information resources - Wednesday, 14th
New title from Edgecombe - Tuesday, 13th
IPY comes out of ice - Friday, 9th
Prestigious award for dance lecturer - Friday, 9th
Win some, lose some - Thursday, 8th
Vanderbilt and UCT to boost South African black scientists - Thursday, 8th
UCT’s Pretty bags role in Italy - Wednesday, 7th
Speak to the hand - Wednesday, 7th
Master’s strut their stuff - Wednesday, 7th
Drama school scoops awards - Wednesday, 7th
HIV testing: Easy as one, two, three. - Tuesday, 6th
Much ado about science - Monday, 5th
UCT can help form another Silicon Valley - Monday, 5th
Honorary doctorate for SARS commissioner - Friday, 2nd
Get up and dust yourself off - Friday, 2nd
Politicians highlight city’s factions - Thursday, 1st

February 2007
Cheque plus goodwill equals boost for maths - Wednesday, 28th
Culture, careers and women - Tuesday, 27th
Burgess wins US marketing award - Tuesday, 27th
Oceanographers discover Madagascan return current - Monday, 26th
Lively debate on US-SA relations - Monday, 26th
European Parliamentarians call at IIDMM - Friday, 23rd
Roundtable with SRC - Friday, 23rd
Seeing the wood and the trees - Thursday, 22nd
Will fuels pedal power - Thursday, 22nd
Kajee for SA polo squad - Thursday, 22nd
Cycling club gets the wheels rolling - Wednesday, 21st
Fish trap thesis nets medal - Wednesday, 21st
Students make sense of public opinion stats - Monday, 19th
Vice-Chancellor’s official thanks to Sanlam - Monday, 19th
Students' Appeal - Thursday, 15th
Registration wraps up - Thursday, 15th
Drama school benefits from scholar - Wednesday, 14th
RAG kidnaps two former Springbok players - Wednesday, 14th
Rochford reels in records - Wednesday, 14th
Power meetings - Tuesday, 13th
'Ooray for O-Week - Tuesday, 13th
Scholarship is music to singer's ears - Tuesday, 13th
Farewell to Whiteman - Tuesday, 13th
ACEs active on campus during O-week - Monday, 12th
Mother earth suffers heatstroke - Friday, 9th
UCT puts house in order - Friday, 9th
New academics ease in - Friday, 9th
Graça Machel Residence opens its doors - Thursday, 8th
Lucidity prize for psychology student - Thursday, 8th
UCT the place to be for international students - Wednesday, 7th
Let them go, let them grow - Tuesday, 6th
GSB’s MBA leapfrogs up ratings - Monday, 5th
Study maps poverty - Friday, 2nd
Sub-wardens ready to roll - Friday, 2nd
SALDRU course sheds light on raw data - Thursday, 1st

January 2007
Innovation Fund underpins new chair - Wednesday, 31st
Twenty two new ratings - Wednesday, 31st
Parkington delivers annual Summer School alumni lecture - Tuesday, 30th
Department tests new depression-beating machine - Tuesday, 30th
HIV research gets a boost - Monday, 29th
Fêted by WP sports department - Friday, 26th
Scientists gear up to take GM maize into the field - Friday, 26th
Book guides abuse diagnoses - Thursday, 25th
Summer School plays to big crowd - Thursday, 25th
Freshly grounded - Thursday, 25th
Psychiatry without borders - Wednesday, 24th
Tribute to an artist - Wednesday, 24th
UCT seats seven - Monday, 22nd
Skull points to common ancestor - Saturday, 20th
Laurels for piano duo - Friday, 19th
Secretary General of Commonwealth at UCT - Thursday, 18th

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